Mercury Stations Direct in Cancer / Full Moon in Aquarius July 20 - Sept 5, 2013

Today at 11:22 am PT / 2:22 pm ET, Mercury will station direct at 13:22 Cancer, this may have activated some incredible dreams for anyone with their Mercury, Moon or 4th house cusp in mid Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. It may also bring emotions and childhood memories to the surface, as well as a call from home.

As we leave this Mercury Retrograde period, we will also be entering a Full Moon period on Monday in Aquarius.

Full Moons are always times of completion, fulfillment and endings. The Aquarius Full Moon was considered by ancients the most fulfilling. Probably because this is the time when the Sun has its greatest power, in its own sign of Leo. Consider what you set in motion last Winter under the New Moon in Aquarius (back between Feb 9 -24th) and look for its rewards during the next two weeks.

Additionally it is time to connect with friends, have long conversations and allow ideas to flow in new unconventional ways. If you wanted to try something different, something that edges on the unusual, this is a great time fulfill that desire.

Aquarius is also the sign of the soapbox, the voice of revolution and change, so if you are an air or fire sign (Air: Aquarius, Libra, Gemini; Fire: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries) you may find yourself more vocal and taking action on something you only thought about before now. If you are an earth or water sign (Earth: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus; Water: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) then you may feel stressed or challenged by ideas and words of friends that may seem radical to you.

On the world scene this Aquarian Full Moon under the shadow of Mercury stationing Direct, will bring a crescendo of family & national voices longing for justice, and equality. We are already seeing this in the Trayvon Martin movement and the issues of 'Stand Your Ground' laws. But it will not only be here in the US that we will see actions, marches, demonstrations and vocal revolution, but around the world.

The fascinating thing about this year, is we will see two Full Moons in Aquarius with the New Moon in Leo packed between them. Wow, this is truly a sign of change and revolution. With a New Moon in Leo, whole new kinds of leadership come to the aid of those working toward change. This new leadership will likely be from cultural creatives, children and entertainers, and may include leaders of nations.

So as we watch the international scene, you can expect a kind of cyclic wave between now and September 5th. It begins with movements, voices, demonstrations which are mostly unique in that they will be cooperating groups. Then as the cycle moves forward into Leo, watch for new leadership and action. Unfortunately it may include some difficult activities as well since at times the Leo energy can be ego oriented and irresponsible. But then as that period closes and the final Full Moon in Aquarius is back on August 20, there will be a renewal and we may actually see outcomes that surprise us.

As the New Moon in Virgo starts September 5th, these new beginnings may take a practical turn, being discussed in legislature or find a way to be engineered into our world.