Astrology Predictions 2014 ~ Astrological Outlook

What does astrology predict for 2014? 
Astrology is an ancient study of planetary movements through celestial constellations. This study began over 4,000 years ago, where watchers of the heavens connected events on earth to geometric patterns or planetary events in the sky. Millennium of research connected the dots, as similar events developed under similar stellar patterns. In order to counsel rulers of nations, astrologers examined the most powerful charts for the upcoming year, those that related to the change of seasons. In astrology we call these the Cardinal Ingresses. They happen at the equinoxes and the solstices. This of course is the same method I use.

Key events during each year happen when a planet appears to station or change direction. No planet actually does this, but it appears to slow down and go backwards because of earth’s orbit. When a planet stations while making a close geometric contact to another planet or star, at least one of the pictures indicated not only happen but leave a mark on history and consciousness. An example of this took place a few years back when we witnessed the tsunami in Japan and years before that a tsunami in Papua, New Guinea. Both events are classic examples of the activation of planets with the fixed star of drowning, Scheat.

In 2014, there are three ingress charts that have a planet stationing. In the twenty-three years that I have done this work, I have not witnessed any planets stationing in an ingress chart. With an understanding that these will leave a mark, I expect 2014 to be a year that will turn a corner in the history of the world. The three planets involved picture, explosive transformation, business and soul families, and sudden unexpected events that activate freedom or activated by a need for freedom, I am certain that 2014 will be a year that people will not forget.  

Capricorn Ingress: December 21, 2013 ~ March 20, 2014

This chart shines with the Sun and Mercury at the Midheaven telling us the President will be heard and seen internationally. Looking a bit closer and certainly not to my surprise, the topics are employment, health of the nation and military issues.

Explosive Pluto, the transformer is also close to the Midheaven, and is being challenged by electrifying sudden events, Uranus and militant, gun totting, Mars. Adding all of this together along with their house rulerships and locations offers a chilling picture of violence, division, and anger due to a lack of credit, monetary issues, taxation, insurance, and reproductive rights. Sudden violent acts may occur but more prolific will be the explosive words and lack of decorum, courtesy or fairness. Key dates for these issues will be, December 28 through January 1.

Also as we come to the end of January, more is revealed that directly stresses the President and the nation. It may be a large sudden international explosion that kills women and children. Or it may be the exposure of some international secret that is suddenly revealed about the exploitation, torture and death of women and children. It is definitely tied to money and may in some way come back on the American people because there may be a link to our tax money used in an underground way. Whatever it is, it will be seen, heard and discussed everywhere.

Additionally there may be a sudden or surprising turn about that vindicates the President and the American people.

Public words broadcast by television, radio and the internet sting during this period. They challenge the economy, the income stream of the nation and they challenge women. There is a struggle taking place between old secret alliances and the money that has been used without public awareness. This quarter should reveal more, yet it does not appear to offer any solution, only anger.

While there is optimism in the housing market, money is not flowing through banks or mortgage brokers. This will change later in 2014. 

The battle to raise the minimum wage continues to be a battle and this cycle does not resolve it.
Children and families are challenged by a lack of governmental aid. There is tremendous stress and frustration and fun seems to be in short supply.

A very interesting statement indicated by this chart is about our enemies. Normally our enemies are identified as outside the nation, but in this chart, it is clear they are inside our nation. It is statement of America fighting itself. Looking back as I do historically, there are many connections between this time in our nation and the time in France of the French Revolution. We are tracking along a similar series of ingress charts. But the consciousness in this nation is much higher and thus the outcome will be very different. However it does not take an astrologer to look about and see how we are a nation divided, and this ingress chart emphasizes that point.

The added statement is, we are fighting to free ourselves from militant aggressive controls. We are fighting for fairness and equality. These are the actual words of Uranus and Mars in this chart and so reminiscent of the cries of the French Revolution, "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite" (Liberty, Equality & Brotherhood.)  

No investments are offering immediate appreciation during this ingress period, but long-term investments are indicated in: housing, families, home products, food products. The challenge is money to build or expand now, which is not easily available. However if you took the reverse approach and decided to create quality small or home goods that are designed for downsizing or recycling to downsize, this could be successful. Also investing in gold, especially if it is a product that uses gold for something needed in the home, this will show returns when Jupiter reaches the middle of Leo in late September or early October of 2014.  

Aries Ingress: March 20 ~ June 21, 2014

In this ingress the Sun continues to be at the Midheaven, keeping the President visible, but this ingress cycle for this president is filled with stress, he feels that many, including military veterans are drowning in homeless situations.

The terrible challenges of Uranus and Pluto in the last ingress are expanded and exponentially more apparent in this chart as Jupiter is in close contact increasing the number of sudden infamous events under the explosive deadly power of Pluto. This combination may create military disasters, bank explosions, supreme court verdicts that turn things upside down. More challenges to health care, employment, women, children, investments, social networks.

Money is barred from women and children, while taxes may challenge them.

There is a window of optimism in this chart, though it is not a strong one. It comes through the internet, through international groups, through what I call soul families reaching out to help each other. This window points to lessons for the future, which will strengthen an international community.

Investments in steel for building, or surgical instruments, or home wares that use steel. Also anything that is used to build underground, including gases that run underground for use in homes. These should be international companies, not necessarily US companies, though they may be U.S. companies partnering with international companies or that are offering investments in their international counterparts or subsidies.  

Cancer Ingress: June 21 ~ September 22, 2014

Finally in this cycle the President is not the focus of the chart. He seems to fall under issues of money, while he is still being spoken about in the news and online. What is being said is kinder and offers more opportunity to bring emotional balance. The president himself will aggressively push whatever he believes in through. Challenging him now will bring out his strongest side.

That being said, this chart is driven by an emotional struggle of the American people. They are struggling to balance their emotions, anger and energy due to sudden events that have explosively challenged the nation. Wild fires, explosive scorched earth, sudden changes in the investment market or regarding issues of children or women and social events. These explosive emotions will activate attacks on our military or American families abroad. This will include anyone who represents the United States in a prominent position. These pictures also include a possibility of hostage taking. If I lived abroad during this period, I would increase my awareness of my surroundings and make certain I did not go anywhere that might put me in danger.

