Sandy Hook Massacre ~ 28 Souls Force Focus On Violence As We Enter The Season Of The Underworld

As we came to the end of the Sacred Time of Water ~ Season of the West, a time of cleansing, we experienced a deep wound that is filled with blood, tears and the well of emotions that will take generations to heal and will force change at many levels. This of course is the murder of innocents that occurred on December 14th, at approximately 9:30 am at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

With this tragedy filling our minds and hearts, we have moved into the Sacred Time of The Ancient Ones ~ Season of the North, Air ~ Dialogue, Inspiration & Ingenious Possibilities. We have passed the day that some claimed would end in doom, Yuletide 2012 and as we predicted it would be a doorway to a greater consciousness.

Now wrapped in the pain of tragedy, we begin our three month journey to the Underworld to examine the roots of our belief systems and allow the wisdom of the Ancient Ones to inspire change.

The death of innocents forces us to address our national obsession with guns. We must shift from our Old West - shoot 'em up - consciousness to a broader understanding of how the combination of personal soul awareness and community awareness can protect us. Dialogue is the first step to this expansion. 

For thousands of years man has lived in fear and developed mechanical instruments to protect him from those he feared. Living in fear is fertile ground for bias, bigotry and hatred. It is through fear that war activates.

Now as Americans grapple with how to avoid more massacres, we must also come to understand fear, because this is the underlying basis that drives the negative use of a weapon.

As soul, we come to this human experiment to learn compassion. Over thousands of years, we have developed a pattern or matrix for change. Unfortunately that matrix is an abominable destructive act. This is what happened in the slaughter of innocents in Connecticut on Dec 14th.

These souls, innocent, beautiful and precious, have forced us to focus on change so that we may move forward in consciousness. The loss is deep and will leave a scar for generations. For many close to those slain, it is too deep to ever fill. But in the midst of this tragedy, there will be an uprising that leads us in the right direction. It will illuminate the basis of fear, the issues of how the emotional senses can be numbed, the issues of mental instability and how we must make changes in identifying and healing these health issues. There are many streams of change that will flow out of this tragedy and bring change.

Some of these changes will come from the children who survived this terrible day of destruction. Take time in your own heart to witness what has happened and allow your higher self to flow through you to see the threads of change that will flow because of the lives martyred. 

Though the time to heal and make change will be long, it is important for us to understand that this terrible event is a doorway. An auspicious doorway that opened in the 9 am hour of the moon on the day of Venus, as we were closing the season of cleansing, and seven days later we crossed the Mayan yuletide of 2012, and entered into the season of the underworld.

What do these numbers mean? What does this timing indicate?

The number nine is a time of endings, it is a bridge between heaven and earth. The day of Venus is a day of love, and social connecting or networking. The hour of Cancer is an hour of family, emotions and also mundanely it represents the people of a nation. The number seven indicates fast change, motivated directed change. 

Putting it all, you see the numerology picture of this terrible event. An ending took place bridging heaven with earth, with a nation pouring love and emotions, which would motivate individuals to take action to make change.  

Though we may first focus on how to stop the violence, I pray that we as humans will also focus on a way to end the matrix of destruction we have used as our weapon of change. Let us acknowledge those who see our shortcomings as nations and people, and instead of pushing them away, because it is too much trouble to look, let us allow courage to fill us and go forth to make change in a timely fashion.

During this past season of cleansing, we spoke as a nation to say no to money controlling our election process, let us take the next step and look around to see what must be done to create a better world. Where to begin? Let your heart tell you. It knows exactly what is right for you.


Season of The North, Sacred Element Air - Voice & Sound of Om

This is the logo I designed for the Four
Sacred Intelligences, I call The Divine 
The Green represents El,
Sacred Earth; Red is for Ka, Sacred 
Fire, Light Blue is for Leem, Sacred Water, 
and the dark Blue is for Om, Sacred Air. 

This Season is the time of the North, it is a time when we are meant to rediscover the deeper part of ourselves, that peaceful place within us that resonates to eternal cycles. The Sacred Element of Air, OM, rules this Season. It is a time where in parts of the world one's breath is visible, reminding us of the Spirit that we are, the Divine Being eternal and ever changing.

Like the wind, we can be quiet, bustling, and stormy. We can be icy cold or overbearingly hot, but it is the temperate air that breaths joy.

In the deep snows where the Sacred Water Element, Leem, pours it frozen flakes to the ground, the wind redistributes them in flowing patterns across Sacred Gaia, El's earthy body. So too must we freeze our emotions and desires for a moment and redistribute them. Examine the patterns of your emotions, are they grounded? If you will warm them with the inspiration of Creative Father, the Sacred Element of Fire, Ka, you will see them melt away and thus reform in a new more tempered measure.

Take time away from the hurry of the material aspects of this Season to call up your deep Sacred Wind. Let it fill your body with its power and clear out all that is not Love, breath out the desires that are not connected to your true Divine Self, and open that deep channel of peace. Let Peace empower you with Eternal Love. You are Divine, Powerful, Limitless, Eternal. Knowing this, what will you choose to create in this gift, we call the Present? 

We are composed of these four Sacred Elements, El, Ka, Leem, Om. They support us and without them we cannot exist. But man in his lack of awareness pays little attention to the Divine Intelligences that activate Creation in this plane of consciousness. Only when a Sacred Element activates in a hurricane, earthquake, wild fire or tsunami, do we pay attention, and realize that we are powerless in the wake of their storm.

When we take time each day to come into harmony with the Divine Intelligences of the Sacred Elements, we will feel and know the changes before they happen. We will flow with the current and come to understand the wisdom of elemental storms.

