2011 Forecast

2011 Astrological Forecast – Michele Avanti CAP

When analyzing the stars for upcoming events, there are a few things, which are important for readers to know. First, I use the same methods that the astrologers of Persia used centuries ago. I look at the ingress charts for each of the cardinal signs. In plain English, that means, I run a chart for each time during the year that the sun enters zero degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, which is called a Cardinal Ingress Chart. The chart is set for the location that rules the area. In the case of the United States, that would be the White House in Washington, D.C.

Secondly, it is important to note what an astrologer does. Astrologers study the geometric patterns made by planets in constellations and how they relate to events that take place nationally or individually. Astrology is based on thousands of years of research, where records show that similar star patterns result in similar events.

That being said, it is important to note that all life forms have free will and that consciousness does evolve. Thus, as we look at the astrological pictures presented by the stars today, and attempt to understand how life on earth will respond to these influences, we need to remember that the old ways are not necessarily capable of giving us the complete story or the correct pictures.

In the last year, we have moved consciousness forward at an astounding rate. This is due to many factors, the most obvious one being our solar system aligning with the galactic center, the strongest, most powerful energy field in the over 26,000 year cycle of our sun.

This alignment calls for a step up in our creative power, and a greater connection to all life on this planet, this solar system and the galaxies beyond from which many of us have been seeded.

So with this said, I want each reader to open your mind and heart to the answers that come to you as I go through the many pictures that will be activated in 2011. Each reader will know what resonates and will find answers and pictures beyond what I have written here. It is important to remember we are all connected, not just to each other but to the very force of spirit we call ‘Creator.’

The overall view as I look at the four ingress charts for 2011 is that from December 21, 2011 through September 22, 2011, we as a nation are on the ride of destiny. It is a period when what comes together does so because we set the karmic pattern for this time. We will accomplish everything necessary to get us to the next step in our evolvement. To make this as clear as possible, I want each reader to think of times in their lives when they felt no matter how they tried to take control, fate seemed to step in and drive the bus. That is how it will go during this period.

Once we get to September 23, we feel freer to make choices and more balanced as a nation.

The Capricorn Ingress – December 21, 2010 – March 19, 2011

The first quarter is clearly focused on employment, health and military issues. The people are struggling with these issues and feeling imprisoned by them. The president is focused and organized in attempting to transform them, but the international contractual challenges revolving around outsourced jobs, and import, export issues are great and I do not see them breaking at this time. There is discussion, there is posturing, there are headlines but the outcome is they still stand.

Property values and the housing market are still at the bottom. Emotionally this is a downer for the nation though there is some behind the scenes work going on to empower the people through mortgages, banking system, taxes, I do not see that relief happening in this period.

As this period comes to a close, in March, something does open to give the empower the people with money or tax relief, but only after a long battle and when I look at the next chart the battle continues, so I am not sure the late arrival of this relief will do much more than give people hope.

We also begin this period under a Mercury Retrograde, which pulls in memories and past Christmas-times that challenge us to think spiritually of service and charity to the world at large. Though as a nation we are concerned about all the details of work, we have a nostalgic and optimistic holiday season.

But as Mercury moves forward into the second week of January, challenges escalate, the media suddenly reveals information about national employment, health, military, or mortgages, taxes, death toll, international or legal issues, or some secrets may be revealed that challenge the mindset of the nation. These revelations will challenge the people to question what is really happening. It may test their faith in government and, or God.

Around the 10th of January, the challenges should strike clearly in the headlines, and it may come through some attack or military action. During this time, the weather will also be very wet, icy and suddenly frozen. The stock market, or investment markets will have a run it seems. It appears to involve established, old stocks, those involved with underground, or underwater properties and international imports or exports. I expect oil and gas will both be active, as well as, companies internationally selling or producing surgical equipment. Also, entertainment stocks focused on espionage or beyond death experiences should see some action.

On January 19th, the full moon may trigger a massive flood. Hundreds or even thousands may drown since it involves Jupiter exactly conjunct the fixed star of drowning. But there is support from the people and the government, so perhaps we can avert the loss of life in some way. While this may occur in America, especially the Northeast, the midland, and the northwest, it will also be happening in many parts of the world. Additionally the threat of earthquakes in the Pacific my bring danger of tsunamis along the northwest coast. These issues will be in the news.

The Aries Ingress – March 20, 2010 – June 20, 2011

While in the last three months, the president had a clear organized focus and found himself immersed in the karmic struggle of old powerful international contracts, this period shows a drastic, sudden change in him.

It indicates past karma is publicly displayed, and the President is faced with a nation separating, people posturing in aggressive ways. He also appears suddenly brilliant, once more the man who electrified the country with his bid for the White House.

