SATURN - Winter Solstice.. Capricorn, Cardinal Power Point

Saturn Capricorn Winter Solstice Stonehenge, painting by Michele Avanti 
This image of Michele Avanti's is available on canvas, in prints, cards and
pillows. See link at bottom of this post.
The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It is one of the four power points of energy for change. 

Astrologically it is when the Sun enters the Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn. 

Saturn is the planet that requires you to get things done. It does no allow procrastination and under hard transit if you have not built the structure, had the discipline or followed the law, it will remove your options and whatever you have tends to fall apart or is taken away. For criminals it is the end of their freedom, for the average procrastinator, they will find they have to start all over again from scratch. 

Saturn also represents the Father and those in positions of authority. It is the government, your boss and whatever patriarch you follow. 

When we do what Saturn asks of us in our charts, whether it is to build a relationship or a career, if we follow a solid discipline when the hard transit hits, we receive the accolade. All Academy Awards can be traced to a Saturn experience in the charts of the winners. 

The story of the three little pigs demonstrates Saturn perfectly. The pig who builds the house of stone or bricks has followed Saturn's call. He has thought it through more clearly, set a plan and followed through. 

Examining Saturn in your chart, you can unravel the majority of your life's lessons and come to a much deeper understanding of who you are. 

Saturn rules Capricorn and is the ancient ruler of Aquarius. It is the planet of scientists, administrators, ceos, inventors, cold weather athletes and technology specialists.

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First Mercury Retrograde of 2014 Activates Mutable & Fixed Signs - 3 Pisces to 18 Aquarius

Mercury stationed retrograde last Thursday, Feb 6th, at 3 Pisces. This may have caused some issues or return contacts for anyone who has a planet or luminary between 0 and 4 degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius; as well as anyone with planets or luminaries between 28 - 29 degrees of the fixed signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio. Mercury will activate fixed signs going back to 18 degrees, when it finally stations on Direct again on February 28th.

So what can you expect?

That will depend on the placement in your chart of the planets or luminaries that are activated. It can bring back old loves, or can give you the courage to walk away again. Could bring you old money, or old money issues. Could also give you an opportunity to return to an old job or to an old dream you had forgotten.

Mercury brings old things out of the closet and puts them back in front of you during this time.

Most people only think of Mercury Retrograde as causing communication problems or breakdowns of communication or travel equipment. Well these things are true but even in these matters, it is bringing you back to something you did before and may have ignored. You know, that sound your car was making that you just overlooked, or your refrigerator or washing machine, computer or cell phone.

Mercury requires you to take another look at things you put aside or left behind, or just plain refused to question or think about.

When it goes retrograde and activates something in your chart, that issue, activity, idea, or person suddenly reappears in your life and it is time to work it out, take action to dive in or let go.

Here is a letter I recently received from a client asking me about Mercury Retrograde:

Is it alright to talk to a former boss about transferring back to his Department during a Mercury retrograde.  I resigned from his Department several years ago and it was during a Mercury retrograde.

I had planned to talk to him next week.  But now I'm reconsidering due to Mercury.  The only reason I would go ahead with it is because I left there when Mercury was retrograde. However, on my first day of employment, Mercury was direct.

Here is my response:

It is not only all right, but the perfect time. When we resign or even if we are fired under a mercury retrograde, it indicates that the connection and job are not over. You will come back to it, reconsider it and most likely work together again. 

The key is to be very clear in all your statements and especially if you are signing any agreements. Make certain to get a job description in writing and do not assume anything about anything in writing. What it says is what it means. 

So if it includes something that was part of a job description in the past but that you never did do for whatever reason, do not assume it will be the same as before.

Get everything you want in writing now. Pay scale, raise incentives, annual increases, etc. because you can fall back on this contract. Verbal agreements will not be solid because the Mercury issues cause people not to remember what was said.

These are the keys to remember if you are taking on something new or renewing anything during Mercury Retrograde, GET IT IN WRITING AND MAKE SURE YOU GET IT DOWN THE WAY YOU WANT IT!

