Hurricane Florence - Nature's Force of Change

I know I have lots of friends in the path of this hurricane. Please make sure to stay aware and let your guidance keep you safe. Having lived in the Carolinas and in New York, I have been in a few hurricanes. I have seen them as Spirit's way to transform the land and move people around. Many of us only see them for their destruction and that of course is the most obvious and sometimes terrifying part. But in the long run, each individual is forced to see life differently when they have been in a hurricane. 

Some have no home to go to and it is heart breaking, but on some other level, Spirit is freeing them to change course in life.

We must learn to work with nature and Spirit, so despite the awful experience of this physical power of nature, we see the good or change that will come from it. That change takes place personally, and on a grand scale networking people across states to support each other.

Disasters cross all boundaries and we remember that we are human and we need each other in times of crisis. We put aside all differences and help each other. If only we could remember to do this all the time. All the things that cause division will come and go but our love for home, family, furry ones and nature will sustain.

Everyone in the path of this hurricane is in my prayers.. please join me in keeping them safe, together we can turn down the storm. We must see it as calming down. Breath into the storm with your intention and together it can calm down. We are a great force - humanity - because we can use our intention to manifest anything. Join me in creating a calming energy for the hurricane and let us tame it together.