Astrocartography - Living on Saturn Line

Here is an interesting Astrocartography Question form Tweeting Grace

Curious what you'd say about living on one's Saturn line. Raising kids and Saturn is in the house of children. Okay to ask?

For those new to astrology, astrocartography is an astrological mapping technique. With this technique, we place your chart on a map. This lets us know how different areas will resonate with you.

In Grace's case, she indicates she is living on her Saturn line. Now the first thought most astrologers will have is, Ouch! Not a pleasant experience. But that may not be entirely true.

So let's discuss this.

Saturn is the planet of discipline, structure and time. You might think of it like the school principle.

So if you live on your Saturn line, you may have to toe the line with hard work, heavy responsibilities, limited happiness, confinement, loss and saddness. Now you see the Ouch, more clearly.

But that is not entirely the case. Because as you will see me repeat many times, it depends on the condition of Saturn in the individual's chart.

Grace, has not given me a lot to go on. The only other clue I am given is that Saturn is in her fifth house.

If you had the opportunity to listen to the show I did a week or so ago with Debra Clement on Anchored In Astrology, the fifth house is what we spoke about. You can check her archives to hear it, if you missed it.

The fifth house is the house of everything you love, from your hobbies, to your lover, to your children. It is the house of investments. Where you invest yourself, your talents, and can be your money as well. It is also the house of socializing.

When someone tells me they have Saturn in the fifth, again I might say Ouch, because this placement often brings sorrow or restraint regarding children. It can also do this with love. It is a statement that requires you to work hard in this area of your life. This may mean you must be the disciplinarian in the family, and so all the fun of the natural house of the Sun is not available to you.

But of course that is not the whole story.

If Grace has a nicely aspected Saturn, perhaps an exalted Saturn (in Libra) and there are other planets in this house to soften Saturn, these issues will not be so severe.

As one Vedic astrologer told me years ago about my Saturn mansion:

"You may have happiness only after some tears."

So perhaps Grace will write back and tell us more about her Saturn, its sign and aspects.

Till then, thanks Grace for the question.

Best always,

PS: To learn more about Astrocartography you can listen to a show I did with Chris Flisher on Turning of The Wheel


Anonymous said...

What's worst living in a Pluto DS line or Saturn DS line?

Michele Avanti said...
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Michele Avanti said...

This question may seem easy and if we answer it in its most elemental fashion, I would say avoid Pluto and work with Saturn. However the truth is you must look at your natal chart, as well as the progressed, to determine which is best.

If your natal Pluto is well placed in your chart and Saturn is challenged, then Pluto would be a better choice and vice versa. Whenever we look at the astrocartography we must realize what the natal chart indicates first.

Saturn on the descendant if well placed in the natal and progressed charts of the native, will bring a more serious nature to relationships. It may make you work harder on them then you are used to doing, and it can bring a sobering sadness or hardship to a marriage. But the original aspects will tell just how much and in what ways these things will occur.

Pluto on the other hand, will bring a transformation to relationships and can even explode a marriage or partnership in this line. However, if Pluto is well placed in the natal and well aspected, it can actually empower one through relationships, though it is still a bit of a roller coaster ride from transformation, then settling in, and then ripping it up every two or three years and settling in again. If the natal chart calls for variety and change in the seventh house of relationships or through the ruler of this house, then the individual may well be empowered and even welcome the changes that Pluto will bring.

Hope that helps. We humans are really complex so a simple answer will seldom lead you in the right direction.

Thank you for your questions.. wishing you every blessing, Michele

Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle

Thanks for your answer.

Saturn in the Sixth House 6th hs
Saturn in the Seventh House 7th hs
Saturn in Scorpio
Saturn Conjunct Pluto
Saturn Opposition Ascendant
Saturn Square Midheaven
Sun Trine Saturn
Saturn Sextile Neptune

Pluto in the Sixth House 6th hs
Pluto in Libra
Saturn Conjunct Pluto
Pluto Opposition Ascendant
Pluto Square Midheaven
Sun Trine Pluto
Moon Sextile Pluto
Neptune Sextile Pluto

I also have the option to go to my Venus AS but later

Venus in the Twelfth House 12th hs
Venus in Aries
Venus Conjunct Mars
Venus Square Neptune
Venus Trine Uranus
Venus Trine Jupiter
Venus Sextile Midheaven

I don't know what to do. Work is all. Also a family member needs to do a surgery so.. Yeah

Can you help me?

God bless
Talk soon

Michele Avanti said...

Hi, to understand how a place will work for you, will depend first where you were born. The natal chart is then placed on the planet and from there one can determine the options you will have anywhere in the world. Just knowing your chart without location details cannot tell one that.
If you would like me to run an astrocartography report for you, it is very reasonable, though I guess I have not posted a link for it! I really need to do that. At any rate, I charge $33 for the report, it includes a map of the world, a map centered on the USA or any other place you prefer, as well as reports for 3 cities you may be considering.

Of course better than that is an actual consultation because then I can work with you by examining the strengths of your natal chart to find the best place not only by line but also by natal and progressed aspects. An hour consult is $188 and certainly is not limited to just astrocartography. You can read more about it at this link.

Please feel free to email me directly as it is a lot easier than writing in these little blocks. Astrologyandmore (add the @ sign) gmail.com

Best to you always,