When we first moved into this house, I knew I wanted to change the counters in our kitchen, so I began to research the costs and hoped to get a good deal at some point. A few years pasted and I was at a Home Depot waiting in line during a Mercury Retrograde. I noticed that the counter-tops I wanted were on sale. I wondered if the price actually included the cost of removing the old counters because if it did, it would be a really excellent buy. I asked the woman in that department and she automatically said, "Yes." I knew it was Mercury Retrograde and I said, "Can you write that on my contract?" She said, "Yes." So I made the purchase.

A week later when the man arrived to do the counters, I said to him, "You going to remove the old counters, aren't you?" He slowly turned around and said to me, "Yes, for you I am going to, but we never do that. It's an extra charge, but you have it in the contract."

This is an example of how knowing that Mercury is retrograde, can be used to your advantage.

Sign away if you have what you want in writing and you will get it. But if you are not paying attention (as the women selling the counters did - she did not check before agreeing to write what I wanted in) then you give yourself a challenge.

Mercury is the planet of communication and when you understand this, you will realize communication failures can cause terrible problems. Here is a short list for you to consider:

Reservations - from airlines to weddings - all reservations are a form of communication.
Contracts - Leases to mortgages and loans.
Directions - Phone, computer, gps, even maps can be wrong!
Doctors evaluations, recommendations or medical instructions
Work related verbal directives
Airplane Control Towers
Dispatchers - police, truckers, postal, emergency, medical.

To make life run more smoothly pay attention to Mercury's three Retrograde periods each year, take time to note how they activate your personal chart and you will not only avoid problems, but you can find ways to make it benefit your life.

In 2014 Mercury Stations:

February 6th at 3 Pisces20 at: 1:43 pm PT / 4:43 pm ET /
February 28th at 18 Aquarius10 at: 6:00 am PT / 9:00 am ET

June 7th at 3Cancer10 at:  4:57 am PT / 7:57 am ET
July 1 at 24Gemini23 at: 5:50 am PT / 8:50 am ET

October 4th at 2Scorpio19 at: 10:02 am PT / 1:02 pm ET
October 25th at 16Libra46 at: 12:17 pm PT / 3:17 pm ET

Michele Avanti has been teaching metaphysics since 1972. She is a metaphysical minister, an ISAR certified astrologer, an accredited Fixed Star Analyst, an EFT, emotional freedom technique professional and an energy mover. Michele mentors clients through individual consultations. For more information, visit: http://astrologyandmore.blogspot.com/p/consultations.html 


Happy Chinese New Year of The Green Horse - What does it mean?

Welcome The 
Year of The Green Horse!

As February begins, so begins a New Year in the Chinese calendar. It is the year of the Green (wood) Horse, and it promises a stream of gifts and abundance for most of the people on earth. The last time this magnificent energy visited earth happened sixty years ago on, February 3, 1954 and ended on January 23, 1955. If you were born during that time you carry this speedy fertile dependable hardworking Wood Horse energy.

Though most people consider the Chinese Animals only an astrological path, it is also numerological.

What I find fascinating is how this year’s Chinese Calendar Wood Horse aligns with our 2014 frequency of Seven. The Horse is the Seventh Animal in the Chinese Calendar and like the Seven Archetype in Western Culture, it brings change, and for most people willing to take a risk, it promises success.

To understand the energy of the Horse, look at its contribution to society. The horse made it possible to cross continents, transport armies, and build cities. The horse has always been a hard worker, pulling carriages, carts and timber for construction. Before the car became popular the horse also pulled the water pumps to put out fires. They were the original fire engines.

At the same time, horses are social beings loving to be part of a herd. They will at times have to fight to protect the herd and may fight to the death if necessary. Once their trust is earned, they are loyal, dependable companions.

All the characteristics of the horse are part of the makeup of both those born in the year of the horse and are the frequencies, which activate in 2014. If these characteristics are not part of your makeup, then you may experience them as challenging. If they are part of you, then you may be tested with over-working, over-loyalty, or traveling too far in some venture.

As you see, the Seventh Chinese Animal, The Horse and the Seven Archetype have much in common.

However as the ancient Chinese Taoists observed the world, they determined that there was more to each animal then trait frequencies. In their view the basis of all Creation, is made up of Five Elements, and as the Twelve Chinese Animals activated each year they also cycled through them. 