This ingress chart is the first of three that have a planet stationing in the chart, which is Chiron (yes, some people call it a planet, others an asteroid.) Chiron has a proven connection to business and soul families. It is where we are most wounded and through that wound we learn to heal, allowing us then to help heal others with similar wounds.

In this chart, Chiron is stationing in close activation of corporate, governmental and Supreme Court, Saturn. The pictures these two planets give are many and broad. They indicate the opportunity for a shift for investments, international relationships regarding investments, monetary resources, cartels, bankers, oil, underground resources, hidden power, governments and corporations. But even as they are shifting business, money and investments internationally, these actions cause stress to our military, and their families. The Supreme Court is also stressed by these changes and it may begin to deliberate a key issue in these matters in this cycle.

Investments are again holding to what was said during the Aries ingress, international, underground, corporate or government, all long-term. 

Libra Ingress: September 22 ~ December 21, 2014

Where international business issues held center stage with Chiron stationing in the last cycle, this new cycle has the explosive transformer, Pluto stationing in his own house of bankers, taxes, insurance companies and reproduction. Pluto is giving a clear warning here as it turns direct. It is ringing a toll for people, businesses and governments to take action now to transform the way money is used, change the way you are lending, borrowing, investing, taxing and valuing money. The fact this is making what in astrology we call declination but what is actually a visible contact between Mars and Pluto, both rulers of this house of banking. The fact that Pluto is not in direct contact with any other planet except Mars tells us that the warning call for action must begin with service. This service must come through employment, health care, and military. We can take that many ways, but considering our society at this time (yes, things may have changed quite a bit by September 2014) Pluto seems to say we must as a nation serve the people. We are responsible to see that there are jobs, health care and placement for our people and our military veterans. It calls for our action. Pluto making such a strong statement backed up by the energy of Mars, is not to be overlooked. If we do not respond to this call as a nation, we will witness the destruction of all that it calls us to change. Pluto always warns first and then flattens everything if we do not work it through. Once flattened there will be a level field from which we will have to rebuild our society. Pluto statements are clear in personal charts as well as those of nations.

The Moon, which represents the people, housing and emotions of our nation, supports Venus ruler of money, women and children, together these celestial beings stress to free themselves by taking action while struggling with public lies created by businesses or business controllers. They are frustrated by changing contracts which are actually expanding their possibilities though these are changing too fast and are too expansive to be understood yet. Something is being offered here by government. It appears that there may be loans, or tax credits or some kind of subsidies available now through government services to help women, families and children who need homes.

Additionally, it appears that government is offering something to businesses who will work to provide these services or housing. But it is not without challenge due to the complicated or misunderstood information that is released. Too much is being said and not being understood. This causes frustration.

All of these things are aligned with the karmic issues that the national consciousness is working through. The struggle clearly indicated here is one of moving from an aggressive male warring society to a balanced, fair cooperative one.

Investments in this period must be carefully chosen. They call for a roller coaster unless you choose established companies that are actively transforming to include more service business. The types of products include: female and family health, insurance, medical, and surgical, especially those offering some kind of plastic surgery for military. With this combination, I would look to a company that may be transforming lives through prosthetics.

Capricorn Ingress: December 21, 2014 ~ March 20, 2015

This is the last chart for 2014 and here we see Uranus, planet of sudden changes, freedom fighters, eccentrics, fame and astrologers, stationing before it goes direct. This stationing is not isolated but a direct challenging contact to transformative explosive Pluto. Since 2011, these two planets have been breaking ground, electrifying change in governments, corporations and established monetary practices. This chart kicks it up a notch, with a tight stationing challenge.  This cycle will call all practices into play. It not only involves Pluto in the house of the workplace, military and health of the nation, while Uranus puts all monetary issues of careers and Supreme Court decisions regarding money into public view; this chart ties in national karma and future directives. It tells us that we must break free of the military complex and put attention on cooperation, equality and housing at home. It points to the emotional future of the nation and indicates that though we struggle with this now, to be truly free we must challenge the love of established way and the close mindedness of tribe to a broader view of brotherhood.

Women, money, employment, health care, and corporate established ways are at the crux of this cycle.

Business is once more being given the opportunity to transform, but it may struggle to free itself from its historic bias. This picture indicates, we must stop looking only at the bottom line but need to start including the needs of the people and our service to our country and the people as part of this bottom line. In the past no value has been given to community by corporate structures except as it could add to their bottom line. This transformation changes the equation to realize that the bottom line must include communities benefits, to rape a community of its resources whether planetary, human, or other living beings will no longer be acceptable. It is this change that is being called to task by Uranus and Pluto in their interactions. We have been witnessing their work since 2011 and it will continue till they part in early 2018. Then we will have to piece it all together and we will have to tweak and adjust our new system until we reach October of 2043, when it should begin working efficiently again. But we will not fully transform as a nation till the progressed Mars of the United States natal chart turns direct on May 10 2086, beyond the scope of many readers lifetimes.

This cycle is keenly focused on creating jobs, on employment and health care for everyone. It is also focused on increasing the minimum wage though it also indicates the challenges of corporations are at their most critical point, so the fight continues. As Saturn ingresses to Sagittarius on December 23rd, this issue softens. The corporations have learned a lesson, though it may take till Jupiter stations direct on April 8, 2015 before everyone to feel the effects.

In Conclusion

As I look at all five Ingress charts, which span from December 21, 2013 through March 2015, there are numerous consistent statements. Transformation is a consistent note. Uranus and Pluto are sharply empowered in power houses in all but the Libra Ingress. Anger is strong in the beginning of this sequence, but less prominent in the last chart. Change and sudden acts that force transformation are in all of these charts with the Libra chart pointing more toward the stock market than the others. We focus more on blaming others for our ill until we get to the Libra ingress and beyond. At this point we start to ask ourselves what have we done, what can we do, let’s work on this. And the last chart in the sequence focuses clearly on putting energy and money into the issues at hand.

