Happy Thanksgiving - Half Price Natal Chart Offer

Hi Everyone.. it is Thanksgiving Week and I am so grateful for everything and everyone in my life. I have the most wonderful husband, family, fur babies and friends. A village of incredible beings that bring light and love and fill my heart to overflowing. 

I pray your life is filled to overflowing too! 

As a gift to everyone during this time, I am offering your natal chart with all the details that I use in my consultations for half price. Here is a sample chart so you can see all that is included:

Normally I charge $6 for each chart, but during this gratitude week, I am offering them at half price.. just $3 each. I will pdf the chart to you once I receive both your payment and all the birth data necessary to create it. Here is what you will find on the pdf of the chart you will receive.

  • Lunar Phases, 
  • Eclipses 
  • Fixed Stars, 
  • Arabic Parts, 
  • Rulers of Day & Hour of Birth, 
  • Declinations. 
  • Little Aspectarian
  • Meanings of symbols
When you purchase one, I will need your birth data, so please include it in the message. If you forget, don't worry, I will write to you directly and ask you for it, but that will add a little time to the process. 

How many charts?

What I need from you: 

Name of Person or Business 
This allows me to find it easily in the future, but it has no bearing on what the chart looks like. So if you feel you need to keep it incognito, give it any name you like.

Date of Birth 
Please write out the name of the month e.g.: January, March, etc.

Time of Birth 
as exact as possible - e.g. 10:14 am, 6:55 pm, or if you prefer universal time, 22:06

This should include the city, county, state or province and country. e.g. Queens, Kings County, New York, USA

HOW & WHEN will I receive my chart?

Within 48 hours of cleared funds, your chart will be sent in a PDF file to your Paypal email address. 

If there is a style of chart you have been wanting, maybe a synastry, composite, progressed, solar return or other type, contact me. The charge may be different but I am happy to run any kind of chart for you, even a vedic one! Just send me a note and I will work with you!

Michele Avanti, is an ISAR Certified Astrology Professional with nearly 30 years working with clients internationally. You can learn more about how I work with clients by visiting:http://astrologyandmore.blogspot.com/p/consultations.html     

You can also hear me on internet radio or youtube by googling michele avanti astrologer. I have done hundreds of radio shows.