In the West we consider four elements, which are fire, earth, air and water. But the Taoists of China perceived five elements; fire, earth, metal (which is like air), water and wood. They then applied these elements to the twelve animals and this combination adds greater depth to each year’s frequency. (To find your Animal Sign & Element, scroll to the bottom of this blog.)

Thus in 2014, we will not only experience the frequency of the Horse and the Seven Archetype, but these energies must come through the element of Wood (growth, flexible strength, security) the green fertile energy that feeds fires (ideas, breakthroughs, new directions, new understandings.)

The Wood Horse will bring change throughout the world. It will give people the courage to take a risk on new ideas and bring breakthroughs that will create a more fertile, strong secure world.

The key for every person when they meet a bump in the road during the year of the Green Horse, is to move, travel, change. This means, move your body, exercise, take a walk, go for a drive, take a chance and go to that party and meet new people. Whatever has been holding you back will be resolved through movement this year. For some it may be long distance travel but for most, it just means getting out of your rut and making some simple changes. Remember this, when you get stuck use the Wood Horse energy and you will get what you need to make change in the easiest way for you. 

Here is a glimpse of how each animal sign will be activated by the Wood Horse.

Rat’s attraction to Horse people this year, whether in love or business is best avoid, it will cause you harm. Clever Rat is monetarily fine if they avoid letting the Horse energy caused them to take big risks. This could lead to bad debts. In this high-energy year Rats need to get more rest or they may suffer from health issues.

This a karmic relationship year for Ox, but they will be lucky with money. The Ox must watch their intake of food, thought and word as taking in too much without releasing will cause them problems in many areas from health to money.

This year is Tiger’s wish come true, they will have good fortune in most areas, especially money and career.  To assure success Tiger must avoid being reckless, investing (especially with Monkey people) before doing the research. This year good-natured Tigers can easily be swindled or robbed. Otherwise, keep working efficiently and this year will one of great rewards.

Rabbits need to rest more this year, avoid flirting with risky or unknown people or investments. This year is not marked with luck for you, so be more cautious. However, Rabbit, you will still experience good fortune and support from friends and family.

Dragon also needs to take a time out this year as it is too risky for them. They may be inclined to throw their hat into the ring but it will be lost. However in Rooster energy can add protection. If you are inclined to invest, make sure Rooster is with you. You can also re-activate success with Phoenix energy. This can be done with a picture of a Phoenix or mentally calling on this energy when you must risk anything.

Snake, like Tiger, will have a golden year. But there is a risk of losing everything if Snake allows his envy or love of intrigue to take control of his better senses. Flattery, it is said will take any snake down. So be wise and you will have a fabulous year. Rooster protects you.

For those born in the year of the Green Horse (1954 or the Water Horse (2002) they will have luck, but for those born in year of the Metal (’90), Fire (’66) or Earth (’78) Horse, you need to be more careful with love and money. Avoid investing with fellow Horses or Rats. If you already are partnered with another Horse, in business or love, the Feng Shui cure is to get a Horse figurine because it is said that triple signs act like jackpots, and this creates luck for you.

The year of the Horse is very lucky for Sheep. Though it is not good to invest with another Sheep, as it neutralizes your luck; best to work with Horses or Roosters, both are very good for you. The Rooster will protect you and is like adding a lucky charm for you. Avoid doing business with the Ox.

This is not a good year for Fire (’56), Earth (’68) or Metal (’80) Monkeys, though they normally have good experiences with Horses. But Wood or Water Monkeys will have a good year. But you must be more cautious in business this year or the risky energy will cause you loss.

Rooster will have a very good year. They continue to move up. But this year, be careful of Rabbit because their ideas or their actions can change your fortune for the worse.

Dogs must contain themselves this year. Avoid showing off, becoming greedy or egotistical, these things are your nemesis this year and can cause financial ruin and even sexual scandals. Partnering with a Tiger will bring you protection.

Pig has been on a downward swing for three years and this year moves up. The Horse brings Pig delight in every area of life and it begins a lucky move, which will peak in the future. For love or investments, the Tiger is good for Pig. Avoid investing with Snakes or other Pigs. All this good fortune may cause indulgence, avoid over-eating to protect your health.