Please take time each day to honor and listen. You are so much more than your culture, society, ethnicity, or class. You are a conscious piece of the puzzle of creation with the power to direct and manifest. Your thoughts and actions activate a ripple across all time and space and continue eternally moving touching reverberating. If you will understand this, you will begin to administer love and peace as the solution for every challenge. In the field of conflict it will always be your right to choose how you react or respond. The practice of peace will help you respond with strength and wisdom. It clears the mind so your Higher Self will speak, direct and protect you.

Wishing you the courage to put aside the world for several minutes each day, so you can allow the peace and wisdom of your Divine Self to flow throughout your body, mind and emotions. 


2013 Astrology Predictions ~ Michele Avanti CAP

Astrological Forecast* Through The Ingress Charts** 
December 21, 2012 - December 20, 2013

Capricorn Ingress: December 21, 2012 ~ March 20, 2013

This chart immediately speaks to a sudden, wild, fast, furious and explosive fire, which causes sudden changes in property. There is also a challenge of water, which may be a need for it, or it may be that there is water in the way, making it harder to control the situation. But it also appears help will be flown in quickly.

It also indicates that the people are emotionally angry, explosive, wanting immediate help, but they are stressed by a lack of money, a need to save money, and a need for the government to cut spending. This stress causes the people to re-examine their values and what is important. 

Legislation and cabinet members talk and offer more resources to help release some of the aggressive emotions.

An interesting formation in this chart is what astrologers call a Yod, or in other words, ‘The finger of God.’ This indicates the employment rate, though stressed is slowly transforming. The people are working for less money, the government is transforming and the dreams of the American people are forced to focus on saving money, not spending it. It points to the underlying stress of outsourcing jobs and the lack of regulation to protect American jobs.  It also raises the issue of stolen intellectual property, inventions, or copyright infringements. Thus it indicates a stressful push from our government to remedy this through international bodies, probably the UN. There will be plenty of discussion regarding our international trade policies, and unfortunately much of it will be pointing fingers at enemies.

As far as the people and the President, it seems a calm, almost drugged love affair.

The nation seems to be more focused in this period on foreign enemies or religious enemies, bringing troops home, as well as employment and health care.
There also seems to be an investment issue here, which likely indicates the stock market. It seems to expand and then just flatten or drop. It is a statement of self-destruct, or self-sabotage, so I would recommend you be extremely cautious about investments during this period. If you are good risk taker, I expect there will be excellent money to be made here, but if you are on constant watch, you may miss the warning and lose big time. Areas to watch would be foreign investments in governments, intellectual properties, underground resources, health resources, health software, foreign vehicles, and foreign aircraft. 

Investment areas that should do well during this period include clothing and practical, old fashioned, high quality crafts for socializing or networking.


A Special Note on The New Presidency  ~  January 20, 2013  ~  Inauguration Day 

 This chart speaks to the next four years of the presidency, despite the fact that at this writing, it is unknown who will be President.

With Mercury combust the Sun at the midheaven, the President will be determined to get what he wants. He is leading the nation, investments in America are up, he is stressed by lies, the past, and foreign undercover agents or agencies. But he is thinking in a unique way and advancing freedom internationally while helping free us from foreign issues that have held us hostage or caused us to sabotage our own interests.

The people are learning that they have been their own enemy. They are learning to master and create a better more united future, as a result of their destructive, wild, aggressive, indulgent past. They are challenged to take action in new ways, to cooperate instead of fight. As January 2013 ends, the overspending especially involving businesses, as a result of free reign, exemption, or other bonuses in taxes, mortgages, or credit cards, will be challenged. It has stressed all our shared resources and must now transform.

The government will transform over this four-year period. It will be reborn. Business internationally, as well as within America, our national image, our spiritual outlook, our handling of higher education, the internet, and travel will all change over these four years.  Much of this will happen through legislation or executive order.

As we come to Christmas Eve 2014, our nation will finally begin to understand the structure and vision of the president, and that what he has directed is truly happening. We begin to take a deep breath and know we are going to be all right. Though the work will continue, the realization becomes clear that we are on the right path to recovery.   

Aries Ingress: March 20 ~ June 21, 2013

 This chart predicts an explosive event, like an erupting volcano or an earthquake, which happens suddenly and may bring with it both fire and flood.  At the same time this challenge may activate a positive outcome because at another level, this appears linked to the struggling housing market and empowers the government, businesses and mortgage companies to work together to resolve the issues.

There is an outpouring of compassion, money, and love by the people for the people. But money is either dropping in value or in short supply, or both.

This chart is encouraging because it seems we are pulling together to lift ourselves out of the trough of depression. Though there are still angry people, and there are employment challenges, especially for military veterans, we are focused on tackling these things.

Legislation involving taxes on corporations and the wealthy is being reviewed. It causes stress and I do not believe we get the change at this time unless it is some kind of compromise that favors housing or building home businesses in some way.

There could be a Supreme Court Judge who retires or dies during this period and there seems to be a discussion on who will be chosen to replace them. The question of reproduction rights is on the table, and if it is decided during this period, American women will get what they want.

Also during this time, there may be the change of a cabinet member or leader of the House.

There is stress regarding contracts or legislation about: the Internet, public media, higher education, taxes, mortgages, and international commerce. These issues are being reviewed and discussed, as powerful lobbyists work diligently to sway the legislators.

Healing the nation, protecting the people and getting people into homes again is the driving force of this quarter.

Cancer Ingress: June 21 ~ September 22, 2013

This is the most encouraging chart I have seen in years for the housing market and investments, though we still have Sedna destructive in our house of money and values. But Venus points to good investments, more money, more employment. Increased values in the housing market. 

During this period, passionately investing, may cause trouble. This is to be watched, for as Venus is investing in children, families and homeland; the stock market may climb and then suddenly drop. 