So despite a year that will be challenging, I believe we are working toward the future that in our hearts, we all know is possible. It will happen. No, it will not happen tomorrow, but in time. Remember we are each a part of the consciousness. We lift it or pull it down. When we find ourselves struggling with change, afraid to let go, afraid the door will not lead to something better, it is up to us to realize if we let go, we can step forward, while if we hang on, we will be forced forward. I personally would rather jump out of the plane knowing my parachute is intact than have someone push me out because I refused to go. Please join me, jump into the future you desire to create and let the past go.

Michele Avanti has been teaching metaphysics since 1972. She is a metaphysical minister, an ISAR certified astrologer, an accredited Fixed Star Analyst, an EFT, emotional freedom technique professional and an energy mover. Michele mentors clients through individual consultations. For more information, click here: http://astrologyandmore.blogspot.com/p/consultations.html 


How will 2014’s Frequencies impact International Leaders?

 After last month’s look at how a name carries powerful frequencies, I thought since we are coming to a new year next month, it would be interesting to look at how international leaders may be affected by the frequencies of 2014.

We all live within numerous cycles at any one time. Some of these cycles are obvious, such us a current house, age, job title, hair color, favorite color, and many other things far too numerous to mention.

But when we step back from all the mundane cycles and look from Spirit’s input through the numerological frequencies, we get a different perspective. It shows us cycles that are taking place in the consciousness of the whole of Creation in this zone or part of the galaxies.

Leaders in our world bring their bias and personal development to the picture. These souls allow themselves to be the voice of a nation and thus be at the apex of the turning of consciousness. So to blend their personal nominal frequency with the year, we get a picture of how each of these individuals will field, fight, lob or question the issues that swirl to the top of a nation’s consciousness. This allows us to better understand the directions they will take and why they take them. With this in mind, let us take a look at 2014 and world leaders.

The frequency for 2014 is 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7

Seven indicates a cycle of major changes, risk taking and leaps forward. Depending on how this works with the individuals own nominal frequency, that is by adding this Seven to the frequency of their name, we will get a picture of direction they may take during the upcoming year. 

America’s President: Barack Obama ~ 5
2+1+9+1+3 +2+ 6+ 2+1+4+1 = 32 =
His nominal frequency is Five, that of teacher, attorney, contract writer, a person who is detail-oriented. This is a man who has a deep thinking mind with a strong memory.

Now we add to his Five frequency, 2014’s Seven and this give us the number Twelve, which equals Three.

Three is the number of nurturing, a person with this number holds the family dear and does their best to keep family together sometimes to the point of hurting himself. As we watch President Obama this year, we will see how he attempts to nurture and care for this nation. The Three frequency can lead to over-nurturing, care-taking and martyrdom, so let us hope that he does not fall into these traps. Most assuredly many of the tests he will encounter this year will pull him in this direction. 

As each of us go through the annual frequency cycle, we will experience numerous tests or traps from the negative side of the frequency. These tests help us become stronger in our commitment to ourselves. They can make us more compassionate to others and thus at the end of the year if we have stepped up to the challenges we will find that we are stronger at every level.

United States Speaker of the House, John Boehner ~ 6
1+6+8+5 + 2+6+5+8+5+5+9 = 60 = 6
John Boehner has held the line in the House in the past no matter how it made him look. This is not the natural actions of a Six but realizing that he is born under the fixed sign of power directed Scorpio, it becomes much clearer. So how will 2014’s Seven frequency, added to his Six, which results in Thirteen and reduces to Four activate in his world? 

The Four is all about control, it is about learning to stay in control of oneself rather than forcing others to do things your way. In such a national position, he is most likely to continue to stand his ground and not give an inch. He may have some upper back problems if he does not completely believe what he is doing, and based on what I have seen of him, I do question some of his actions. This year will physically test his commitment to himself. If what he is leading others to do is not what he truly believes, this year may become a physical waterloo for Speaker Boehner.  

Former U.S. Secretary of State and possible Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton ~ 1
8+9+3+3+1+9+7 + 3+3+9+5+2+6+5 = 73 = 1
Adding 2014’s Seven frequency to Hillary Clinton’s One results in Eight signaling a year of balance and also of justice and karma. This will be a very interesting year to watch for those who do not know former First Lady Hillary personally. An Eight frequency for anyone in public service can force balance. If the person has been honest it will bring this forward, if they have not, skeletons may rise out of the closet in order to clean everything up, so the individual will once more find balance. Because Hillary Clinton has such a strong One frequency to rely on, it is certain that she has the ability to speak with power and address whatever flies out.

Governor of New Jersey and possible Republican Presidential Candidate, Chris Christie ~ 4 
3+8+9+9+1 + 3+8+9+9+1+2+9+5 = 76 = 13 = 4
Adding 2014’s Seven to Governor Christie’s Four creates the Master frequency, Eleven, This will give Governor Christie a strong platform to get out any message he may choose. His natural Four frequency takes control and he has clearly shown us through his actions during the last hurricane that he believes himself to be the Patriarch of his State. He never allowed anyone else’s opinion to take him away from the directives he set for himself. That is a Four. 

The challenge in this Master Number Eleven year will be not to become obsessed with the message he delivers. It will be heard, but if he obsesses, people may find it unbalanced or unsafe. 

Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel ~ 5
1+5+7+5+3+1 + 4+5+9+2+5+3 = 50 = 5
Though many Americans do not realize who the Chancellor of Germany is and what power she holds, Angela Merkel is in the most powerful position in the European Union because Germany is the most solvent of all the nations there. Whether Europe holds together in some kind of monetary solvency will depend greatly on how this leader responds to crisis. 