February 2014 & It’s Frequencies

February is: F (6) + e (5) + b (2) + + r (9) + u (3) + a (1) + r (9) + y (7) = 42 = 6
2014: 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7
Total: 6 + 7 = 13 = 4

February’s frequency is Six, making this a month when we will experience more choices, networking, socializing, love and issues of commitments. Interesting that this also the month of Valentine’s day, a day when more people in the US make a commitment to love one another in marriage. Consider what you are choosing this month. Make a conscious effort to choose from your heart not from fear or external pressure.  To make the most of February’s frequency, it will benefit you to take a stand for whatever or whomever you love.

When we add 2014’s Seven to the frequency we find a positive transformation (13) will be the result of taking control of our own choices. The power of the Four coming through a Thirteen means you can begin to build your castle this month by cutting away the old habits that no longer serve you and reaping the new awareness of what you truly want to spend your life doing now. The foundation of your future is rolled in this month’s energy, it is up to you to use it and activate your someday dreams into present day realities.

The Chinese Animal Years & Their Elements ~ 1924 - 2044 Ten Full Cycles

Year                                          Element            Animal

Feb 05, 1924 – Jan 23, 1925   Yang Wood;        Rat
Jan 24, 1925 – Feb 12, 1926;  Yin Wood;           Ox
Feb 13, 1926 – Feb 01, 1927;  Yang Fire;          Tiger
Feb 02, 1927 – Jan 22, 1928;  Yin Fire;              Rabbit
Jan 23, 1928 – Feb 09, 1929;  Yang Earth;        Dragon
Feb 10, 1929 – Jan 29, 1930;  Yin Earth;           Snake
Jan 30, 1930 – Feb 16, 1931;  Yang Metal;        Horse
Feb 17, 1931 – Feb 05, 1932;  Yin Metal;           Sheep
Feb 06, 1932 – Jan 25, 1933;  Yang Water;        Monkey
Jan 26, 1933 – Feb 13, 1934;  Yin Water;          Rooster
Feb 14, 1934 – Feb 03, 1935;  Yang Wood;        Dog
Feb 04, 1935 – Jan 23, 1936;  Yin Wood;           Boar

Jan 24, 1936 – Feb 10 1937;    Yang Fire;          Rat
Feb 11, 1937 – Jan 30, 1938;  Yin Fire;              Ox
Jan 31, 1938 – Feb 18, 1939;  Yang Earth;        Tiger
Feb 19, 1939 – Feb 07, 1940;  Yin Earth;           Rabbit
Feb 08, 1940 – Jan 26, 1941;  Yang Metal;        Dragon
Jan 27, 1941 – Feb 14, 1942;  Yin Metal;           Snake
Feb 15, 1942 – Feb 04, 1943;  Yang Water;        Horse
Feb 05, 1943 – Jan 24, 1944;  Yin Water;           Sheep
Jan 25, 1944 – Feb 12, 1945;  Yang Wood;        Monkey
Feb 13, 1945 – Feb 01, 1946;  Yin Wood;           Rooster
Feb 02, 1946 – Jan 21, 1947;  Yang Fire;           Dog
Jan 22, 1947 – Feb 09, 1948;  Yin Fire;              Boar

Feb 10, 1948 – Jan 28, 1949;  Yang Earth;          Rat
Jan 29, 1949 – Feb 16, 1950;  Yin Earth;             Ox
Feb 17, 1950 – Feb 05, 1951;  Yang Metal;         Tiger
Feb 06, 1951 – Jan 26, 1952;  Yin Metal;             Rabbit
Jan 27, 1952 – Feb 13, 1953;  Yang Water;         Dragon
Feb 14, 1953 – Feb 02, 1954;  Yin Water;            Snake
Feb 03, 1954 – Jan 23, 1955;  Yang Wood;         Horse
Jan 24, 1955 – Feb 11, 1956;  Yin Wood;            Sheep
Feb 12, 1956 – Jan 30, 1957;  Yang Fire;            Monkey
Jan 31, 1957 – Feb 17, 1958;  Yin Fire;               Rooster
Feb 18, 1958 – Feb 07, 1959;  Yang Earth;         Dog
Feb 08, 1959 – Jan 27, 1960;  Yin Earth;            Boar