Here are dates to watch. These dates are active within twenty-four hours before or after: June 21; August 4, 17, 23, 31; September 5,

Members of the Cabinet and legislators stress the President as he works to reform taxes, mortgages, tariffs, and the banking system regarding issues of housing, imports, exports, investments, and military. This time period also indicates a challenge regarding internet taxation, international import of housing materials or outsourcing of housing materials, outsourcing or piracy of technology and international properties and even some issues of media.

A coalition of international governments, probably the United Nations, offers the President a legal venue to free us from the lies and abuse of international piracy. This may also break some of the issues that have imprisoned us regarding oil, medicine, and creative works.

The people appear to be happier in this period, with a focus on family, children and homeland. We are learning to master our investments and to focus on the value of family and home.

Because Uranus and Pluto will square during this quarter, this chart has the potential for physical explosion such as a volcanic eruption. Unlike the Libra Ingress of 2012, which showed the potential for a terrible storm to hit the East Coast, this chart indicates a Western experience. Of course the potential for explosive volcanic eruptions is not limited to Hawaii, but it exists for many other places on the globe.

Based on this observation, I moved the chart to Honolulu, Hawaii and there it indicates a strong possibility of eruption, and/or severe flooding due to an eruption.

There are many dates that look challenging during this summer for Hawaii, but these are the key ones with twenty-four hour windows on either side, to watch: June 22; July 16, 20; August 12; September 12, 21

Libra Ingress: September 22 ~ December 21, 2013

This ingress pictures the nation like a newly transformed butterfly trying to fly. 

The people struggle with karmic issues from indulgent and emotionally made contracts, to legislation, and international treaties, which allowed corporations to flourish overseas. Though there is some transformation happening, the power of international corporations seems to prevail, challenging the values and passion of the nation. Independent and liberty minded citizens, as well as American inventors push for reform and legislative relief.

Though there are increases in employment through the areas of health care, foreign service, teaching, home school or tutoring, international surgical and medical sales, and real estate sales to international investors; we are challenged by funding needs, outsourcing, and defense contracts.

During this period, the President is focused on loyalty to the American people, while the Congress is publicly challenged by active military, veterans, their contracts, their families, and their health and work transition.

When I run this ingress for Los Angeles, it indicates a sudden underground explosion that may burst into flames. It may be an earthquake off the shore that starts the action or just one deep underground. It may also be the result of some kind of corporate drilling. It also indicates some kind of communication, internet, satellite, highway, investment challenges. Could be an overwhelming of the system causing a brown out. These dates plus the twenty-four hour periods before and after, will be times to watch: September 22; October 17, 28, November 7; December 17.

*Astrological Forecast - astrology offers pictures and possible events through the various lenses of house, planet, sign and aspect. But it is the consciousness of humanity that steers which pictures will align into the current reality. We always have freedom of choice. It is our thoughts, fears, dreams, and directives that create the present and we are always in alignment with the energy currents from these great sentient planetary & luminary beings. We take their waves of emotional, mental, and etheric signals and contour them to our world; minimizing or exacerbating the challenges or gifts. So no astrologer is perfectly accurate, but the pictures presented will be seen if you look

**Ingress Charts - are charts set for the moment that the Sun enters a Cardinal Sign (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer & Libra) and for the location that is the capital of a nation, state or province, as well as for cities. This gives information for a quarter of the year for that nation, state, province or location. 

Michele Avanti, CAP is an ISAR certified astrology professional, an Astro Logos accredited Fixed Star Analyst, a metaphysical minister, EFT ~ emotional freedom technique professional, and a Visionary Fiction Award Winning Author

She has taught metaphysics since 1972 and her articles and columns have been published since 1985. Michele has done thousands of radio shows and her podcasts can be heard every week on BlogtalkRadio.com/IamtheLight

You can ask her questions and learn more by visiting her on Facebook.com/mavanti 


Obama vs Romney Election is on every American mind, and as an astrologer, the fact that Mercury stations retrograde on the day of the election signals challenges that may keep us weeks from knowing the outcome.

I have reviewed all the election charts that have Mercury Retrograde influence, unfortunately in US history there are only nine (this will be the tenth), and that is way too small to form any serious conclusion. So this one will be excellent to watch and add to the count.

Of all nine, none had Mercury stationing on the day of election.

One did come close with it stationing direct the day after and that was Bush's election in 2000.

The election, as everyone likely remembers, was filled with challenges and took till December 12 before it settled. Mercury did station at the critical degree of 29 Libra, so this too may have impacted how it went

In this 2012 election, Mercury will station at 7:04 pm, and then becomes fully Retrograde twenty four hours later.

4 Sagittarius, indicates this will be an issue around the world, probably even more so than the Bush election. It may also call in legal process, media, advertising, marketing and internet issues.

A quick look at the Sabian Symbol for this degree. Remember added minutes takes this from 4 to the number 5 according to Dane Rudhyar.

High On An Old Tree, A Solitary Owl is Gravely Perched

Poised observation upon the drama of life. Mellow judgment. In­grained confidence in the situation and worth of the self.

Fascinating, truly indicative of what we will likely experience awaiting an outcome. Certainly a sobering symbol.

A look at the Sabian Symbol for when Mercury stations direct Nov 26 at 18 Scorpio 10:

A Wise Old Parrot Repeats The Conversation He Overheard

Dependence upon inner or outer environment for the substance of understanding. Transmission of knowledge. Channel-ship.

This will likely point to where we will be as the outcome begins to clear. It seems to point to what the majority felt or knew on the day of the election. I guess we will have to wait and see how it all turns out.

At any rate, I expect this election to show a resemblance to the 2000 race. In the fiery sign of Sagittarius, there will righteousness, religious issues, internet issues, probably hacking issues, and it will most likely be nasty.

But with the Sabian Symbol as a reference, we are fighting the right fight to examine, and evolve what we truly value in this country. (Will it be truth, justice & the American way?)