Like President Barack Obama, her Five frequency keeps her considering all the details for the long haul. But 2014 brings her a new Three energy which will cause her to want to protect her nation’s security more then ever before. She will be much less willing to sacrifice the needs of Germany for the other European nations. Chancellor Merkel walks a fine line this year and must be careful not to over-protect her people. If she succumbs to feeling her country is being martyred to the bankruptcy issues of other European Nations, and pulls back Germany’s monetary support of the EU, a crash of great proportions may be imminent. America will not be free of such an outcome in our struggling economic markets.

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin ~ 6

4+3+1+4+9+4+9+9 + 7+3+2+9+5 = 69 = 6
President Putin’s Six frequency certainly shows when we see photos of him, always looking comfortable posing in front of a camera, of course being a Libra adds to this ability. Sixes easily network. But in President Putin’s case the Six, which is normally a very happy congenial number is heavily influenced by his birth archetypes: double Sevens (10/7/1952 = 7/7) So though he may enjoy being congenial, he is also driven to make change, to be a force of change and to take whatever risks he deems necessary to achieve those changes.

In 2014, the Seven frequency alone will drive this man to take risks he might not have taken before now. When we add the Seven to his Six, the result is thirteen, which is a Four frequency. This is a very difficult combination for a leader of such a large country. He will want to show the world that he is in control. He needs to let his nation know that he knows what is best for them and that he knows the best way to go, no matter what anyone else thinks. Based on these frequencies, I believe we will see President Putin taking charge internationally in some way this year. I pray it will be a wise choice, though his need to make change may drive him in a direction that is not wise.

The President of China, Xi Jinping ~ 4
6+9 + 1+9+5+7+9+5+7 = 58 =13 = 4
President Xi Jinping carries the ‘In Control’ Four frequency. In 2014, this will be activated to the master number, Eleven and we will see what tests he must meet to achieve a new world message. I do not feel a lot of give and take when I enter his energy field. To me he feels like a man in an iron cage, his thoughts and his action will be aligned the way he believes all things must be done. Under the Eleven, he will speak out and be heard in a controlling way as never before. I do not believe President Xi Jinping will say more than he should, as in the case of Chris Christie who may obsess. I feel this President is iron-clad and his obsession is a controlling pragmatic one. Because Seven is the frequency for the world, whatever message is delivered by China’s President, it will change the way we look at this nation and cause international change.

Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke ~ 1
2+5+5 + 2+5+9+5+1+5+2+5 = 46 = 10 = 1
When the Federal Reserve Chairman, Bernanke speaks, the world does listen. He fits his Number One perfectly. In 2014, (7 + 1 = 8) while we listen to Bernanke’s smooth delivery, the Eight frequency may bring us all into greater balance financially or, more likely it will activate a karmic re-balancing. 

To have an Eight frequency on the monetary steering wheel of America, is a bit terrifying because if indeed there has been malicious control and false inflating of monetary values, this year’s frequency is likely to force a new balance, a new structure, a major change, and with a shaky economic base we may reel before we find our new footing.

President European Union Central Bank, Mario Draghi ~ 4
4+1+9+9+6  + 4+9+1+7+8+9 = 67 = 13 = 4
The EU’s President Mario Draghi will send out a new message this year which will either master the EU’s issues or obsess over them. Because 2014’s frequency activates the master number of communication and physical manifestation, Eleven, this may be the year that change does come to the EU and it’s message offers strength and insight for all of Europe.

Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron ~ 55
4+1+4+9+4  + 3+1+4+5+9+6+5 = 55 (this is a master number)
Prime Minister Cameron carries a powerful frequency, he is a scholar and deep thinker who has mastered the issues of worry or self-sabotage in most arenas of his world. In this upcoming Seven year, he will experience the Eight frequency, and like Hillary Clinton may find he must use all his wisdom, and carefully chosen words to address whatever issues come out of the closet. A karmic year opens for the powerful spokesman of the United Kingdom, as issues that may have been hidden or white-washed in the past show up to challenge him. 

Leader of the Vatican, Pope Francis ~ 5
7+6+7+5  + 6+9+1+5+3+9+1 = 59 = 5
The new Pope shares the same frequency of America’s President and Germany’s Chancellor. All three leaders are people of the Five and one can see in each of them a deep thinking process, a concern for more than their pockets and a historic knowledge of their people. Pope Francis’s Five will add the Three frequency in 2014 and thus he will desire to nurture all of his flock even more deeply than he already has. I hope he uses this frequency wisely through delegating work to others and not taking on too much himself. But the Three will test him and tempt him to take on more and more, even to martyr himself to this cause,  and this could overburden this kind pontiff.  Considering his age, I pray he will take time to rest and pray without worry or concern. As it is wisely said, “Leave the heavy lifting to God.” 

December 2013 & It’s Frequencies

December is: D (4) + e (5) + c (3) + e (5) + m (4) + b (2) + e (5) + r (9) = 37 = 10 = 1
2013: 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6
Total: 1 + 6 = 7

December’s frequency is One and that should give the world a voice. We will find it easier to deliver a message this month, so use it to your benefit. If there is somewhere you need to mend a fence, or open a door of hope, peace, charity, then let the One frequency lead you to a resolve. Your message will be heard.

By adding 2013’s Six frequency to this month’s One we activate Seven, and that means change. Time to let go of the past and leap forward to a new view of life. Let go of the issues that have held you back. When you feel like not doing something that you have habitually done for years, now is the time to consider what steps you need to take to change it so you never have to do that again. It may be as simple as getting a dishwasher or as complicated as changing your career. But you can use this energy to find a new path, explore new ideas, take a risk and have the courage to move through to the next doorway.

To fulfill this month’s energy of One and this December’s energy of Seven, I personally wish for my dear readers, a new vision of what your life can be and all the courage and insight you need to take the steps to make it happen. May you be blessed with wisdom, angelic guidance, joy and love.

Happy Holidays!
Peace & Light from my heart to yours & to all living beings!    

