Jan 2015 Mercury Retrograde, Tom Brady, Ebola, Charlie Hebdo

The first 2015 Mercury Retrograde is in Aquarius the sign of revolution, change, brotherhood, science, logic, genius, healing, and cooperation.

Most astrologers note that Mercury Retrograde has a shadow which activates about two weeks before and two weeks after it stations, though in individual charts it could take place earlier or later depending on activation of the person's natal and progressed planets and luminaries.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, indicates unexpected finds, discoveries, thoughts we did not realize were valuable. It is a time to rediscover our own genius and the genius in our friends. A time to consider brotherhood and how to make the playing field equal for all without distinction of race, money, religion or any other label. Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius calls us to review what freedom is, what we have fought to free in the past and what is worthy of the fight right now.

Since Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is in the ground breaking sign of Aries while still in a challenging aspect to Pluto, there is no doubt this retrograde will include many headlines and new turns of events that will cause us step into a greater brotherhood (more cooperation) in a variety of ways.

Mercury's retrograde shadow began January 7th, 2015 in most of the Western world with a shocking event in Paris France. the murders at Charlie Hebdo.

With Mercury (the planet of speech) in Aquarius (the sign of freedom) it is not surprising that the issues of Freedom of Expression or Freedom of Speech hit the spotlights under its shadow. But Mercury alone could not activate such a horrific event, it would get the message out and dig up all the old experiences, reasons and self-sabotaging issues, but it acted as a trigger for Uranus (revolution) in Aries (foot soldiers, aggressive warriors) and Pluto (explosions, transformer) in Capricorn (ancient rules, structures, governments, and disciplines) who have been dancing in a square for a long time to launch out of the loaded gun. Here is the chart for January 7th in Paris at 11:30 am, the time reported for the horrific murders.

The power house T-square indicates purpose, karma, transformation and a call to leadership for President Hollande. Hidden behind this explosive powerhouse is the yod between Pluto in Capricorn, Chiron in Pisces and the finger of God points to the Moon in Leo, the people of the nation in the 6th house. This yod says it all. The creatives in the workplace of the nation will bear the karmic burden because they have sabotaged themselves driven by their soul family mission, to press forward the transformation of the government and the ancient structures (religions) that continue to elude and sabotage the people.

Tom Brady & Deflate-gate

As Mercury continued to its actual stationing, the NFL playoffs took place in the United States. On Sunday, January 18th, The New England Patriots led by Tom Brady under the direction of Bill Belichick played in Boston, Massachusetts against the Indianapolis Colts for the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl and this game would surface an issue directly related to Mercury.

Mercury is the planet of quarterbacks, it rules all things that move rapidly such a spinning football. The football is both a message (Mercury is a messenger) between the quarterback and the receiver and also a vehicle used to travel over a space faster than feet can travel.

The Patriots pounded the Colts in a crushing win 45 to 7, but woke up to a controversy the next day. It was revealed that 11 of the 12 footballs used in the game were severely under-inflated thus creating an advantage for the Patriots both in throwing and holding onto the ball.

This has taken place not only as Mercury began to station retrograde but while Pluto & Uranus are still dancing in their challenging square. Uranus is both fame and infamy, while Pluto is destruction & rebirth. Together they are explosive and unpredictable. Mercury will continue to move retrograde and it will activate the Pluto Uranus square on the 26th & 27th, and we may see a few more issues rise to the table at that time.

But what will happen to Tom Brady?

Looking at Brady's chart, it is clear he is not only a super fast quarterback but that he is working through a lifetime with good karma written all over it. He has the marks of a super athelete with the blessings of Betelgeuse, the fixed star of Orion that gives the individual success despite lies or unacceptable activity. (If you have read some of my past entries, you will recall that President George W. Bush has this great star in his chart too.)

Here is Tom Brady's natal (birth) chart.

You can instantly see this man has a love of speed and athletics, (Moon in Aries) and that he has the physical ability to achieve it. The ruler of his physical form is Venus in the ninth house in Cancer sextile to Mercury in Virgo in the 11th, precise detailed intellect sextile to Uranus in Scorpio in the first house which adds speed, sudden unexpected ability to make changes in direction or thought, flashes of insight and an intuitive edge that may seem uncanny to those watching him.

Mars relates to our energy or go power, Tom's is in the Eighth house, which it rules, giving it still more power and it is in the sign of Gemini, the fastest, most agile sign of the zodiac. His Mars is in a trine to Pluto in the twelfth house indicating he is empowered with tranformative balance, part of his past life legacy. This means he is not only fast and agile but has a strong center of balance, not easy to knock over or will seldom lose his footing. All of these aspects lend to his amazing ability as a quarterback.

But is Tom really honest? 

He was born with Neptune in retrograde squaring his Mercury, so he is someone who is challenged by the truth or with lies and what he values. But when he was born the aspect is slightly out of reach and at this point in his life, the progressed Neptune has gone direct so it will not turn him in. He will get away with many indiscretions and most definitely already has. The trine from his Sun to Neptune gives him success, or people who are leaders in his field will open doors for him to resolve the tangles he creates.

So what can we expect to happen to Tom Brady due to Deflate-Gate?

Not much is what I expect. There may be a fine as Saturn moves retrograde through his second house. There is stress for him, but all in all his good karma will carry him through. Times to watch are around April 17th and late August to early September. What I would say to him if he were my client is, "This is a test for you, Tom. Pay attention, don't sabotage your future with underhanded ways. The nodes were active in this incident, that signature indicates you are testing yourself to see if you will step beyond the ways of sabotage from past lives. Getting away with a lie now is only a little carrot to tempt you further and test you. Become honest at every level and you will find greater peace as well."

But even as I say this to Tom, I have no expectations he will listen. I can see issues that will arise this time next year when Saturn activates his Neptune / Mercury aspect while Pluto squares his nodes and Uranus conjoins his South Node bringing something suddenly to the news about a coverup. At that time with Pluto as the nadir (the bottom of his chart) it will be an extremely difficult experience and not so light as this one.

Also key during this retrograde is the Ebola Vaccine

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius can bring forth a new way through old means that may resolve issues with this strange disease. Yesterday* on January 23rd, it was announced that a new, barely tested vaccine would ship out to Africa next Friday. The fact that this is being done during the Mercury Retrograde tells us it will not be the last. There will be more, but it indicates a positive more cooperative future for humanity, the very lesson that Mercury in Aquarius is helping us to learn.


Michele Avanti CAP is an ISAR certified astrology professional with over two decades of experience. Michele is past president of the Las Vegas Star Gazers and co-founder of the Astrology Club of Reno. She is also a metaphysican teaching since 1972 with works published since 1985. Michele works with clients worldwide, to make an appointment or learn more: http://astrologyandmore.blogspot.com/p/consultations.html