Jan 28, 1960 – Feb 14, 1961;  Yang Metal;       Rat
Feb 15, 1961 – Feb 04, 1962;  Yin Metal;          Ox
Feb 05, 1962 – Jan 24, 1963;  Yang Water;      Tiger
Jan 25, 1963 – Feb 12, 1964;  Yin Water;          Rabbit
Feb 13, 1964 – Feb 01, 1965;  Yang Wood;       Dragon
Feb 02, 1965 – Jan 20, 1966;  Yin Wood;           Snake
Jan 21, 1966 – Feb 08, 1967;  Yang Fire;          Horse
Feb 09, 1967 – Jan 29, 1968;  Yin Fire;             Sheep
Jan 30, 1968 – Feb 16, 1969;  Yang Earth;        Monkey
Feb 17, 1969 – Feb 05, 1970;  Yin Earth;          Rooster
Feb 06, 1970 – Jan 26, 1971;  Yang Metal;       Dog
Jan 27, 1971 – Feb 14, 1972;  Yin Metal;          Boar

Feb 15, 1972 – Feb 02, 1973;  Yang Water;       Rat
Feb 03, 1973 – Jan 22, 1974;  Yin Water;           Ox
Jan 23, 1974 – Feb 10, 1975;  Yang Wood;         Tiger
Feb 11, 1975 – Jan 30, 1976;  Yin Wood;            Rabbit
Jan 31, 1976 – Feb 17, 1977;  Yang Fire;            Dragon
Feb 18, 1977 – Feb 06, 1978;  Yin Fire;               Snake
Feb 07, 1978 – Jan 27, 1979;  Yang Earth;         Horse
Jan 28, 1979 – Feb 15, 1980;  Yin Earth;            Sheep
Feb 16, 1980 – Feb 04, 1981;  Yang Metal;         Monkey
Feb 05, 1981 – Jan 24, 1982;  Yin Metal;            Rooster
Jan 25, 1982 – Feb 12, 1983;  Yang Water;        Dog
Feb 13, 1983 – Feb 01, 1984;  Yin Water;           Boar

Feb 02, 1984 – Feb 19, 1985;  Yang Wood;         Rat
Feb 20, 1985 – Feb 08, 1986;  Yin Wood;            Ox
Feb 09, 1986 – Jan 28, 1987;  Yang Fire;            Tiger
Jan 29, 1987 – Feb 16, 1988;  Yin Fire;               Rabbit
Feb 17, 1988 – Feb 05, 1989;  Yang Earth;         Dragon
Feb 06, 1989 – Jan 26, 1990;  Yin Earth;            Snake
Jan 27, 1990 – Feb 14, 1991;  Yang Metal;         Horse
Feb 15, 1991 – Feb 03, 1992;  Yin Metal;            Sheep
Feb 04, 1992 – Jan 22, 1993;  Yang Water;        Monkey
Jan 23, 1993 – Feb 09, 1994;  Yin Water;           Rooster
Feb 10, 1994 – Jan 30, 1995;  Yang Wood;         Dog
Jan 31, 1995 – Feb 18, 1996;  Yin Wood;            Boar

Feb 19, 1996 – Feb 06, 1997;  Yang Fire;           Rat
Feb 07, 1997 – Jan 27, 1998;  Yin Fire;               Ox
Jan 28, 1998 – Feb 15, 1999;  Yang Earth;         Tiger
Feb 16, 1999 – Feb 04, 2000;  Yin Earth;            Rabbit
Feb 05, 2000 – Jan 23, 2001;  Yang Metal;         Dragon
Jan 24, 2001 – Feb 11, 2002;  Yin Metal;            Snake
Feb 12, 2002 – Jan 31, 2003;  Yang Water;        Horse
Feb 01, 2003 – Jan 21, 2004;  Yin Water;            Sheep
Jan 22, 2004 – Feb 08, 2005;  Yang Wood;         Monkey
Feb 09, 2005 – Jan 28, 2006;  Yin Wood;            Rooster
Jan 29, 2006 – Feb 17, 2007;  Yang Fire;            Dog
Feb 18, 2007 – Feb 06, 2008;  Yin Fire;               Boar