Michele Avanti has been teaching metaphysics since 1972. She is a metaphysical minister, an ISAR certified astrologer, an accredited Fixed Star Analyst, an EFT, emotional freedom technique professional and an energy mover. Michele mentors clients through individual consultations. Call 541-863-6631 or email her at AstrologyAndMore@gmail.com for an appointment. For more information, visit Michele’s blog at AstrologyAndMore.blogspot.com  

Read more of Michele's articles & columns as well as a wealth of other enlightening information at InLightTimes.com


What’s in a Name? Cain & Abel, Hansel & Gretel & Frequencies for November 2013

Empowering Numerology ~  Michele Avanti CAP

What’s in a Name?

Now that we have learned about the nine basic frequencies, we can begin to explore the world around us. 

How are man’s words linked to the frequencies? Do names give power? It’s not so much that a name gives power, as it is, that the frequency that is activated by a name is some type of power.

Let’s start where most people in Western Civilization claim it all started with Cain and Abel.

Cain = C (3) + a (1) + i (9) + n (5) = 18 = 9. 

Abel = A (1) + b (2) + e (5) + l (3) = 11

*Cain & Abel by Lorenzo Ghiberti
The Nine is considered a perfect number in many ways and I call this frequency ‘The Bridge between Heaven and Earth’. 

The Eleven is beyond the realm of the Nine because it a Master Number, and only a higher master number could compete with it. 

In this story, Cain (9) kills his brother Abel (11). At a basic level one would say this story instructs us not to allow jealousy and hatred to drive us to murder. But these stories are meant to give a lot more than such a basic and obvious directive. Through awareness of the numeric frequencies, we see the Nine threatened by the power of the Eleven’s mastery in the physical world. Thus the story tells us, when we allow fear to over-ride our intuition, we kill our power to master creation.

The use of the names Cain and Abel is not an accident. The understanding of the frequency of numbers was well known in ancient times and all of the Old Testament and some of the New Testament was written within a frequency code. As a matter of history, scribes were taught the codes or frequencies of numbers and used certain sequences to empower their work.

What I find most fascinating is that this ancient power in its perfection converts to present language. This to me reiterates the incredible logic and infinite power of creation.

Take the story of Hansel and Gretel and the Witch.

**Hansel & Gretel by Theodor Hosemann
Hansel = 8 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 5 + 3 = 5

Gretel = 7 + 9 + 5+ 2 + 5 + 3 = 31 = 4  

Witch = 5 + 9 + 3 + 8 = 25 = 7

Hansel’s Five frequency is the inquisitive mind, the one who looks at details and is always seeking knowledge. 

Gretel’s Four frequency knows how to take control, it is actually a masculine number that naturally takes control in situations. 

The Witch’s Seven frequency takes risks but it’s greatest challenge is emotional entrapment. Too often individuals with this frequency will get stuck feeling sorry for themselves.

The Witch is also ‘blind’, which brings in another frequency for her: B (2) + l (3) + i (9) +n (5) + d (4) = 5. This tells us that her blindness is a method of learning for her.

As the story goes, Hansel uses pebbles to make a trail so they will find their way back home. This works the first time. But the second time he uses bread-crumbs because his stepmother has locked the children in the house and he cannot get the pebbles he needs. So his Five frequency is actively thinking and paying attention to the details. At the witch’s house, he is locked in an iron cage to be fattened up for the witch’s meal, but each time the blind witch pokes him to see how fat he is, Hansel lets her touch an old bone instead. So again we see his attention to detail. The witch instead of caging Gretel, takes the risk of using her as a slave, and when the witch finally decides to eat them both, she attempts to push Gretel into the oven. Gretel, the Four takes charge and pushes the Witch in, instead. All the frequencies are intact. Does this story tell us anything through the frequencies?

Five uses brains and details, Seven’s personal emotional entrapment does not allow the individual to go beyond entrapping others to feed their needs, and Four engages to empower the individual through patience, clear thought and action. Thus the story tells us we can use our minds to create a trail of details, and they may leave us locked away from what we want. If we engage in self-pity we will imprison our minds and lose sight of the details. But if we choose to empower ourselves through patient self-control, we will take action and burn the emotions that trap us, freeing our minds to learn new lessons in the future.

November 2013 & It’s Frequencies

November is: N (5) + o (6) + v (4) + e (5) + m (4) + b (2) + e (5) + r (9) = 40 = 4
2013: 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6
Total: 4 + 6 = 10 = 1 

November’s frequency of Four is the higher octave of September’s Four. September’s Four frequency followed the earth and we were asked to examine our physical connection with the four directions and how we manifest through our bodies. November’s Four takes us through to the emotional level and asks us to go beyond the physical and examine how we emotionally create our worlds. Are we empowering ourselves through an intimate creative connection with life? Or are we crying out, refusing to see our own shortcomings, afraid of what we will see and thus we project it onto others with pain and blame. This month’s frequency asks us to intimately look in the mirror and acknowledge, accept and love the flaws. To trust that we are perfect in ways we do not understand and begin to heal the deep emotional wounds that keep us from the creative power that intimate trust allows.

This is a key time to look at the roots of who you are and prune off the parts that keep you from being the best you can be. Taking time now to do this will empower and prepare you for a new beginning in four months. It takes great courage to look in the mirror. Use this month’s frequency to clear out the deep emotional entanglements that keep you from creating the universe you desire.  Chanting, “Leem Om” will be helpful because Leem (water) will stir the emotions to the surface and Om (Air) will filter them clear so you can understand and know your next step.

By adding 2013’s six frequency to this month’s Four we activate One. This adds strength to speak out and state what needs to be said to heal the emotional wounds. Now it is our turn to tell the universe exactly what we will no longer do and what we now want to do. Speaking, to the universe may be done by speaking to people in your world. It is time to say what you have hidden to the people who stand in your way, who have helped you, or you have shunned or harmed.

* Cain & Abel plate from The Gates Of Paradise created by artist Lorenzo Ghiberti. He was born Lorenzo di Bartolo in Pelago, Italy 1378 and died in Florence, Italy in 1455.