If I lived in a swing state, I would vote early before Mercury Stations. Thank goodness I live in Oregon where sanity reigns, and our ballots arrive at home giving us lots of time to discuss, decide, and vote, without having to travel anywhere except to our mailboxes.

Wonderful Picture of Owl comes from this website: http://fireflyforest.net/firefly/2005/12/03/great-horned-owls-in-the-treetops/  Thank you!!


First Presidential Debate: Obama - Romney - Astrology

In just a few hours, the first presidential debate begins between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

I have written on Facebook several pieces about these men, including their fixed stars. Romney's gaffes are easily explained by them, so I will include those notes below.

Right now, let's look at Obama & Romney's charts for the transits occurring during this debate.

I will start with Mitt because I believe most people are focusing on what will he do.

Here is Mitt Romney's chart with transits set for Denver at 7pm Mountain Time.

Mitt Romney 

In the 6th House: Transiting Mars conjunct natal Jupiter/Moon. This indicates he will have an aggressive approach to this debate, but may find himself mentally emotional, and may start to expose some of his real dreams, which could have him saying more than he should.and end up sabotaging himself.

Additionally, Jupiter is the ruler of his 8th house , which is the home that Mars naturally rules, while Mars in his chart rules the 12th house and is the hidden ruler of the 6th. This indicates that what causes self-sabotage for Romney is the people, who have supported him through their resources (money.)

In the 12th House: The Moon conjunct his Progressed Sun throughout the debate, so he will be optimistic, but his need for loyalty and protection of his wealth could cause him to be overconfident and say something that will sabotage him.

In the 12th House on the Ascendant: The South Node is applying a conjunction to his Progressed Mercury. This is a very strong aspect, and it indicates his past may sabotage him.

Additionally during this debate, transiting Mercury is quincunx progressed Mercury, which causes mental stress and may cause him to restate something or change a statement or policy, and then be called on it. This is a truly stressful contact and may cause some restatements or need to defend his past statements.

In the 11th House: Uranus is semi-sextile Mars, this is another very stressful combination, and is very close to exact. Mars is the ruler of his 12th house, deposited in his 11th, so there may be sudden public reactions that could be sabotaging.

Please note, much of what is active in Romney's chart is connect to the 12th house, the house of past karma, forms of imprisonment and self-sabotage. This is why I have said so much about it.

Barack Obama

Where Romney has the transiting south node in his 12th house and on his ascendant indicating his past will be associated with him.

The President has the North Node on his MC (midheaven) indicating that he will be publicly seen as the future, that his career has purpose and direction. But this is not without challenge because the transiting nodes are squaring his natal nodes. So he is feeling the challenge and the pressure of achieving his life's purpose.
This is a very strong internal statement about who he is inside.

8th House: Transiting Mercury is slightly separating from a conjunction to his progressed Mercury and his progressed Mars, indicating his words will be strong but not so aggressive as to harm him.

Transiting Mercury is also just separating from a square progressed Jupiter, so this will be very interesting to watch. If it were applying to progressed Jupiter, he would likely say too much and sabotage himself, but the separation may keep him from doing that.

If you are new to astrology, when a planet or luminary is in its applying aspect, it is powerfully activating. But once it separates the power diminishes, often instantly. So this will be interesting to watch.

Additionally transiting Mercury is applying a trine to natal Jupiter, so though we think of trines as opportunities and good things especially when Jupiter is involved, sometimes it can bring an overabundance of something.

In this case with Mercury, it can cause the President to say more, to reach into his past and speak about his ideals, or dreams. It may create some self-sabotage, but with the good aspect that his Jupiter has to the Moon, it should evoke an emotional response from the public.

Obama's chart is quite complicated in this respect because his natal Jupiter is the apex of a yod from natal Venus in the 5th house of all things he loves and invests in, and his progressed Venus in the 7th house of key relationships. So the energy of what he loves and the people he is closest to propel him and will either uncover his weaknesses or carry him to his strengths.

Additionally his natal Jupiter is opposed by natal Mercury, so he has been struggling to balance his dreams, loves and issues of money and resources with his karmic past. Thus something may come up and it will be interesting to watch how he handles it. He has a lot of planetary support to avoid self-sabotage.

Another planet supporting him through this debate is transiting Venus in his 7th house. Venus is 1 minute separating from a quincunx to Jupiter, and it is applying to progressed Venus, so it could create stress as he reconsiders and re-examines his words and thoughts. I will certainly slow them down. But then that is nothing new.

In the 4th House: Transiting Jupiter is applying a trine to the Ascendant, giving Obama an optimistic emotional feeling and may make him look larger than life to the people. (It is interesting that this will occur only in this first debate because Jupiter will station retrograde tomorrow and will not go direct till January.)

A final comment, as the debate ends, the Moon will be at 25 degrees Taurus which will square his natal nodes and trine his natal Saturn ruler of his 12th and his Ascendant. I believe he will feel strong and that he has done the best he could. At the same time he will feel he met the challenge and will be hoping he has done enough to achieve his goal.

As promised here are the charts and comments emphasizing the fixed stars for both President Obama and Mitt Romney.

A quick note, in case Fixed Stars are new to you. Fixed Stars are the Suns in other galaxies. They are what makes up all the constellations in the sky. In ancient times, astronomers and astrologers watched these stars and their geometrical connections or aspects to the planets and luminaries of our solar system. Certain stars appeared to have significant influences on human events. 
Today through the use of computers, astrologers have confirmed and expanded the power of these stars not only for mundane events but also clearly in the natal charts of individuals. I find they are the very backdrop of each individual. It is your fixed stars that steady who you are, form the rudder of how you drive your life and how you deal with life as a whole. They truly are key to things hidden inside ourselves. 

Mitt Romney - Fixed Stars

While I prepared for a radio show, I took some time to study the many charts for this election because I never know what I will be asked. I had not really studied Mitt Romney's natal chart by itself a
nd with all the issues he has encountered through his words, I decided to examine it for this. 