Feb 07, 2008 – Jan 25, 2009;  Yang Earth;         Rat
Jan 26, 2009 – Feb 13, 2010;  Yin Earth;            Ox
Feb 14, 2010 – Feb 02, 2011;  Yang Metal;         Tiger
Feb 03, 2011 – Jan 22, 2012;  Yin Metal;             Rabbit
Jan 23, 2012 – Feb 09, 2013;  Yang Water;         Dragon
Feb 10, 2013 – Jan 30, 2014;  Yin Water;            Snake
Jan 31, 2014 – Feb 18, 2015;  Yang Wood;         Horse
Feb 19, 2015 – Feb 07, 2016;  Yin Wood;            Sheep
Feb 08, 2016 – Jan 27, 2017;  Yang Fire;            Monkey
Jan 28, 2017 – Feb 18, 2018;  Yin Fire;               Rooster
Feb 19, 2018 – Feb 04, 2019;  Yang Earth;         Dog
Feb 05, 2019 – Jan 24, 2020;  Yin Earth;            Boar

Jan 25, 2020 – Feb. 11, 2021; Yang Metal;         Rat
Feb 12, 2021 – Jan 31, 2022;  Yin Metal;            Ox
Feb 01, 2022 – Jan 21, 2023;  Yang Water;        Tiger
Jan 22, 2023 – Feb 09, 2024;  Yin Water;           Rabbit
Feb 10, 2024 – Jan 28, 2025;  Yang Wood;         Dragon
Jan 29, 2025 – Feb 16, 2026;  Yin Wood;            Snake
Feb 17, 2026 – Feb 05, 2027;  Yang Fire;           Horse
Feb 06, 2027 – Jan 25, 2028;  Yin Fire;               Sheep
Jan 26, 2028 – Feb 12, 2029;  Yang Earth;         Monkey
Feb 13, 2029 – Feb 02, 2030;  Yin Earth;            Rooster
Feb 03, 2030 – Jan 22, 2031;  Yang Metal;         Dog
Jan 23, 2031 – Feb 10, 2032;  Yin Metal;            Boar

Feb 11, 2032 – Jan 30 2033;    Yang Water;       Rat
Jan 31, 2033 – Feb 18, 2034;  Yin Water;            Ox
Feb 19, 2034 – Feb 07, 2035;  Yang Wood;         Tiger
Feb 08, 2035 – Jan 27, 2036;  Yin Wood;            Rabbit
Jan 28, 2036 – Feb 14, 2037;  Yang Fire;            Dragon
Feb 15, 2037 – Feb 03, 2038;  Yin Fire;               Snake
Feb 04, 2038 – Jan 23, 2039;  Yang Earth;         Horse
Jan 24, 2039 – Feb 11, 2040;  Yin Earth;            Sheep
Feb 12, 2040 – Jan 31, 2041;  Yang Metal;         Monkey
Feb 01, 2041 – Jan 21, 2042;  Yin Metal;            Rooster
Jan 22, 2042 – Feb 09, 2043;  Yang Water;        Dog
Feb 10, 2043 – Jan 29, 2044;  Yin Water;           Boar

Michele Avanti has been teaching metaphysics since 1972. She is a metaphysical minister, an ISAR certified astrologer, an accredited Fixed Star Analyst, an EFT, emotional freedom technique professional and an energy mover. Michele mentors clients through individual consultations. For more information, visit: http://astrologyandmore.blogspot.com/p/consultations.html


Your Personal Numerology for 2014 - The Frequency of Seven

Welcome to 2014’s Seven frequency. This will be a year of risk taking, change, moving forward and motivation. How you are nudged or raced forward will depend on many factors in your own numerology, both your birthday archetypes and your nominal numerology (the numerology of your name.)

To figure out what your birthday archetype is, take your date of birth. The day of birth is one of your archetypes, just reduce the numbers down to one digit. e.g. 17 would be 1+7 = 8. Then for your second archetype, take your full date of birth in digits and add them all together, then reduce that to one digit. e.g. Feb 17, 1982 = 2 (Feb) + 1 + 7 (day) + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 30 = 3 + 0 = 3, so 3 would be the second number for this birthday.

To figure out your nominal archetype, that is the numerology based on your name, use this chart to convert the letters of your name to numbers and then add them all together and reduce them down to one digit as we have done for a birthday archetype. 

