Season of The North, Sacred Element Air - Voice & Sound of Om

This is the logo I designed for the Four
Sacred Intelligences, I call The Divine 
The Green represents El,
Sacred Earth; Red is for Ka, Sacred 
Fire, Light Blue is for Leem, Sacred Water, 
and the dark Blue is for Om, Sacred Air. 

This Season is the time of the North, it is a time when we are meant to rediscover the deeper part of ourselves, that peaceful place within us that resonates to eternal cycles. The Sacred Element of Air, OM, rules this Season. It is a time where in parts of the world one's breath is visible, reminding us of the Spirit that we are, the Divine Being eternal and ever changing.

Like the wind, we can be quiet, bustling, and stormy. We can be icy cold or overbearingly hot, but it is the temperate air that breaths joy.

In the deep snows where the Sacred Water Element, Leem, pours it frozen flakes to the ground, the wind redistributes them in flowing patterns across Sacred Gaia, El's earthy body. So too must we freeze our emotions and desires for a moment and redistribute them. Examine the patterns of your emotions, are they grounded? If you will warm them with the inspiration of Creative Father, the Sacred Element of Fire, Ka, you will see them melt away and thus reform in a new more tempered measure.

Take time away from the hurry of the material aspects of this Season to call up your deep Sacred Wind. Let it fill your body with its power and clear out all that is not Love, breath out the desires that are not connected to your true Divine Self, and open that deep channel of peace. Let Peace empower you with Eternal Love. You are Divine, Powerful, Limitless, Eternal. Knowing this, what will you choose to create in this gift, we call the Present? 

We are composed of these four Sacred Elements, El, Ka, Leem, Om. They support us and without them we cannot exist. But man in his lack of awareness pays little attention to the Divine Intelligences that activate Creation in this plane of consciousness. Only when a Sacred Element activates in a hurricane, earthquake, wild fire or tsunami, do we pay attention, and realize that we are powerless in the wake of their storm.

When we take time each day to come into harmony with the Divine Intelligences of the Sacred Elements, we will feel and know the changes before they happen. We will flow with the current and come to understand the wisdom of elemental storms.

Please take time each day to honor and listen. You are so much more than your culture, society, ethnicity, or class. You are a conscious piece of the puzzle of creation with the power to direct and manifest. Your thoughts and actions activate a ripple across all time and space and continue eternally moving touching reverberating. If you will understand this, you will begin to administer love and peace as the solution for every challenge. In the field of conflict it will always be your right to choose how you react or respond. The practice of peace will help you respond with strength and wisdom. It clears the mind so your Higher Self will speak, direct and protect you.

Wishing you the courage to put aside the world for several minutes each day, so you can allow the peace and wisdom of your Divine Self to flow throughout your body, mind and emotions.