With the strong energies activating the President in this chart, I believe we will see him differently. No more, Mister Nice Guy, he is inventive, aggressive and direct. He will not be the Let’s do this together kind of guy we have seen in the past. Something is challenging him to lose his head, so to speak and be forthright.

Between the 3rd and 10th of April, some explosive event will take place. It may involve a gun or the military, a cabinet member or banking head, a contract or words said, explosive emotions and will take place on home soil. It will challenge the nation emotionally, and may make the rift in the nation even worse.

This event seems to directly affect the President. I took a look at his chart and it is disconcerting to see indications that may involve someone he loves, female, possibly a child. But it may also be something that he loves, so let us hope that it has nothing to do with a child, for this would be too much for any of us to bear.

During this period what may bring some national unity is the struggle with perceived foreign enemies.

There is emphasis on reorganization of government military contracts and international treaties, which causes stress.

People are spending more money and there are more investments in social networking on the web. Technology investments, entertainment and things that create beauty through technology are good during this period.

We have a more creative, inventive and social focus and are seen internationally for our nurturing nature.

The struggle to keep government and corporate control out of the Internet is aggressive during this time and Internet neutrality will not be lost in this quarter.

The early part of June may also bring some earthquake action.

I want to add some information about this chart that is not just for America but for the world.

This Ingress chart indicates something that has not been seen in recorded history.

When we look at an ingress chart, we view the sun as the ruler of a the nation. In this ingress chart the sun is conjunct Scheat, the fixed star of drowning. Fixed stars are said to move at a rate of approximately 1 degree every 72 years. Based on that rate and the fact that there are 360 degrees in the zodiac, the last time this star and the sun of the Aries ingress were conjunct would have been around 26,000 years ago. Does that ring a bell? That is the same approximation of time when last our solar system aligned with the galactic center. We are at a breakthrough in consciousness.

This Aries Ingress Chart indicates it is time for the rulers of nations to make a breakthrough, but some will lose their heads in the process and respond with fire, belligerence, and aggression. While others will respond with unexpected brilliance!

If we take this formula to identify the last time an ingress Sun conjoined Scheat, we would go to a Capricorn contact 90 degrees earlier, which would place it around 6,480 years ago. Still before recorded history, yet according to geological records this is the actual number bandied about as the time when the Mayans predicted the end of time forecast for 2012.

There can be no doubt this is a gateway to the end of time as we know it, and a doorway to a new kind of time.
The Cancer Ingress –June 21, 2011 – September 22, 2011

The President is being seen more now than ever. He is making news here and internationally.

This period looks worse for earthquakes. A cardinal cross consisting of Saturn, Mercury, Uranus and Pluto is on the angles. This is a volatile combination with a variety of outcomes, the most obvious being earthquakes. A very clear picture states: a challenge of connectivity over water due to sudden explosive fire from deep in the earth.

Both San Francisco and Los Angeles have this signature, so I suggest some preparedness and caution if you travel over bridges in these areas during the early part of this ingress.

Another picture that fits this cross is an explosive transformation in the housing market; people are challenged to separate from their homes and mortgages. This is certainly happening throughout California and in many parts of the country even as we speak, but perhaps the final cut off for many will be during this ingress next year.

It looks like there may be employment opportunities through public contracts, which come out of this challenge. People are experiencing stress re-assessing property, and their business and their dreams.

Overall the nation is challenged emotionally, investments are down, and there may be some severe market drops during this period, every bit as explosive as any earthquake.

National income is challenged and people are saving money, not spending. Air travel is also challenged, though there may be some government support to help the airlines.

The Libra Ingress – September 23, 2011 – December 20, 2011

As the year closes, the president is struggling with cabinet members, the tax changes, bankers, estate tax issues, and behind it all are the issues, which began the year, those of employment, military, and health.

But during this time, there are definitely more opportunities for jobs, people are partying more and they are putting their energy into their dreams. They are re-examining the employment and health care issues, and though there is still stress, it appears they realize there has been some healing.

The nation is working, people are saving money and stressing over luxury spending, higher education and travel.

The housing market is at a transformational stress point, and this appears to cause builders to start building smaller, more moderate, less luxury homes.

Airlines are stressed, except for people traveling within the country to visit family.

Investments seem strongest in blue chip stocks or government bonds. The very end of September and the first few days of October could bring some issues with the stock market, so this is a time to be more cautious there.

Though there is still stress in the nation, and the President continues to struggle for change in the military, employment and health care; the year seems to end with more people working and saving, and overall we appear to be in a wiser, more stable state than when 2011 began.