It took only seconds to realize what a challenge Mitt faces. In the field of Fixed Stars, Romney has the star Achernar (from the constellation 'Eridanus', the river) conjunct his Mercury (Communication). This creates crises and thus it is clearly defining his words.

Additionally he was born with Mercury Retrograde, conjunct his Sun being squared by Uranus and quincunx Pluto. This combination can cause him to say things suddenly when under emotional stress, or when he is caught off guard to say things that he feels are powerful or that may even be secrets he has held. The retrograde aspect of Mercury can make him think in ways that more internal or outside the common or ordinary ways of thinking.

We see a yod (also called the Finger of God) formation between Neptune/Pluto pointing to Mercury, indicating issues of power, intuition, creativity, control, hidden emotions, wishes, dreams, self-sabotage, work, investments and what he loves need to regulated through his mental and verbal processes. You may say well isn't that the case for everyone? Yes, but not in the way this is indicated in Romney's chart.

The very challenges he faces from stress, sudden changes in how he see other seeing him and his own desires, along with Achernar's tumultuous, explosive energy; make it necessary for this soul to learn to work with these issues in ways other people will never feel or understand.

Though there are lots of other things to be said about Romney's chart, I believe knowing how Achernar will will always be there activating his Mercury, makes him a less stable speaker; and more of a reactor in the case of unexpected events or triggers that are directed to him. I would not feel safe with this combination of planetary/fixed star energy in a person who would command our military. What are your thoughts?

Barack Obama - Fixed Stars

Here is President Obama's chart. I believe fixed stars and the nodes tell a lot about a person and who they really are inside. 

Romney's fixed stars include: Achernar conjunct his Mercury, which can activate the gaffes & crisis when he speaks. He also has Alcyone from the Pleiades parallel his Pluto, which gives him an aloof air, and activates an emotional arrogance and judgmental


Obama has a completely different variety of stars. The one most people notice immediately, is Zosma, in the broken back of Leo. Because it is active with his Mercury, everyone hears it when he speaks. It causes his speech to be delayed, hesitant, broken at times, but always deeply thought. It tells us he leads not so much for himself, as for those who have been broken. It shows a deep mind.

His Mercury is opposite Jupiter and Saturn (Jupiter & Saturn in conjunction is the sign of the guru, so not surprising that many see him as such, especially since they are conjunct in the 12th house which indicates he has been a Spiritually advanced soul in past lifetimes, whose view of the world may have caused trouble, or some kind of imprisonment for him because it went against the established/government or religious views of the time) This opposition causes him to struggle and more cautiously speak. He is careful not to reveal too much, though his nature is to want to say more, to freely speak and allow his own humor to flow through. But past lives cause him to pull back.

The trine between his Jupiter/Saturn conjunction and the Moon in the fourth house, shows he has a following, a base of people that he has from past lives. he has nurtured them in the past with his broad ideas and they love him.

His Jupiter is activated by Altair, the fixed star of The Eagle. It gives him a much broader view of the world, it can let him see outside the box, it offers a Spiritual connection with more than the people of his nation and gives tremendous courage. I believe this Star is what gives him the strength to take action where others fear to tread.

His Pluto is activated by Thuban, the fixed star in Draco. It empowers him to protect his friends, family and his standing in the world. A part of him treasures all of these and they are very important to him.

Chiron, the wounded healer, the business associates, the soul family resides in his first house and is activated by Deneb Adige, the fixed star in Cygnus, the Swan. The gives him a strong will and determination to see things through. Under hard activation from the Moon and Pluto, it can cause him to have a temper though it is also part of a grand trine to Neptune and Venus, so it would take some serious transits to make that anger last any length of time.

That said, we come to the most important and most difficult of the Fixed Stars in his chart, Regulus, the brightest star in the heart of Leo. This is one the four royal stars of Persia. These stars always bring success, but require something for that success to continue. In Obama's chart, this star activates his North Node, which is in his seventh house conjunct Uranus and quincunx his Saturn. This is an enormous challenge and gift rolled into the purpose of this soul's life.

When we look at the North Node, we look at what is this soul's purpose. Then of course we look at the placement and all aspects to it, to understand more clearly how this soul will work through and attain this purpose.

In the case of Barack Obama, the soul's purpose is about stepping beyond past life individualism, and stepping up relationships to the leadership level of patriarch.

The statement activated with Uranus takes it beyond the common relationships to a marriage with the world. While this will be challenged by a stressful relationship with those who have been in control in past lives, (Saturn in the 12th), and perhaps are still presently in control. It is a statement of re-examining the establishment that imprisons people (not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, and through all kinds of established practices from banking to religion) and re-working it to create more freedom for those who we would call the underdogs. This is a very stressful combination and though the fixed star Regulus promises success, if Obama should seek revenge, all will be lost.

The last of Obama's main fixed stars activates his Moon, it is Sualocin, in the constellation of the Dolphin. This is a lovely star that tells us what he is like at home with his family, it is a very joyful, playful star that can sometimes be naive, but it is always hopeful. I would say with this man, because of the love his the women in his life, and the activation of Sualocin, hope springs eternal.

I hope you enjoy the debates and that you look deeply into each man to find the qualities you hope to see in our president. I believe, as I have said many times before, America is on a precipice, we must redefine our values. So ask yourself what is the American Dream to you? And how do you think our government should be designed to make it available to everyone? 
Michele Avanti, CAP, D.D. is available through the consultations tab on this blog and you can also connect with her through facebook.com/micheleavanti


Aurora Colorado, Movie Shootings, Mass Murder, Tragedy - What does it mean?

We question why, what could possibly make anyone want to mindlessly kill others? What nightmare in their head could be so loud as to bring them to weapons and premeditated murder of innocent people? How does one speak to God while witnessing no protection for It's Innocent Children?