Let’s take a look at how 2014 may activate the nine basic archetypes.

One - The Messengers
As Seven activates a One, it adds the Eight frequency creating a need to rebalance during 2014. Rebalance can mean divorcing things, people, issues or circumstances that create imbalance in your life. This can be a difficult year for the One, but by the year’s end will be rewarding.

As we go through life, there are periods where we reach a plateau and must look at what we have created. A Seven year forces that experience in one way or another. For the One, there is the ability to be at the steering wheel driving the change directly to the goal that is desired.

Two - Dreamers
Dreamers receive more information this year that will lead to changes in their lives. These are driven by the Nine frequency, which means more visions, intuition, inner drive, gut response or gut reactions. It will be a year that creates a clearer link between the inner and outer worlds for Twos. How that works for each individual will depend on whether they welcome the information they are given or they try to force it away.

There are many levels of challenges in opening a psychic doorway. It causes some to become very sensitive and even emotional. For a man this can be overwhelming and difficult. For a person who has attempted to keep this part of their lives quiet, seldom acknowledging it, it may be terrifying. But it is really a gift and if one will look at it as such, it will brighten their life and expand their ability to know what they want, to manifest what they want and to help others attain the same.

Three - Nurturers
Nurturers will find they must carry the message this year. They will be asked to speak up, to say what must be said and this will create change and freedom for them as they step up to the podium. Though they frequently do for others, serve and refrain from controlling or attempting to get their own way, this year they will be pushed by the Seven frequency to speak their needs, to confront people who may be controlling them and to recognize that they have given their power away to someone or something. It is a powerful moment when a Three realizes they have the right to undo the ties they have allowed to bind them. Sometimes those ties are to people, property, job, money or some form of addiction. The Seven frequency will motivate a Three to make changes that will begin or deepen a path of self-love.

Four - Patriarchs
Patriarchs must master their words this year as the Seven weaves in an Eleven energy, it will help them step up the way they speak to the Universe and will increase the clarity they need to manifest what they want in their lives. It will be a powerful year for the Four if they have already taken control of themselves and are not using their strong active minds to control others. However some Fours may still be in that space of stealing others karma by telling them what to do and how to do it. These Fours may find the clarity of their situations difficult and attempt to dream it away using the lower form of the Eleven, the Two. If they do this, it will not be to their benefit and thus will create a more difficult cycle next year when they must learn to nurture without controlling. If you are a Four, it is best for you to check your words and seek wisdom in how you use them. Release any holds on others and begin the change to mastery of self.

Five - Key Keepers
Key Keepers will find that changes this year have to do with letting go of the details and allowing nurturing to take hold. Depending on where one is on the path of awareness this will activate differently. A Five who needs all the details to feel secure may have security removed in order to discover that others will be there for them and that security may arrive in ways different then they ever imagined. Others who already have learned how to ‘Let go and let God.’ as they say (a very rare group of Fives indeed) will be showered with loving gifts from others. Gifts can be anything from kind words and hugs to property, trips and money.

The Key for Fives is let chips fall about them and absorb the experience, not asking so many questions but trusting in each experience. When we trust, we nurture ourselves at a very deep level because trust is the unseen bond that holds all creation together. Trust is a lower form of love.

Six - Butterflies
Butterflies will find great transformation this year, as the Seven creates a Thirteen frequency and thus a Four frequency. Thirteen asks the Six to change from the non-committal net-worker, host, commentator, socializer to the one who mans the ship, directs the game, sets the rules and takes control of their actions committing fully to whatever endeavor they take up this year. It can be a marriage year for the Six, or taking their next step in their career, or purchasing a home or other major commitment. This year will require ripping away the old fa├žade and getting down to what is really wanted. The question of “Who am I?” must be answered in some form for the Six this year. They can no longer float but must find some stable ground to call their own. For some that will be stepping up another level in an already committed direction, for others it may be their first run at commitments. Either are challenging and by year’s end, a new Six emerges as they look in the mirror of their lives.