The Economy - Tax Cut - Vermont Senator Sanders

As we enter this holiday season, wishing it to be filled with delight and joy for all the children in the world, our nation struggles with economic disaster. At this time when so many are spending their savings on Christmas gifts, our Congress continues to consider tax cuts for the wealthy, and even the option of ending estate taxes, which effect only the tiniest wealthiest percent of America.

Consider the abyss that is being created between the haves and the have-nots.

How many people do you know who have lost their homes?
How many have declared bankruptcy, or are unemployed and just hanging on? 

Consider what happens to counties, as the middle class suburbs become filled with vacant repossessed houses, and property taxes that had been paid to maintain fire and police departments disappear from the tax rolls. 

Now recall the events of the French Revolution and you will recognize that our nation's astrology charts are following a similar trend. (I have been speaking about this for over a decade.)

Is it all in the stars? Or is it at our disposal to choose this outcome?

Because all development of consciousness is a spiral, we know the events that now take place can have a more uplifting and balanced outcome.  

Let us all ask the question: "What do I need to do to help America step into a revolution of government without bloodshed or riot." 

We shall have the answer. We can do this together. You must know and trust that everything that comes into your life will be a benefit for you and others.  Once a person makes a commitment, Spirit brings them the means to achieve it. 

I want to share this wonderful speech by the Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. The State whose motto is: "Freedom and Unity."

This soul is actively working to enlighten people, and avert national disaster and the possible civil war, which gathers on the horizon as the Middle Class continues to evaporate. Listen and take heart. Many are doing their part, let us unite and grow the numbers for peaceful change. It is desperately needed. We can no longer say I am safe behind my wall, we must recognize we are a nation of many and the truth is in this saying: "It takes a tribe." 

So for the many who are rich that are helping with this change (and there are many!) Let us say thank you. And each of us can do our part, from giving food to the homeless and the shelters, to speaking out at county meetings and enlightening those around us that we must invest in America if we are to continue as a nation whole and successful. 


The Moon's Cycle & U.S. Elections - Astrology Connects The Dots

In a recent note from friends, I realized I have not spoken on the influence of the Full and New Moons on elections in the USA.

Because of Friday's full moon at the critical degree of 29 Aries, my friends had asked if it had an effect on me. I am certain if you are a light-bearer, or even lightly conscious, you felt some of the anger and aggressive energy of this moon.

Twenty-Nine degrees is considered a critical degree in astrology, and even in numerology. It is the degree that says, get it right now before you are allowed to take the next step of a new energy field. To have a full moon fall at this degree is rare. (1 in 30 for a specific sign, and 1 in 360 for all twelve signs) So as we roll the cosmic dice, we see how this time in our creative universe is perfect for a critical moon in Aries.

As our solar system approaches the galactic center, all frequencies increase, and we must clear out the old ways and open to a new level of love.

Aries is the constellation that started it all. It is the beginning of the zodiac and represents the moment that, that ball of fire settled into an orbit around this sun, to become planet earth. It is a sign of new beginnings with the innocence of consciousness. Like children, the Aries consciousness can be aggressive and selfish. It considers only its needs and does not consider consequences before taking action.

The Full Moon in Aries at the critical degree of 29 excited this type of emotional response around the planet. It inflamed personal wants without considering others.

So I am certain if you reflect on how you felt yesterday, Oct. 22, 2010, you may find feelings of anger within or without you. The fact that in the Western Hemisphere, this took place on October 22 also carries significance because 22 is a master number noting that we must master the issues of the day, take control and bring balance, harmony and cooperation to the table.

So as we look at the upcoming national elections, does this have some significance?

Well, let's take a little stroll through history before answering that question.

The presidential election of 2010 took place under a new moon in Scorpio.

New moons bring in new beginnings and accentuate a new energy flow. In Scorpio there is an added statement of transformation of power. This moon signaled a transformation of our election process, a new wave of power and when you look at it, you can see how this has manifest been manifesting.

President Barack O'Bama is the first person ever elected through a poor people's process. It was the aggregate monies of small contributions coming through new marketing strategies of social networking that put him over the edge. On another level, more obvious, he is the first African-American to be elected president.

President John F. Kennedy was elected on November 8, 1960 under the influence of the October 31st full moon in Aries, like the one we had last night.  October 31, is not a master number moon, but the foreboding number 31, which is a four, indicating a control situation that might be fulfilled by aggression, violence and selfish unconscious issues.

Please note that nearly every election in this country takes place under either the full moon in Aries or Taurus or the new moon in Scorpio, because this is the time of year of these moons.