I expect these and many more questions are running through your mind as you are reminded of the horror that took place at 12:30am Friday, July 20, 2012  in the premier of the Batman movie at a mall multiplex theater in Aurora, Colorado.

Then as we reflect on the wild or empty stares of the murderer, we may be plagued with other questions. Where is the truth hidden? How does one know what is truth and what is smoke screen?

We live in a time when Maya* (illusion) is not just in the separation of soul's 360 degree awareness from the cloudy physical 'reality,' but also in a time where mind control experiments* have been part of the secret military agenda* for more than 70 years. So how can we know what is truth?


We must take time each day to connect with our higher self, our true self, the souls that we are. Focus on loving you and over time you will come to peace with you. You will learn the value of being the unique individual you are and the joy of witnessing unique qualities in another.

When tragedy strikes if you have practiced self-attunement, self-love, you will not see the tragedy as others see it. You will hear the way others speak of it, witness the tragedy with them, but you will see other patterns beyond those of the physical acts.

Though the ones in control, who may have driven this young man to murder and injure so many people are hidden from view, and have an agenda with no regard for life; the Souls of the beings under siege will have the last word, and the agenda of the few will backfire. But Soul's plan is long and may take years to unveil.

From Artist Ed Parkinson, artist with Spirit, 
  Looking from Souls viewpoint, we can see a gathering of energy and once more the question of what is important rises to the top of the list. People all over this country and the world must refocus on what is valuable. This is the first of the gemstones we receive from those who gave their lives in this tragedy.

Each tragic event shocks the universal system of consciousness, awakening it to re-align with truth. Truth is what we are, for soul is transparent and always true to the light. We are unique, we are here to love and love is the most important gift we can give and receive. Not money, movies, clothing, cars, status, fame, recognition, awards. Love, simple love. From the heart of love comes compassion, a striking antonym to the indifference of the a cold-hearted murderer.

Let the bell of truth ring clear as we morn, pray and honor those who have died, been injured, traumatized or suffered the loss of a loved one, in this terrible tragedy. Their deaths strike a chord to awaken our hearts to what is truly important in this physical journey - Love.

Michele Avanti CAP, is a metaphysical minister, ISAR certified astrologer, award winning visionary fiction author and EFT, Reconnection practitioner.

the secret military agenda* 

Project MKUltra, or MK-Ultra, was a covert, illegal human research program into behavioral modification run by the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) Office of Scientific Intelligence. The program began in the early 1950s,...


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Astrology Views US Future - 2012 USA Solar Return Chart

Though the 4th of July is the date we Americans celebrate the birth of our nation, as astrologers we look at what we call the 'Solar Return,' the time when the sun comes back to the exact position it was at the moment of the original birth, whether of a nation or a person.

This Solar Return speaks to the year ahead and actually to a bit of the year behind. It tends to cover an 18 month time frame.

So let's take a look at what it indicates for our nation in this most crucial election year.

Here is the United States Solar Return Chart for 2012. As you can see the actual return took place on the 3rd of July at 3:37 pm ET.

Just looking at the angles, which are the areas of greatest power in a chart, we see Mercury is the most elevated planet and the closest to an angle. It is at 8 degrees Leo, in the 9th house of legislation, media and the Internet. Mercury here rules the house of other people’s resources, bankers, taxes, mortgage brokers, credit card companies,the president's cabinet, etc. Mercury is trine to Uranus who is sitting in the house of investments, the stock market, and it is the ruler of the nation’s property, our homes. This is a good sign for some kind of legislation that may get through the legislature suddenly and open a door for more help with mortgages, and housing issues.

A further look shows Mercury is quincunx Pluto, who sits late in the second house, our home of national gross product, our income and our spending.  Pluto is the co-ruler of the first house, which represents the people of this nation. So this statement shows the people stressed about money and they are re-assessing the Congress and explosively, even violently calling for change. Some of this may be by phone calls, but there is a definite indication that social networking through the Internet may be involved as well as petitioning or igniting the media.

The square between Pluto and Uranus shows the explosive nature of the challenges at hand, both in our investments of real estate, our credit, income levels, and our stock market may be volatile during this time.

The aspects between Pluto and Uranus make other statements as well. They indicate the emotionally volatile nature of Americans over the issues of money and housing.

Though this looks violent, there is a yod action with Pluto as the point in this chart. Look at Venus in the beginning of the 8th house. She is sextile to Mercury and thus also quincunx to Pluto. In astrology when you see a close sextile which focuses to a planet on the opposing midpoint, this is called a yod, or as the ancients called it, ‘The finger of God.’

Venus rules the house of enemies, and the house of  karma, self-sabotage, imprisonment, and hospitals. She also represents money and possessions. As she is speaking with Mercury and in Mercury’s sign of Gemini, we see her working to create more money through legislation, Venus also gains some influence from Jupiter who is focusing her on expanding money or making more mortgages and loans available.

But in order to relieve the stress created by her quincunx aspect to Pluto; money, loans, taxes, and mortgages must be pushed through the legislature. Pluto is the focal point of the yod, so there is a call to fully transform the monetary system, or the way money has been handled and spent or sold, or loaned for centuries. It is indicative that there must be an overhaul to relieve the stress due to our own past actions, karmic, self-sabotage. 

The fact that Mercury is most elevated in the sign of Leo (the sign of the president) and that it is in a positive aspect with Venus, Jupiter (ruler of 2nd house of money, and fifth house of investments) and Uranus seems to indicate that the contract that the president has made with the people will become more noticeable, and this should help to open doors for the relief he pledged when he was inaugurated.

While we have no absolutes about who will be elected president in November, this chart offers more information that leads me to believe Obama will continue and that he will get more done now than ever before.

