Aurora Colorado, Movie Shootings, Mass Murder, Tragedy - What does it mean?

We question why, what could possibly make anyone want to mindlessly kill others? What nightmare in their head could be so loud as to bring them to weapons and premeditated murder of innocent people? How does one speak to God while witnessing no protection for It's Innocent Children?

I expect these and many more questions are running through your mind as you are reminded of the horror that took place at 12:30am Friday, July 20, 2012  in the premier of the Batman movie at a mall multiplex theater in Aurora, Colorado.

Then as we reflect on the wild or empty stares of the murderer, we may be plagued with other questions. Where is the truth hidden? How does one know what is truth and what is smoke screen?

We live in a time when Maya* (illusion) is not just in the separation of soul's 360 degree awareness from the cloudy physical 'reality,' but also in a time where mind control experiments* have been part of the secret military agenda* for more than 70 years. So how can we know what is truth?


We must take time each day to connect with our higher self, our true self, the souls that we are. Focus on loving you and over time you will come to peace with you. You will learn the value of being the unique individual you are and the joy of witnessing unique qualities in another.

When tragedy strikes if you have practiced self-attunement, self-love, you will not see the tragedy as others see it. You will hear the way others speak of it, witness the tragedy with them, but you will see other patterns beyond those of the physical acts.

Though the ones in control, who may have driven this young man to murder and injure so many people are hidden from view, and have an agenda with no regard for life; the Souls of the beings under siege will have the last word, and the agenda of the few will backfire. But Soul's plan is long and may take years to unveil.

From Artist Ed Parkinson, artist with Spirit, 
  Looking from Souls viewpoint, we can see a gathering of energy and once more the question of what is important rises to the top of the list. People all over this country and the world must refocus on what is valuable. This is the first of the gemstones we receive from those who gave their lives in this tragedy.

Each tragic event shocks the universal system of consciousness, awakening it to re-align with truth. Truth is what we are, for soul is transparent and always true to the light. We are unique, we are here to love and love is the most important gift we can give and receive. Not money, movies, clothing, cars, status, fame, recognition, awards. Love, simple love. From the heart of love comes compassion, a striking antonym to the indifference of the a cold-hearted murderer.

Let the bell of truth ring clear as we morn, pray and honor those who have died, been injured, traumatized or suffered the loss of a loved one, in this terrible tragedy. Their deaths strike a chord to awaken our hearts to what is truly important in this physical journey - Love.

Michele Avanti CAP, is a metaphysical minister, ISAR certified astrologer, award winning visionary fiction author and EFT, Reconnection practitioner.

the secret military agenda* 

Project MKUltra, or MK-Ultra, was a covert, illegal human research program into behavioral modification run by the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) Office of Scientific Intelligence. The program began in the early 1950s,...


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