**Hasel & Gretel, original black & white illustration by German Artist, Theodor Hosemann. (1807-1875)
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  • Michele Avanti has been teaching metaphysics since 1972. She is a metaphysical minister, an ISAR certified astrologer, an accredited Fixed Star Analyst, an EFT, emotional freedom technique professional and an energy mover. Michele mentors clients through individual consultations. To schedule a session or read more about how she works with clients and the variety of sessions she offers, click here: http://astrologyandmore.blogspot.com/p/consultations.html 


    The Number Nine ~ Frequencies for October 2013

    Empowering Numerology
    The Number Nine

    Over the last eight months we have looked at numbers one through eight and discovered how they sequentially expand. This month we come to the last and most complex number of all, Nine. Where the number Eight moved in a wave of precise balance back onto itself infinitely, the number Nine bridges the experience of balance to a higher power.  This is why I call Nine the bridge between heaven and earth.

    Let us examine the many images of Nine to give the mind easy access to its complexity.
     First, imagine a barbell. The bar connects two squares, which each are composed of four lines. Thus we have nine lines working together. Seeing it in a horizontal position we may think it will take perfect balance and strength to lift. This is true in a spiritual sense. To achieve the nine frequency, one must take the balance of the eight to a whole new level. We must remain balanced and strong in the knowledge of who we are, in order to carry the frequency of Nine.

    Now turn the barbell upright in your mind and the bar becomes a conduit, moving frequency or consciousness from the top bell down to the lower one. Just to hold this barbell upright takes the issue of balance and strength to whole new level. In order to do this well, we must become the bar. The bar is, a perfect symbol for the individual who carries the Nine frequency.

    Let’s look at another very familiar symbol, the equilateral triangle. This is a triangle with exactly three equal sides. View the triangle flat on the ground and extend a line from each corner bringing them together at the top, now we see a three sided pyramid with all equal sides and equal base. At this point we have gone from the Three frequency of the base to the Six frequency of the pyramid, fully visible above the ground.

    Now draw three more lines below the surface and bring them together at this new bottom point, which creates a perfect reflection of the above ground pyramid. We created these two pyramids using nine lines and thus have entered the Nine frequency. Nine’s frequency is more than what is seen, it resonates in the reflection of everything and immediately moves us from what we perceive as real into what is real. It awakens our senses to the knowledge that there is more beyond the physical perception. Whenever we see a reflection and contemplate on it, we enter the frequency of Nine.

    If we back away from the image of the reflecting pyramids and look at the image as a whole, we see the shape of a diamond. The diamond is what we are becoming as we expand our consciousness. In the physical body, we are inside a carbon-based vehicle. Under great pressure carbon becomes a diamond. The Nine frequencies in its highest enriched state vibrate as the diamond. Those who carry this frequency are challenging themselves in this lifetime to attain the balance and strength to be the bridge between heaven and earth. This bridge in its greatest form is a diamond crystal, which is the secret portal or stargate that ancient peoples used at the capstone of their pyramids. The vibration of a crystal energy within the confines of the Nine vibration opens doorways to travel between worlds.

    When you view the ancient pyramids, you often see four sided structures, with a four sided base, which equals the Eight frequency, what brings these to the Nine is the activation of the diamond capstone that draws in a pillar of light, much like the bar in the barbell described above. This pillar of light is a reminder of the pranic tube that can be activated in every human being. It is the opening of the crown chakra, that soft spot at the top of the head of a child. When we love and welcome our Divine self and align our bodies in balance with Mother Earth from which these bodies are created, we open the Crown Chakra, the human stargate and thus the pranic tube fills with light and we become the Nine energy - actively participating as a bridge between heaven and earth.

    To master the Nine, one should practice filling the pranic tube with light each day, and allowing the information of the universe to flow through us. By doing this we receive answers to questions we have asked, and frequently to questions that others we will encounter have asked. This is why those who are Nine’s in this life give answers easily, humbly and before being asked. Nines will naturally open to Source and bridge. They need time away from the crowd and they do not like being in a group of more than three. They are humble and seldom require any of the fashionable material toys. They focus on the small things and know joy and contentment in deeper ways than the other numbers. Nines are always a gift to the world in some way because they do function as bridge between worlds.

    October 2013 & It’s Frequencies

    October is: O (6) + c (3) + t (2) + o (6) + b (2) + e (5) + r (9) = 33 the master number of 3
    2013: 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6
    Total: 33 + 6 = 39 = 3 

    October’s frequency of Thirty-Three is a powerful energy. It is the master energy of Mother Earth, a nurturing, family energy that is concerned with the feminine, the creative powers of our planet and how humans can assist in this creation. This is the month where we celebrate the harvest in the Northern Hemisphere and where they celebrate the new birth of life in the Southern Hemisphere. To gain the greatest value in this month, choose to nurture life around you, if you don’t recycle, start. Consider the earth in new ways. Plan to take walks in nature, perhaps help out with some clean up action in your neighborhood, or if you can participate in the harvest, do so actively thanking Mother Earth for all she produces for us.

    Take time this month to honor the temple you have, though it came through your biological mother, it is part of Mother Earth and when you nurture your body, you are honoring the Earth Mother.   

    By adding 2013’s six frequency to this month’s Thirty Three we activate Three, which simply reiterates all that has been stated above. It is a time to choose to reunite family, to ignite our awareness to the family of all life that is around us. These bodies are part of Mother Earth, not just the human body but all the bodies on this planet, four-legged, finned, winged, as well as all vegetation, trees and mountains. We live on the skin of our great Mother. October 2013 asks us to remember our part in this creation, to unite with all life and to choose to master this creative process.

    Michele Avanti has been teaching metaphysics since 1972. She is a metaphysical minister, an ISAR certified astrologer, an accredited Fixed Star Analyst, an EFT, emotional freedom technique professional and an energy mover. Michele mentors clients through individual consultations. Call 541-863-6631 or email her at AstrologyAndMore@gmail.com for an appointment. For more information, visit Michele’s blog at AstrologyAndMore.blogspot.com  

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    Empowering Numerology - The Number Eight & September 2013 Frequencies

    We have looked at each number as it evolved through to number Seven. Now let us look at the number Eight - this is a number of beauty, balance and eternal or infinite movement.