Mars is the other ruler of the people of the nation, and the ruler of the 6th house of the military, national employment, and the health of our nation. It sits in the 11th house of large organizations and the hope of the nation. 

Mars continues to tie the chart together by applying a sextile to Mercury, and a trine to the South Node, Jupiter and Venus, and it is in Venus’ sign of Libra. It is as though a safety net is being woven together for the people. Work, health, military and housing will receive some kind of relief or money. It could be through tax relief, loans, credit card or mortgage relief, or through some other legislative means. But there is a strong indication with this chart that something good is on the way. Because Mars is applying, it will not be there today but will move into place soon.

Mars is also applying a wide orb opposition to Uranus, and thus a square to Pluto, making it part of an explosive and rather scary T-square   But a closer look, seems to soothe some of the potential for explosive violence, because Uranus is in Aries, the sign that Mars rules, giving Mars the edge in this otherwise scary opposition. And since Mars is in Venus’ sign of Libra, while he is courting Venus, it appears to indicate a challenging transformation and sudden change in actions, to one of more congeniality, to more cooperation rather than aggression. Mars’ contact with Mercury gives still another signature that shows talk, leadership, information, rather than violence.

Please remember that astrology is based in consciousness, it is not fate. We as a nation can take these pictures and find new ways of manifesting them, all still in alignment with the planetary actions. We do not have to bring out the negative energies but can use our own awareness to activate a more positive change.

I see a lot of hope in this chart.

I love that Mercury is the most elevated planet and that it is in Leo with Leo at the Midheaven. It is a bright signature of leadership, joyful talk and when you consider that it is in the house of the legislature and media, you may want to dismiss this statement as off target completely. We certainly have seen little but arguments and derisiveness in our Congress since President Obama was inaugurated. But this signature is not without some conflict that must be and will be resolved.

The ruler of the 9th house in this chart is the Moon, she sits in Mercury’s third house, the house of communication and contracts. The Moon is 27 degrees of Capricorn and separating from a square to Saturn at 22 degrees Libra in the 12th house, ruler of 3rd and 4th. Here is an emotional nation challenged by its past actions, challenged by its contracts with corporations and government regarding housing, property. It is also challenged emotionally by what it hears through media controlled by corporate structures. But with the Moon in Saturn’s sign, the people have a better understanding, they are more willing to meet the challenge and do some homework, or research. So again I see this as a sign of hope. To take responsibility for our actions, thoughts, or what we hear through media, we can start to make better choices.

Additionally, the Moon is moving into a trine with Mars and the south node, which indicates a doorway is opening for new contracts or the fulfillment of an old contract that is part of the dream of the people.

So when I look at this chart in the long picture of a year, I see promise, not without challenges but one which offers possibilities.

Now there are other ways to use this chart for timing. Some astrologers will take the chart and move the wheel forward for each month to see the experiences projected for each month. I have already run some of these charts and will come back in part two and share these with you. 

We are in for a bit of a ruff and tumble summer, but I truly believe we will be the better for it. Please let me know your thoughts. There are many signatures in astrology and we come to these pictures with different perspectives. Sharing our knowledge allows us all to grow. 

Join in the discussion with comments below or connect with Michele on her facebook pages. 

Michele Avanti CAP, is an ISAR certified astrology, a professional metaphysican, and an award winning visionary fiction author. Learn more about Michele and connect with her at these links:


The Pleiades, Alcyone, Uranus Pluto Square Earthquakes

The Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 began another step in our transformative process. On this day, Earth, Moon & Sun came into complete alignment with Alcyone, the great sun, and brightest star of the Pleiades.

Many significant activations occurred in this process. First as the planets became aligned, we  experienced an annular solar eclipse. A solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. An annular eclipse happens when the moon is at its apogee, which means it is at its farthest distance from earth, and thus cannot completely block out the sun as in a total eclipse. This of course creates a spectacular image called the 'ring of fire', which is seen as the moon covers about 94% of the sun leaving a ring of fire.

Eclipses can be seen only in certain parts of the world, and the May 20th eclipse was visible to anyone with a cloudless sky along the northern Pacific rim and across most of the US and Canada except along the Eastern coast.

Watch this NASA video to easily understand this annular eclipse

According to the ancients, the path of the eclipse, which is clearly shown in the video above, indicates where the results or events of the eclipse's activation will occur.

Astrologically speaking, an eclipse declares there will be key events taking place under its path and that those events will continue for years depending on the amount of time that the eclipse takes to complete. This eclipse will have repercussions for nearly six years.

Because of the alignment with Alcyone, we know this will bring turbulence, insight, honor and glory. This alignment last took place about 26,000 years ago. To be in this position allows the frequencies from Alcyone in the Pleiades, to activate the pituitary glands in every human being in it's path.

It is the Pituitary Gland that is the Stargate for all humans. Wrapped in this tiny gland is a capsule of water, which is our doorway between worlds. We call it imagination, but Spiritually, it is the eye of the needle that the camel will pass through, as stated in scriptures. This Stargate allows us to move into the unseen worlds, parallel universes, and numerous time-lines.

Through activation of the pituitary gland, we ascend into a higher frequencies. This eclipse took us another step in this Ascension process, which is moving us to a fourth dimensional awareness.

You may experience a greater awareness quickly or may take several years to adjust to it. No matter, it is happening.

Mayan Calendar Day of The Rattlesnake

According to the Aztec Calendar, the May 20, 2012 eclipse is also the day of the Rattler. Here is an excerpt from the Insight Blog
"This is the Maya day known as 10 Chikchan, a “Foundational” energy associated with Lifeforce, Liberation, and Higher Consciousness. This is also a Burner Day, traditionally associated with an idea referred to as “running with the fire”, this time in conjunction with an annular solar eclipse. This is the day of the solar zenith passage, when the sun and the Pleiades are conjunct as they pass through the zenith over the Pyramid of Chichén Itzá in the Yucatan. Since the great serpent that “slithers” down this temple on the solstice was thought to be a rattlesnake whose tail points to the zenith, this special day has been referred to as “Rattlesnake” Day. This 10 Chikchan day is symbolic of the great Feathered Serpent that is representative of higher knowledge in conjunction with an energy that represents the “foundation for resurrection”."

