How to Ground Yourself in the Grid

I received a comment asking for a little more clarification on how to ground into the Grid.

Because the frequencies are rapidly changing and Gaia is actively ascending, grounding with her, as we have done in the past is not stable.

What we are now doing is actively participating in Gaia's initiation / ascension process. So we are actively energizing the Grid around her and thus connecting ourselves to all life and information in the universe of Creation.

It is here, in the Grid, fully aligned with all the information of Creation, that we must now focus to ground.

When you need to feel more balanced, and that will be often at this time of so much change, take a moment to breath deeply. Close your eyes and visualize the energy of the Grid above your head, and feel your connection to it.

The energy comes through the top of your head, your heart center, your solar plexus, your hands, your third eye and other powerful areas of your body. Feel each part of you link to the energy of the Grid.

See this golden white light flow with the power of the sun, back and forth between you and the Grid. This will stabilize you.

Now acknowledge Goddess.

Her presence will be around you and you will feel loved. Know you are whole and that all is perfect. For no matter how it appears, all is perfect.

Even as the tornadoes rage, volcanoes explode, earthquakes sink cities, and floods or tsunamis ravage the planet; if you will ground in the Grid without fear, you will find both peace and direction. All the information you need to conquer anything is available through this Source, and you are now connected to it.

Love yourself and you will discover what you have not seen before, that love blossoms all around you.

We are one, from the same Source, all of us Divine, all Creation, from one grain of sand to mountains and man, we are one.

Through the eyes of love, you can know this and it will carry through all adversity. For all life loves you and will help you when you are open to love.

Here is an image I created. It will make you laugh, and laughter uplifts the soul!

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