    The number Eight itself, is a beautiful curved dance of symmetry, balanced top and bottom. This graceful figure is seen in a racetrack, a challenging dressage movement, and in the ancient timekeeper, the hourglass. All of these things contain parts of the beauty and challenges of Eight’s frequencies. On the racetrack, the car speeds in a circular pattern only to cross over and shift in the other direction. This requires sharp intellect, fast response and perfect balance. In the act of the figure eight in dressage, the speed is replaced with precise rhythm, also requiring perfect balance, and sharp intellect on the part of horse and rider to make flying lead changes as they cross the center point. The hourglass is a symbol of balance, and it shows the sequence in time through a path of beauty as the sand slowly and precisely measures an hour. All of these elements are part of the frequency of Eight…beauty, rhythm, balance, speed of thought, sharp intellect, and even the balance of time.

    Balance in Eights frequency is active within every level; physical, emotional, mental and subconscious. Additionally it includes karma. Karmic balance is seen physically in the court and prison system. The ancient scales of justice form a figure eight. Egypt’s guardian of the underworld, Anubis, checked the karmic scales by weighing one’s heart against the feather of Maat, the goddess who at the point of creation is known to change chaos to harmony and balance.

    Thus an individual Eight may create harmony and beauty in different ways. It may be through the arts or diplomacy, by initiating balance through the courts; or they may be brought into balance required to pay for karmic deeds from this or some past life.

    The letters of the word Eight, reduce to the single digit Four, which is the stable frequency of the four cornerstones of creation: physical, emotional, mental and subconscious, and the four elements: earth, fire, water and air. Eight is the higher octave of Four taking all that Four signifies and erasing the challenges that form in each ninety degree corner. In the Eight, all of Creation comes together seamlessly moving in balanced, infinite creative motion. The frequency of Eight contains the symmetry of Creation. It is the number of celestial music, the music of our solar system.

    People who carry the Eight frequency through their date of birth or name, have a deep awareness and need for balance. They are the artists, musicians, decorators, designers, mediators, diplomats, judges and jailers. They see the world, people and all life through a balancing filter. Eights frequency creates a need to fill the world with beauty. Even if an Eight is poor, they will find a way to create beauty in their environment, for to live without it kills their passion and is a kind of death to an Eight.

    Their need for peace and harmony is often the root of their challenges. An Eight will forfeit their own needs and desires in order to make their home or workplace more harmonious. This may include taking on more work or more projects to help everyone else out, or to keep others from complaining. Eventually their energy is drained, they become overwhelmed and lose their state of balance, their own inner peace. These periods are called, “The dark night of soul.” They are times of feeling lost and unsure what to do.

    Now the Eight feels frustrated and desperately requires balance. The greatest help an Eight can get is through mother earth. Connect with her in the grass, sand, snow, creek, or ocean. Ask her to drain the emotions from you. Then breathe deeply and allow the air to clear your mind. Now take the time to review your own needs and erect the boundaries you need to rebalance.

    Unfortunately when most Eights are out of balance, they turn to others for insight. This may work, but since the responsibility of learning is placed on the individual, the advice of others usually creates strife within the Eight. They fight with themselves and this leads to even more unbalance. 

    Because the Eight is outgoing, a good listener and aware of others needs; to achieve mastery, they must practice listening to their own hearts and fulfilling their own needs. Eights need to learn to say, “No.” and set boundaries to maintain balance. 

    September 2013 & It’s Frequencies

    September is: S (1) + e (5) + p (7) + t (2) + e (5) + m (4) + b (2) + e (5) + r (9) = 31 = 4
    2013: 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6
    Total: 4 + 6 = 10 = 1 

    September’s frequency of Four is earthy and health oriented. It asks us to look at the four cornerstones we have built in our lives. Are we comfortable with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual achievements?
    Do we feel in control of our lives? Are we healthy, physically fit, emotionally happy, mentally acute and spiritually aware? If any area is lacking, September’s frequency will help us set new goals and begin to establish habits that will lead to fulfillment when the Four revisits us in its steamy watery frequency in November.   

    By adding 2013’s six frequency to this month’s Four, we activate One, which gives us the singular focus of power to manifest the goals we set and the choices we make under the Four. Use September’s frequencies to your greatest benefit. Determine where you are not satisfied with your life and tell the universe you are ready to take control. Then create the plan you need to achieve your goal and know that when November arrives, you will be well on your way to the healthy, happy, abundant life you desire.   

    Michele Avanti has been teaching metaphysics since 1972. She is a metaphysical minister, an ISAR certified astrologer, an accredited Fixed Star Analyst, an EFT, emotional freedom technique professional and an award winning author. Michele mentors clients through individual consultations. Call 541-863-6631 or email her at AstrologyAndMore@gmail.com for an appointment. 
    Her newest book Birthday Archetypes, will be released October 6th, 2013!


    Empowering Numerology ~ The Number Seven & August 2013 Frequencies

    Once we have understood the frequency of Six with all its choices, we are ready for the dynamic frequency of seven, the number of change.

    Seven takes man beyond his egocentric self and helps him see himself as part of the solar system and universe. Before the frequency of seven entered man’s consciousness, he was completely self-absorbed. He lived in a state that may have fluctuated with intuitive glimpses of Spirit and the Divine but as he came to the frequency of six, all that was considered possible suddenly expanded and through the many choices that became available, the frequency of seven beckoned him to take a chance, leap, and risk everything for the fast thrill of a whole new world.

    Seven is the number of the original stellar bodies that man studied right up until the 19th century…the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These seven luminaries and planets moved through the night sky and when they made certain geometric patterns, astronomers and astrologers noted major changes on earth, in nations and people.