The eclipse itself activated at 0 degrees Gemini. When we put these two facts together, along with Alcyone's influence, we note a new message or warning is being sounded by the great sentient bodies of our galaxy. We are about to learn ancient truths and must clear the illusions to see again with the third eye.

With the onset of Uranus & Pluto coming into an exact square on June 23 - 24, and a Lunar trigger activating them on the 21st, the words turbulence will be clearly understood as an earthquake, or earthquakes activate in the shadow or path of the eclipse.  Where exactly it will hit, I have not had the time to examine, but since the Eclipse path covers the ring of fire on the Pacific and across through the middle of the USA, there are many possibilities.

June 20, 2012 - Cancer Ingress*
As I look at the Cancer Ingress Chart for the USA, I can see there is going to be turbulent activity on our soil. Here you see that Uranus, the bringer of sudden, unexpected experiences, is in the fourth house - house of our property or our soil. Uranus is squared (challenged) in this chart by the great transformer and explosive Pluto, late in the first house (home of our people) and ruler of the 12th (home of all the issues we have hidden from ourselves from prisons to karma), while it is also opposing the Moon (our land, property and emotional attachments to it) / Sun (our president and our egos) midpoint. Additionally the fourth house cusp, or Nadir, IC, is at the critical degree of 29 degrees Pisces (an ending before a new beginning), while we have Neptune (ruler of water, gases, drugs, illusions), the co-ruler of the 4th house of property in a terrible T-square with it's 4th house co-ruler Jupiter (the expander, making all things more obvious and bigger) and the North (our purpose or goal) & South Nodes (our karma and foundational skills).

Putting all of this together, which for most of you are who are not studying astrology may find complicated and confusing, here are some of the pictures it gives. Please note, I am giving mundane pictures here, but there are many levels to all of this, and it can be explained in terms of contracts, lies, transformative struggles between corporations, old structures opposing the president and the people; the housing situation, employment and a lot of other issues as well. 

We are likely to experience, as a result of a violent eruption in the earth, on our soil, which may be earthquake or volcanic explosion that rumbles the earth, a major flood. This looks like a critical experience of major flooding that is a physical result of karmic issues. When I say karmic issues, I am pointing to choices made in the past, which could be nuclear, or driven by power or greed, or made for us secretly behind the scenes.

The Longitudinal Fixed Stars add to the picture.

The most challenging one here is Pluto in exact conjunction to Facies.

Facies** is the star in the face of the constellation of the Archer. It is a star known for blindness, ruthlessness and causing victims or being a victim. It carries Mars energy. When you consider that this chart has Mars most elevated and that Facies is a Mars energy, we have a very war-like chart. But as Mars is in the sign of Virgo, which can be armies, but also can be service, I am inclined to say the chart tells us of armies focused to serve the victims of a sudden, explosive event that causes fires and major destruction by flood or inundation of water.

Also in these fixed stars, you can note that the Moon is exactly conjunct Canopus.*** This fixed star is a point that cuts the water steering the ancient ship and name of the constellation, the Argo. So it will take the people of this nation in a new direction.

Now add in the Moon's contact to Sirius**** and Arcturus.*****

Sirius, the brightest star in our galaxy, part of the constellation Canis Major and often times called the 'Dog Star,' was named by the Egyptians, "The Scorcher."  It's mundane activation with the Moon can bring a burning of the land, but more importantly an emotional burning that brings to a new understanding of what is Sacred.

The fixed star, Arcturus in the constellation Bootes, gives us a new direction, a new approach, a new more civilized way of doing things. So with the Moon it give the land a new direction.

Facies is also the evening Rising and Setting Star across the United States and actually across all these Northern latitudes around the world setting on June 29th and rising on the June 30th. So these dates may be activation points as well.

In Conclusion

When we put these indications together, it seems to paint a picture of a transformation that may come from an earthquake, flood or major explosive event involving the land mass, property or homes in this nation. It points to an emotional time where we are challenged to take a new direction. It indicates that we must take a new approach to what we call our property, each other and the way we will respect both the water and the land.

The most important thing for any of us to remember is that we are in a time of expanding consciousness. It is a huge leap we are taking that will bring us a time of peace. So keep your attention fixed on this vision of peace, stay aware of the outside world but remember it is the 'outside world', and listen to your guidance, your feelings, you inner voice. Then I am sure you will find all the information you need for a safe journey in this time.


*This is one of the four Cardinal Sign charts set for the location of a capital of a nation, which gives insights to events of the following three months.

**See the constellation of the Archer here: http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Facies.html

***See the Canopus in the constellation of Carina and the Argo here: http://www.constellation-guide.com/constellation-list/carina-constellation/

****See Canis Major and Sirius here: http://www.crystalinks.com/sirius.html

*****See Bootes and Arcturus here: http://www.souledout.org/cosmology/highlights/arcturushighlights/arcturushighlights.html


More information about the Aztecs, and their Calendar:


What is Astrology? Astrological Forecast for 2012

I did a wonderful radio show, Well Rounded Corners, on BBS Channel 1. On this show, I talk with Ruth Anne & Robert about astrology in the first hour and then in the second hour, I address the astrological outlook for 2012.

Here is the link, I hope you enjoy this message because though this is going to be an amazing year of revolution, it is also going to be a transformation to love if you will choose. it.


Blessings to everyone, as we now enter the Year of the Water Dragon, and the doorway to a new consciousness.