(If you have never considered how the moon moves through the constellations, here is a simple look. Each month the new moon is in the constellation you usually associate with that month, and the full moon will be in the sign exactly opposite. This varies slightly because the months are not really aligned with the constellations, but that is a way to ball park it.) 

However, some people become president as a result of the death of the current president, so their day of  'election' is the day they take office. So some presidents may come under any moon.

Lyndon B. Johnson, became president on November 22, 1963, a master number day, and under the new moon in Scorpio of November 15, 1963. The twenty two day of his inauguration signified mastering issues of power, death, transformation, shared resources, taxation and the presidential cabinet. He started in office under the veil of a transformation, the death of President Kennedy. As Johnson took office, Americans were crying publicly over the loss of Kennedy, and anguish spread across this nation. President Johnson, one of the most under-publicized presidents, fulfilled the promise of this new master moon in Scorpio. Here is a quote about him from Wikipedia:

"...President, (Johnson) was responsible for designing the "Great Society" legislation that included laws that upheld civil rights, Public Broadcasting, MedicareMedicaid, environmental protection, aid to education, and his "War on Poverty." He was renowned for his domineering personality and the "Johnson treatment," his coercion of powerful politicians in order to advance legislation."
All of the statements above confirm the promise of a master new moon in Scorpio.

Let us look yet, at another presidential election.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected on November 8, 1932 under the new moon in Scorpio of October 29, 1932.  Fascinating that the number 29 has a two fold significance, it is a critical number, and also a master number because it becomes an eleven when you add the digits together. The eleven is a master communicator, insightful, intuitive dreamer. FDR used a weekly radio talk, called his "Fireside Chat" to connect with the nation. He was the first, and as far as I know, the only President to use such a technique.

These numbers truly speak to his presidency because his election took place at one of the most critical times in our nation's history, and he masterfully communicated through airwaves and on paper. Here is a bit about his election from Wikipedia:

"The United States presidential election of 1932 took place as the effects of the 1929 Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression were being felt intensely across the country." 

During his presidency, FDR, would start what he called the New Deal, which included numerous programs to offer relief for the unemployed, help recover a failing economy, and would regulate the banking industry, Wall Street and transportation.

I will take you through one more election, then come back to present day.

Stop here for a second and consider the facts you have read thus far, and see if you can guess the date and kind of moon that set the stage for the election of Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln was elected on November 6, 1860, one hundred years before Kennedy, and both presidents were assassinated. Abraham Lincoln's election came under the influence of the full moon in Taurus of October 29, 1860. Once more we see the critical number of 29, and of course it carries the same influences seen above with FDR: critical time, master communicator. But here the sign is not in that of Scorpionic transformation, but in the fixed earth sign of values, income and possession: Taurus.

Abraham Lincoln's presidency would focus on the moral values of a nation and what rights a man has to possess or own another. This president would use the South's need for income to hold the country together by mandating all trading stop with the South.

Lincoln came to office as the nation was debating slavery. He was a great debater, and opposed the expansion of slavery. His presidency would revolve around the Civil War, and the issue of slavery. He  inflamed the argument by signing the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed only the slaves in Confederate States that did not return to Union control. This critical act of war would light the way to abolish slavery in America.

So what about this upcoming election, and the next presidential election? What can be told by the moons influence.

Under Friday's full moon in Aries at 29 degrees, remember this occurred on October 22, we will see an election engaged in an aggressive fight that critically calls for mastering balance and fairness. Those elected may be masters of the bi-partisan tongue. They will make breakthroughs and strike a cord with the original dreams of this nation.

The next presidential election will be held November 6, 2012, and will fall under the full moon of October 29, 2012 in the sign of Taurus. Do you see the similarities between this election date and the election of Abraham Lincoln?

I could go into a discussion of how the United States Chart has been following along the path of the charts that led to the French Revolution, but I will save that for some other time.

Instead, I will leave you with this. America is on the brink of choosing (the number six) its moral path again. What do we value? What do we hold dear and how will we align our income and possessions with our values? Shall we once more engage in a Civil War? Yes, it is increasingly possible.

As we have allowed our legislators to be controlled by monetary factions instead of the conscience of their constituency, we are collapsing the income stream of the middle class, and dividing America into a nation of rich and poor.

We have two years to work on this, to achieve some balance. But based on all the statistics, the affluence of the middle class is nearly gone and what is holding on has been propped in place. We have nothing but our word backing our currency, so the day may not be far off when others call the bluff, If that happens, and it takes wheelbarrows of dollars to buy milk; division will turn to revolution.

I know that's a lot to consider, but let me add some good news.

We are all in this propped up earth zone together. It is an international house of monetary and greed-directed cards that is about to implode, so in that is the key.

