Mercury Retrograde Begins - Perfect Storm Approaches for Trump

Mercury Retrograde Begins Today July 25, 2018

So begins another Mercury Retrograde... I expect you have been experiencing it already as we have been in the shadow for the last two weeks. At 10:03 pm PT tonight (1:03 am ET) Mercury will station retrograde at 23 Leo 27. For Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus & Leo born with their sun between 18 & 28 degrees, you will likely have some people or social events return out of the past. If your Mars is within these degrees, you want to be more cautious driving or using anything metal today, because your mind will likely be out of sync with your body. So pay attention.
Leo is such a social sign that I expect this to be an easier retrograde than those we have experienced in the recent past. 
Though for the American president, it is not likely to be that at all. His social past will be on display as it began last night with a tape released. This 23 degrees directly semi-sextiles his natal Saturn creating more friction in his workplace, and close relationships, as it reveals hidden investments from love affairs to money.
But this is only a set up as the planets continue to move into a perfect storm, which occurs around September 6th when Saturn stations and some form of judgement arrives.
Saturn is the planet of discipline, hard work, structure. As it travels through our charts, it forms aspects that ask us to examine our structures and to work through the issues regarding what we have learned from our fathers or those in authority. It is a planet that can take everything away from us if we have not learned the lessons we set for ourselves before we were born (as seen in our charts.)
For this president, a perfect storm is gathering when Saturn stations in a quincunx to his progressed Saturn, while Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune also activate other planets and luminaries in hard aspect in his chart. This day could be a physical event as well as a legal one.

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