Seven - Risk Takers
Risk Takers in their own Seven Year might think this would just increase their courage, and motivate them forward, but that is not at all what it does for them. Seven frequency on Seven activates Five and causes the Seven to stand at the top of the cliff and consider everything instead of jumping freely. This is a year of learning, gathering information, details, keys and creating the knowledge base that will lead to their next major choice next year. It is a year that slows the Seven down and they begin to invest in ways they have not before. Where they have been running, they may find they work instead on their health, their security, their physical world. Contracts, commitments, perseverance and focus are key for Seven’s this year.

The Seven will be tested with details and thus may plunge into the world of worry if they forget the depth of their courage. Holding one’s sword quietly while listening is a good image to reflect upon. It is important to remember you are holding a sword and cut anything down you choose, but if you listen you may find there is nothing to cut, only to sign or speak.

Eight - Artist
Artists will have choices this year and opportunities to socialize, network, connect and discover themselves through the eyes of others. This Seven year brings change to the Eight through a Six frequency. This is a wonderful combination for the Eight. In relationships where they have let go of their needs to keep the peace, this year gives them the opportunity to give to themselves and enjoy or indulge in the pleasure of freely engaging in whatever they decide. It is a year when they realize they have the freedom to choose. Peace and contentment are the rewards of choices not under pressure or duress but under the guidance of one’s heart. It is this change that is offered the Eight this year. A most blessed one but of course it requires releasing commitments that bound the Eight due to their own short-sightedness. To make a commitment to another that is harmful to oneself is considered null and void in the world of Spirit. For we are Divine and any commitment we make should fulfill both parties, this is the path of Divinity and love. Yes, it has been greatly screwed up by humans, but it is up to each of us individually to step into the light of awareness. 2014 offers this to the Eight, may freedom ring for each of them.

Nine - Bridge
Bridges being so woven to the seams of Creation, they always experience directly whatever Frequency is active. The Nine will experience Seven’s frequency directly. They will experience motivation and change like a wind on a boat in the sea. It will be up to the Nine to take the oars and direct their dream to land where they will. This year will offer excitement, movement, travel, and major changes. They will be obvious, no undercurrent here. But how the Nine moves with it will depend on many factors of consciousness on their part. It may call a Nine to come out of hiding and be seen. This is not always easy for Nine because they prefer to work quietly and do not like crowds or fame. But Seven may bring these things as it is like the Sun rising, sometimes it rises overhead shining on the Nine and other times it bursts from their hearts with a desire to do something they may have never had the courage to attempt before. It can be an exciting year if the Nine does not hold back, or a highly challenging one if the Nine refuses to open the gate and ride at a full gallop to the wind of their heart’s desire.

January 2014 & It’s Frequencies

January is: J (1) + a (1) + n (5) + u (3) + a (1) + r (9) + y (7) = 27 = 9
2014: 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7
Total: 9 + 7 = 16 = 7

January’s frequency is Nine, making this a month when we have access to more of information of the universe. It is as though the bridge between heaven and earth opens for the month and if we will slow down, we can take advantage of knowing more than we normally know. Information comes easily, we need only ask during January and then listen. The answers will arrive.

When we add 2014’s Seven to the frequency we receive information quickly, we are more open to change and will find that change is happening around us. It is as though the ocean has come alive and now will sweep us to a new shore. Don’t resist, just go and you may find to your amazement that what you felt was right is right.

This is the challenge for January 2014, to let go and allow the changes to sweep you forward without beating yourself up. Your guidance will speak to you and if you ignore it, you will not be happy and will find yourself trapped in space of self-sabotage. Then you are challenged by self-loathing and it is a downward spiral when it should be an upward one. Remember you can change the course of your own river in this second. Awareness offers choices and choices bring change. 

To fulfill this month’s energy of Nine and Seven, take time each day to listen to your inner voice, your feelings, your angst, aversion or immediate reaction or response to what is placed before you by word, image or action. Allow yourself to know and then the changes that activate will flow you over the next mountain peak to greater awareness and you will land in a place that enriches you with more of whatever you desire.

Michele Avanti has been teaching metaphysics since 1972. She is a metaphysical minister, an ISAR certified astrologer, an accredited Fixed Star Analyst, an EFT, emotional freedom technique professional and an energy mover. Michele mentors clients through individual consultations. Call 541-863-6631 or email her at AstrologyAndMore@gmail.com for an appointment. For more information, visit Michele’s blog at AstrologyAndMore.blogspot.com