Values are escalating far beyond your tribe this time. They are approaching the solar system. As we activate frequencies in alignment with the galactic center, we must join the eco-system of the galaxy. We must love, cooperate and find solutions where we have never looked before - inside ourselves.

Practice love and you will see the light in this ever-darkening international tunnel.


Healing, Frequencies, The Body Electric & The Grid

It is time for human beings to stop all the ego-centric mind games and start accepting their power. We are creators of our universe and in sequence with the creative work of all our relations in every life form from mineral to galaxy.

It is time to accept our power and stand up and recognize we are participating in creation and not subservient to some unknown God or demon.

Whether we are concerned with simple issues of love, money and shelter; or international issues of war, greed and dominance; we now must recognize we are the power and the magic in our own creation.

We are not flesh and blood, we use flesh and blood to manipulate the physical reality. We must now come to the realization of who and what we are.

We are frequency, conscious moving particles self directed, animated, creative, individuated and eternally connected to all creation. The frequency we are is dependent on who we align ourselves through thought or directive. From within we have the greatest power to choose our alignment. From without, we allow others to choose for us and thus our power seems powerless because we forfeit it to another.

From television to drugs, from societal agreements to national directives, we allow others to direct our creation.

So we come into an incarnation (into the meat of physical form) masked from our own identity and reliant on the guidance of maternal, paternal, societal and cultural directives to tell us who and what we are. All the while we are directing from behind the curtain of our own minds.

Our subconscious mind holds the information that we have carried through all incarnations and to the origin of our entry to this ever-expanding universe.

Because we are now approaching alignment with the heart of this galaxy, the galactic center, we must re-awaken to the truth of creation.

The movement of this solar system is a spiral action that slowly travels upward into a greater expanding window as it once more passes through the central energy zone or heart. Here we activate a quickening of the frequency, a clearing of creative energy whereby we enter a new gateway or chakra zone.

As we pass this level we come to a new outlook, a greater understanding of our alignment with creation.

Our DNA activates. That is to say, not just human DNA, but planetary, as well as the DNA of every life form in this solar system.

We must meet this frequency in order to pass through this new gateway. Certainly there is variable but many people on this planet currently are so far from the frequency we are aligning to that they will not be able to pass through it. So they will follow the shadow of this planet into a different vibratory dimension, one more suited to where we have been.

The directive for alignment is love. Leave the battlefields of life behind. Put down your thoughts and ideas of weapons made by mental processes. Open all of your frequencies to love all life, forgive all life, be grateful for all life and you will discover your own divinity.

All that has held you back from health, wisdom and joy are the limitations of fear developed through mental and physical games of war, greed and dominance.

Love it the creative power that when activated will drive a vibration so strong and a pitch so high that no level of anger, hatred or greed can bare to be close to it without sucombing or dying.

Look with love on all things. Spare no one or thing this glance of love and you shall be whole.



Ebooks, Future of Publishing & The Grid

I received this question in an email this morning:

This tribute to 13 Americans is being published on paper and as an e-book. Do you think e-books work for kids?
Knopf to Publish Picture Book from President Obama
Source: publishersweekly.com
This is what I see...

I believe as we move into the next generation, ebooks will be the way all kids read.

Yes, that is between 10 and 20 years from now, but as the phone becomes the portable computer and it begins to be the ebook reader - I see all of these tools merging in the future. Children will no longer carry big back packs to school, they will carry their computer/phone/reader (their CPR)

Today many children in North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, India, and China are using kindles for their books. That is going to increase exponentially each year because it is far cheaper to buy textbooks for kindle and so much easier to access them. There is no question that this is the way of the future.

Do you realize that there is a debate going on in the schools today to drop cursive writing because there is no longer a need to write!

Okay, for those as old as I am, this may feel awful, but so does the thought that future generations will find paper books in antiquarian bookstores only.

The world is spinning forward and in the next 50 years, we will be tapping into the grid of information without the blocks of time. It is a step beyond the internet, far beyond it.

The internet has laid out the grid in plain terms for everyone to see. Now we need to jump into the understanding that we are part of it. Not just through a computer but through our very being - our frequency, our consciousness, quite literally who we are. I am not referring to your body or personality, but who you are.

Every living thing is part of the grid! Trees, bees, man, dog, dolphin, eagle, earth, water droplet, sand, mountain, Saturn, Sun, all of us are divine energy. We all have consciousness, some more active than others. But all of us participate in the integrated web of creation.

Listen to this program where I speak with Dr. Bryan Oulette on the grid. It should help you see the bigger picture.
Eye of The Seer