    The seventh celestial body is Saturn, which takes approximately twenty-eight years to orbit the Sun. Saturn is known as the disciplinarian, judge, authority figure, structure builder and government. At the moment when an individual takes their first breath, Saturn along with all the other planets and luminaries leaves a geometric pattern on the individual’s DNA. As the individual grows through life, Saturn in the sky will activate this birth pattern approximately every seven years creating major changes. These changes may be breakups because the foundation was not built properly, or may be a consolidation or graduation due to a job well done.

    The old saying about the, ‘Seven year itch’, which activates breakups in relationships, is due to the movement of Saturn on a couple’s wedding chart (the moment a couple says, “I do,” a wedding chart is born.)

    Seven’s shape is the most dramatic of any number. Like a great cliff from which one might leap, this number motivates. I call people who carry seven’s frequency, Risk Taker, Motivator, Change Maker and Gambler. It is no surprise that gambler’s call seven a lucky number.

    But even as this frequency activates change, and those whose lives are tied to it would be unhappy in a monotonous life style; so too, change can be their Achilles heel.

    When circumstances beyond the seven person’s control, remove someone or something from their lives, sevens find it emotionally painful and may take a long time to let go, forgive and be grateful. They will fall into a state of self-pity and can wallow there for seven years. The very best way to get them up and active again is to tempt them with a new adventure.

    Seven is an optimistic number and a fast moving energy. Those who carry this energy drive faster than the rest of us and take far more chances in life. 

    To achieve mastery with seven, we must discover joy in change, let go of emotional attachments that are beyond our control and take risks not by racing off the cliff, but by setting a foundation before we leap, thus we leave the cliff in a comfortable glider thrilling to the freedom of flight and filling ourselves with fresh air and broad new ideas. 

    August 2013 & It’s Frequencies

    August is: A (1) + u (3) + g (7) + u (3) + s (1) + t (2) = 17 = 8
    2013: 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6
    Total: 8 + 6 = 14 = 5 

    The word August not only reduces to the number eight, but it is also the eighth month.

    Eight’s frequency signals a need for balance, it is the number of the artist and the creative. Just as the number swirls beautifully, curving back into itself, so too does its frequency activate beautiful compositions in music, art, poetry, and all creative works. Being a number of balance it is also the number of justice, or karmic balance, so though it appears non-threatening, when it is active if the individual has not lived by the laws of karma, it will call for a karmic rebalancing. The great scales of justice are a symbol for the number eight.

    Thus this month is a time to review all areas of your life and re-balance as necessary; not with a harsh attitude but rather with a song, a dance, and in rhythm to your heart. It is a time when creative energy flows and people find they must separate from certain experiences, choices, habits, things or people in order to come into harmony with themselves again.

    When we add 2013’s six frequency to this month’s eight and create the additional frequency of five, we have a mix that requires us to consciously learn to choose balance or suffer the repercussions of karmic trials. So I highly recommend you welcome eight, six and five into your home and heart this month. Let them teach you to sing, paint, and dance into balance. Take time to review what you learn from them each week and this will give you a new outlook and a more balanced creative flow. If you have any unresolved legal issues, it is best to tackle them consciously this month and bring all parts of your life into balance.  

    Michele Avanti has been teaching metaphysics since 1972. She is a metaphysical minister, an ISAR certified astrologer, an accredited Fixed Star Analyst, an EFT, emotional freedom technique professional and an energy mover. Michele mentors clients through individual consultations. Call 541-863-6631 or email her at AstrologyAndMore@gmail.com for an appointment. For more information, visit Michele’s blog at AstrologyAndMore.blogspot.com 


    Mercury Stations Direct in Cancer / Full Moon in Aquarius July 20 - Sept 5, 2013

    Today at 11:22 am PT / 2:22 pm ET, Mercury will station direct at 13:22 Cancer, this may have activated some incredible dreams for anyone with their Mercury, Moon or 4th house cusp in mid Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. It may also bring emotions and childhood memories to the surface, as well as a call from home.

    As we leave this Mercury Retrograde period, we will also be entering a Full Moon period on Monday in Aquarius.

    Full Moons are always times of completion, fulfillment and endings. The Aquarius Full Moon was considered by ancients the most fulfilling. Probably because this is the time when the Sun has its greatest power, in its own sign of Leo. Consider what you set in motion last Winter under the New Moon in Aquarius (back between Feb 9 -24th) and look for its rewards during the next two weeks.

    Additionally it is time to connect with friends, have long conversations and allow ideas to flow in new unconventional ways. If you wanted to try something different, something that edges on the unusual, this is a great time fulfill that desire.

    Aquarius is also the sign of the soapbox, the voice of revolution and change, so if you are an air or fire sign (Air: Aquarius, Libra, Gemini; Fire: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries) you may find yourself more vocal and taking action on something you only thought about before now. If you are an earth or water sign (Earth: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus; Water: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) then you may feel stressed or challenged by ideas and words of friends that may seem radical to you.

    On the world scene this Aquarian Full Moon under the shadow of Mercury stationing Direct, will bring a crescendo of family & national voices longing for justice, and equality. We are already seeing this in the Trayvon Martin movement and the issues of 'Stand Your Ground' laws. But it will not only be here in the US that we will see actions, marches, demonstrations and vocal revolution, but around the world.

    The fascinating thing about this year, is we will see two Full Moons in Aquarius with the New Moon in Leo packed between them. Wow, this is truly a sign of change and revolution. With a New Moon in Leo, whole new kinds of leadership come to the aid of those working toward change. This new leadership will likely be from cultural creatives, children and entertainers, and may include leaders of nations.

    So as we watch the international scene, you can expect a kind of cyclic wave between now and September 5th. It begins with movements, voices, demonstrations which are mostly unique in that they will be cooperating groups. Then as the cycle moves forward into Leo, watch for new leadership and action. Unfortunately it may include some difficult activities as well since at times the Leo energy can be ego oriented and irresponsible. But then as that period closes and the final Full Moon in Aquarius is back on August 20, there will be a renewal and we may actually see outcomes that surprise us.

    As the New Moon in Virgo starts September 5th, these new beginnings may take a practical turn, being discussed in legislature or find a way to be engineered into our world.