The Number Nine ~ Frequencies for October 2013

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The Number Nine

Over the last eight months we have looked at numbers one through eight and discovered how they sequentially expand. This month we come to the last and most complex number of all, Nine. Where the number Eight moved in a wave of precise balance back onto itself infinitely, the number Nine bridges the experience of balance to a higher power.  This is why I call Nine the bridge between heaven and earth.

Let us examine the many images of Nine to give the mind easy access to its complexity.
 First, imagine a barbell. The bar connects two squares, which each are composed of four lines. Thus we have nine lines working together. Seeing it in a horizontal position we may think it will take perfect balance and strength to lift. This is true in a spiritual sense. To achieve the nine frequency, one must take the balance of the eight to a whole new level. We must remain balanced and strong in the knowledge of who we are, in order to carry the frequency of Nine.

Now turn the barbell upright in your mind and the bar becomes a conduit, moving frequency or consciousness from the top bell down to the lower one. Just to hold this barbell upright takes the issue of balance and strength to whole new level. In order to do this well, we must become the bar. The bar is, a perfect symbol for the individual who carries the Nine frequency.

Let’s look at another very familiar symbol, the equilateral triangle. This is a triangle with exactly three equal sides. View the triangle flat on the ground and extend a line from each corner bringing them together at the top, now we see a three sided pyramid with all equal sides and equal base. At this point we have gone from the Three frequency of the base to the Six frequency of the pyramid, fully visible above the ground.

Now draw three more lines below the surface and bring them together at this new bottom point, which creates a perfect reflection of the above ground pyramid. We created these two pyramids using nine lines and thus have entered the Nine frequency. Nine’s frequency is more than what is seen, it resonates in the reflection of everything and immediately moves us from what we perceive as real into what is real. It awakens our senses to the knowledge that there is more beyond the physical perception. Whenever we see a reflection and contemplate on it, we enter the frequency of Nine.

If we back away from the image of the reflecting pyramids and look at the image as a whole, we see the shape of a diamond. The diamond is what we are becoming as we expand our consciousness. In the physical body, we are inside a carbon-based vehicle. Under great pressure carbon becomes a diamond. The Nine frequencies in its highest enriched state vibrate as the diamond. Those who carry this frequency are challenging themselves in this lifetime to attain the balance and strength to be the bridge between heaven and earth. This bridge in its greatest form is a diamond crystal, which is the secret portal or stargate that ancient peoples used at the capstone of their pyramids. The vibration of a crystal energy within the confines of the Nine vibration opens doorways to travel between worlds.

When you view the ancient pyramids, you often see four sided structures, with a four sided base, which equals the Eight frequency, what brings these to the Nine is the activation of the diamond capstone that draws in a pillar of light, much like the bar in the barbell described above. This pillar of light is a reminder of the pranic tube that can be activated in every human being. It is the opening of the crown chakra, that soft spot at the top of the head of a child. When we love and welcome our Divine self and align our bodies in balance with Mother Earth from which these bodies are created, we open the Crown Chakra, the human stargate and thus the pranic tube fills with light and we become the Nine energy - actively participating as a bridge between heaven and earth.

To master the Nine, one should practice filling the pranic tube with light each day, and allowing the information of the universe to flow through us. By doing this we receive answers to questions we have asked, and frequently to questions that others we will encounter have asked. This is why those who are Nine’s in this life give answers easily, humbly and before being asked. Nines will naturally open to Source and bridge. They need time away from the crowd and they do not like being in a group of more than three. They are humble and seldom require any of the fashionable material toys. They focus on the small things and know joy and contentment in deeper ways than the other numbers. Nines are always a gift to the world in some way because they do function as bridge between worlds.

October 2013 & It’s Frequencies

October is: O (6) + c (3) + t (2) + o (6) + b (2) + e (5) + r (9) = 33 the master number of 3
2013: 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6
Total: 33 + 6 = 39 = 3 

October’s frequency of Thirty-Three is a powerful energy. It is the master energy of Mother Earth, a nurturing, family energy that is concerned with the feminine, the creative powers of our planet and how humans can assist in this creation. This is the month where we celebrate the harvest in the Northern Hemisphere and where they celebrate the new birth of life in the Southern Hemisphere. To gain the greatest value in this month, choose to nurture life around you, if you don’t recycle, start. Consider the earth in new ways. Plan to take walks in nature, perhaps help out with some clean up action in your neighborhood, or if you can participate in the harvest, do so actively thanking Mother Earth for all she produces for us.

Take time this month to honor the temple you have, though it came through your biological mother, it is part of Mother Earth and when you nurture your body, you are honoring the Earth Mother.   

By adding 2013’s six frequency to this month’s Thirty Three we activate Three, which simply reiterates all that has been stated above. It is a time to choose to reunite family, to ignite our awareness to the family of all life that is around us. These bodies are part of Mother Earth, not just the human body but all the bodies on this planet, four-legged, finned, winged, as well as all vegetation, trees and mountains. We live on the skin of our great Mother. October 2013 asks us to remember our part in this creation, to unite with all life and to choose to master this creative process.

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