Vegetarians Don't Vote For Sarah Palin

I received a comment this morning that called for a great bumpersticker:

Vegetarians don't vote for Sarah Palin

My response:

I am so with you!

Palin's record shows she has a barbaric state of consciousness.

How someone can call themself Christian when they torture and kill innocents - and revel in it - denotes a level of consciousness that Christ attempted to raise people from.

Christ was a nice person and a master of love. He would never agree to torture another human, no less one of God's divine innocent creatures.

We are at a turning point in our history. If the U.S population elects Palin, they have made two clear statements.

One - Racisim is alive and well in this country.
Two - They have no idea who Christ was, and have just bound church and state - the very thing this nation was born to untie.

Sarah Palin's agenda is wrapped up in her religious beliefs. She is no friend to Divine Beings because she does not recognize them. This is a lack of consciousness and thus may take lifetimes to develop. To choose such a person to lead a nation is indicative of the people resonating to this level of consciousness.

We as a nation are far more polarized in consciousness than in parties. It is this that must be addressed.

Many years ago, I lived in the South. I had not been there very long before I had a conversation with a highly educated government official. To this day that short conversation still chills me.

I stood on a street corner speaking amicably to a man I thought must be intelligent and conscious (this of course is a frequent mistake everyone makes - thinking whomever they are with has a similar level of consciousness or awareness.)

Being new there, I said to him, "I have a question." He nodded for me to continue. I pointed down the street to my left, to a church. I said, "There is a Baptist church on this block. Then I turned to my right and pointed to another building, saying, "And there is a Baptist Church down there. Why is it that only black people go to that one, and only white people go to this one?"

The man leaned in, and said in a whisper: "Well you know, they have no soul."

I stared at this man. I could not find words to say. I was completely outside of understanding. His Christianity had no connection whatsoever to Christ.

I realized in that moment the low level of consciousness regarding life forms that this man carried. And that that must be the same for many in the South.

Now as we witness this election with Sarah Palin, perhaps, and I cringe saying this, perhaps this is the same level of consciousness carried by most of the people in this country.

I cannot reach through to that level. I knew in that moment so many years ago, that nothing I could say could help anyone at that level see the divinity in all life.

It is breaking through this wall of ancient consciousness that we as a nation are up against in this election.

Anyone who has reached a state of consciousness that identifies the Creator's creations as divine - cannot access the lower levels of consciousness that are still barbaric.

So we must be grateful that we can see, and that we have compassion for life.

We must ask Spirit to pour light on those who do not. Ask each day, that their awareness of creation will grow, and their hearts will open.

We need to pour love into the world. And I know this is so very difficult when we are angry, or trembling with fear of what might be. But that is the job of the conscious ones. To lift others through love.

And for all those who call themselves 'Christian' I wish each to reflect on what Christ would do. Emulate this master of love. Doing so, raises consciousness.

It is through blessing all life that love, and consciousness grow. And in time hearts will open to compassion instead of power, dominance and hate.


Did You Say You Want Censorship, Sarah Palin?

Many years ago, in the early 80's I moved to the town of Wilson, NC. As a teacher of metaphysics and an advocate of free speech, I went to the local library to see what books were available on metaphysics. What I found did not shock me - there was not a single book on metaphysics in the entire library. Nothing to give an inquisitive mind anything to chew on, or to raise questions about the universe. Nothing to offer any viewpoints outside of the bible.

I went home and picked out about eight books with various perceptions about the bodies of man, and the universes, mansions or planes of existence other than the physical realm. I took these books to the local librarian, wishing to donate them.

The librarian looked at the books and then at me, and then said essentially; "We do not take books like these."

To say I was horrified would be an understatement - but being a metaphysician, I did not allow that to cause me discomfort. I took the books home and that night I shifted my consciousness to a higher level where I entered the library and asked to speak with the librarian. An angel stood beside me. As the librarian stood before me, I read her the Bill of Rights. I explained to her how important it is for libraries to be centers of freedom of speech, places where all opinions can be heard. I expounded that to censor books is to cut off the rights of Americans to know, and to destroy the purpose of these centers of knowledge.

When I had finished, she said nothing but I felt her awareness had shifted.

The next day, I went back to the library with the same books for donation. I walked up to the same librarian and offered the same books. I made no reference to the day before. The librarian looked at the books, took them and said thank you.

I am sharing this to open your mind to other ways to work with people, and also to help you realize how very important a free, open library system is to me.

Libraries must be free states of consciousness. Places where minds can find similar, as well as, opposing views. We cannot grow in knowledge if we do not think through opposing views.

To remove the opposition is to kill the ability to expand consciousness. One does not have to follow opposing thought but should always consider it. To blindly follow is no better than assuming one is right. And I need not go into where assuming will take you.

So to Sarah Palin - possible Vice President - and thus possible President of the most powerful democratic country in the free world, I want you to think deeply about who this woman is and what she wants for America. Her actions since she became mayor of Wasilla in 1996 speak volumes. Forget her "Come and test me attitude!" And look at the facts.

Here is a link to a site titled Librarians Against Palin. On it you will find a clip from an ABC investigation into Sarah Palin's attempt to censor her local library.

Please think deeply before you vote. This president will take us into 2012. If you wonder what that means, I will elucidate one piece of it here.

What you have seen in terms of earth disasters is only the beginning. There will be many. You will see escalation of these earth changes this Fall. What we need to focus on, as I stated back in the early 90s, is to repair the infrastructure of America. We need a president who will take our trillions, and invest them in this country, not in war. We are very late in that process, very late.

So late in fact, that I do not believe either candidate can fix America. But if one, at the very least stops the war, and starts investing in this nation, we will save millions of lives.

I do not want to scare anyone, I just want you to look at the facts. What I have stated for years has become a reality around us. From bridges collapsing to dams and dikes breaking, we do not have the current funds to help our people. So why would anyone with any common sense want to spend our funds to fight a war, which has raged for thousands of years, which is based on religion, and which we cannot resolve.

Bring our troops home, stop the war, start investing in this nation because it is collapsing around us. You have just witnessed the biggest buy out of a financial institution in U.S. history.

It will not be the last. We are on the verge of the greatest depression in our history, and McCain and Palin say nothing about how they intend to fix it.

Please review the facts.