Sandy Hook Massacre ~ 28 Souls Force Focus On Violence As We Enter The Season Of The Underworld

As we came to the end of the Sacred Time of Water ~ Season of the West, a time of cleansing, we experienced a deep wound that is filled with blood, tears and the well of emotions that will take generations to heal and will force change at many levels. This of course is the murder of innocents that occurred on December 14th, at approximately 9:30 am at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

With this tragedy filling our minds and hearts, we have moved into the Sacred Time of The Ancient Ones ~ Season of the North, Air ~ Dialogue, Inspiration & Ingenious Possibilities. We have passed the day that some claimed would end in doom, Yuletide 2012 and as we predicted it would be a doorway to a greater consciousness.

Now wrapped in the pain of tragedy, we begin our three month journey to the Underworld to examine the roots of our belief systems and allow the wisdom of the Ancient Ones to inspire change.

The death of innocents forces us to address our national obsession with guns. We must shift from our Old West - shoot 'em up - consciousness to a broader understanding of how the combination of personal soul awareness and community awareness can protect us. Dialogue is the first step to this expansion. 

For thousands of years man has lived in fear and developed mechanical instruments to protect him from those he feared. Living in fear is fertile ground for bias, bigotry and hatred. It is through fear that war activates.

Now as Americans grapple with how to avoid more massacres, we must also come to understand fear, because this is the underlying basis that drives the negative use of a weapon.

As soul, we come to this human experiment to learn compassion. Over thousands of years, we have developed a pattern or matrix for change. Unfortunately that matrix is an abominable destructive act. This is what happened in the slaughter of innocents in Connecticut on Dec 14th.

These souls, innocent, beautiful and precious, have forced us to focus on change so that we may move forward in consciousness. The loss is deep and will leave a scar for generations. For many close to those slain, it is too deep to ever fill. But in the midst of this tragedy, there will be an uprising that leads us in the right direction. It will illuminate the basis of fear, the issues of how the emotional senses can be numbed, the issues of mental instability and how we must make changes in identifying and healing these health issues. There are many streams of change that will flow out of this tragedy and bring change.

Some of these changes will come from the children who survived this terrible day of destruction. Take time in your own heart to witness what has happened and allow your higher self to flow through you to see the threads of change that will flow because of the lives martyred. 

Though the time to heal and make change will be long, it is important for us to understand that this terrible event is a doorway. An auspicious doorway that opened in the 9 am hour of the moon on the day of Venus, as we were closing the season of cleansing, and seven days later we crossed the Mayan yuletide of 2012, and entered into the season of the underworld.

What do these numbers mean? What does this timing indicate?

The number nine is a time of endings, it is a bridge between heaven and earth. The day of Venus is a day of love, and social connecting or networking. The hour of Cancer is an hour of family, emotions and also mundanely it represents the people of a nation. The number seven indicates fast change, motivated directed change. 

Putting it all, you see the numerology picture of this terrible event. An ending took place bridging heaven with earth, with a nation pouring love and emotions, which would motivate individuals to take action to make change.  

Though we may first focus on how to stop the violence, I pray that we as humans will also focus on a way to end the matrix of destruction we have used as our weapon of change. Let us acknowledge those who see our shortcomings as nations and people, and instead of pushing them away, because it is too much trouble to look, let us allow courage to fill us and go forth to make change in a timely fashion.

During this past season of cleansing, we spoke as a nation to say no to money controlling our election process, let us take the next step and look around to see what must be done to create a better world. Where to begin? Let your heart tell you. It knows exactly what is right for you.