Fall 2011 - People's Revolution

Libra Ingress - Those who control our resources will now be exposed!

As we continue to move forward, I have not fully discussed what I saw in the current Libra Ingress. I have only hinted at it, when I mentioned that the basket is being woven and by the end of this ingress, December 21, 2011, the basket will be half complete. This is the forerunner of the magnificent basket, which will connect nearly all the planets December 21, 2012.  

Below you can see the Libra Ingress Chart. The red lines I have drawn show the basket that is forming. 
It is activated by the Sun, Mercury, Moon, Mars, Mid-Heaven and Uranus. These make up half of the planets and a very important angular point. 

If you look at the ends of this basket, you find the Sun at one end and Uranus at the other, both are in a square with Pluto, though the square is not fully active because Uranus is not applying. But this squaring indicates that despite all the unification of the people through the basket, the people will experience challenges of power, control, corporate tactics and oppressive government officials. 

The direct contact between the Moon and Pluto shows enormous stress being made by networking and aggressive actions of the people (men and women) challenging the contracts made by those in authority. This chart shows power being tested, and the people taking it from those who control their shared resources and their homelands. In case you do not fully understand my astrology language, shared resources will always refer to bankers, mortgage brokers, credit card companies, insurance companies and investment firms. 

The Basket,  which is being forged in this Ingress, indicates: balanced, fair communication, 
enhanced by organized social networking, which will lead & unite men & women through 
their creative dreams, desires for freedom, change, revolution & a new beginning, to shift the 
balance of power, and reveal the secrets. They will revolt against all those who have held 
control of our shared resources and bring them into plain view. 

So what does this basket foretell? 

It indicates a new bonding of all root races to their wholeness. Thus it will be ready once more to carry the love that will nurture every life form and Gaia. 

We are living in a time when you look out the window and see chaos and destruction, but when you look with the eyes of soul, you will see light flashing in Creation and fire burning clean a whole new set of steps that lead away from the Maya (illusion) your eyes perceive. 

Please focus on love. Do not allow anything else to have space in your world. Get strong, let all of our higher frequency brethren hold you up. They are here, and you can feel them. Just open yourself to their love and you can walk through the fire of destruction that must be there to cleanse a path of light. 

There has never been a time like this on earth, and never quite a combination like this in all Creation.

Hold the Light, Be the Light, Acknowledge the Light, and focus on Love. We will complete this task and begin to build a new world together. 

Below is a message I received today. It is from James Gilliland from his Pleiadian connection. It gives one more indication of what is happening. 

You will find messages like this one from all our Star Brethren. If you open your eyes, you will also see the many who have incarnated to lift the frequencies, so we can move forward. So many are here, that you should be smiling, as I am. We are truly not alone even in the physical! 

We are blessed. We are loved, We are connected, and we will forge a wave of love that will unite all life in ways we only remember in dreams. 

Hugs and love,

Thank you Daniel B. Holeman for your fantastic art. A wonderful piece upon
which to meditate. Please visit his amazing website to see more of his
wonderful, uplifting, loving work. AwakenVisions.com 

Pleiadian Message, Days to Come

There have been many meetings; which were multidimensional in nature in a consortium of advanced beings addressing the disturbance in the force called Earth. There is a unified field in which we all reside and express and Earth due to its millions of souls crying out for justice, the end of tyranny and deception has been addressed. There are councils and consortiums all discussing this matter. In ancient times the last major colonies, Atlantis and Mu or Lemuria were Pleiadian in origin. If you talk with Native American Elders, South American Elders, Indonesian Elders, Hawaiian Elders and many others they all mention the Pleiadies as their ancient origins. Pleiadians have the greatest genetic stock or investment in Gaia not just human but plant and animal. They were the teraformers from long ago. There were other Star Nations that have come and gone to join in on this experiment some of which were lesser souls who hijacked the experiment.

There are also unseen entities often referred to as Archons who also played a role in hijacking and derailing the evolution of Humanity and the Earth. These are low 4th density beings referred to as many names. Not just this galaxy but other galaxies have been dealing with these seen and unseen negative influences. The Elite call upon these influences in their rituals for power over others yet in doing so have lost their souls and have become possessed by these entities. What we are not aware of is these unseen negative influences are being cleaned up as above so below. The very grid and power base the global elite depend upon is diminishing and collapsing. Gods work in ways unseen. Now before you ask why is God plural did you know Elohim is plural and the correct translation of Genesis is, "In the beginning the Father of all Fathers created the Gods who created the heavens and the Earth." The correct understanding is God is neither male nor female in its most unlimited understanding it is a frequency and a force, divine intelligence; which is omnipresent on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. The image of the bearded male God came from the Annunaki, those who came to Earth from Heaven of the skies, technologically advanced God like beings. Some were benevolent serving the Creator in all Creation others were malevolent self-serving which is where the divisions of religion often occur. In the most ancient understandings God was female, the center of this galaxy is the black hole from which everything emerged, all life is related and family. This is more aligned with the creation process and what scientists call the big bang which was a lot of bangs.

The many male images of God separate from Humanity and the Earth, diminishing and suppressing the feminine along with unseen negative influences have created the severe imbalances and misdirection of evolution. This is in the process of being corrected. All of the councils and consortiums to the highest level have agreed that the Pleiadians have the most human and genetic stock as well as a responsibility to correct this imbalance and redirect Humanity's and the Earth's evolution back on its original course. This is a multidimensional effort from the highest levels including the source itself to correct and redirect. The Andromedans, Sirians, Arturians, Orion Council of Light, Pleiadians, and a host of others to numerous to mention have dealt with the controllers on high and are now dealing with them on Earth. How we are going to see it on this level often depends on how entrenched we are in the negative system and how far away we are from living in harmony with each other and the Earth. The Pleiadians say we are hear to release the past, healing is coming to the Earth. They are doing it spiritually and energetically all the way down to the physical. The consciousness and energy grids of tyranny and separation are coming to a close. The negative support systems for the elite who have chosen to invoke and work with unseen negative influences is also coming to an end. What once was hidden shall be revealed for all to see and once seen the masses will be quick to awaken and act due to the increased awakening and healing energies coming to the Earth. Your ancient ancestors are returning, they are benevolent and are here to set a new course. The wars, disease, unbridled greed and profit at the expense of humanity and the Earth are also coming to a close along with the war and disease profiteers. They are being exposed on every front. This does not mean they will go quietly which would be in their highest and best good. It means they will go, they have no choice neither Earth or the Universe support their reality. Direct knowing, telepathy, sensitivity to vibration will isolate them from the awakening masses who will no longer participate with their agendas. Because they have no respect for humanity, nature and the body of Earth their own bodies will fail. No drug, machine, or negative influence will keep them erect.

You are going to see great changes between now and November, time to create a new world, one which lives in harmony with all the facets of humanity and nature. The old world is fast diminishing in a time compression spoken of in the Mayan Calendar. Yet that same quickening will support the manifestation of a new world of peace and prosperity for all. Unity consciousness is the future. Ride the wave. Release the past and trust in the future as well as the God within to guide your journey. Do not participate in the old world or act in any way that is harmful to humanity and the Earth. The future of Earth is set, how you choose to flow with this future or against it is up to you. Your choices will determine your tomorrow.

Permission to pass and share far and wide;
James Gilliland