Ebooks, Future of Publishing & The Grid

I received this question in an email this morning:

This tribute to 13 Americans is being published on paper and as an e-book. Do you think e-books work for kids?
Knopf to Publish Picture Book from President Obama
Source: publishersweekly.com
This is what I see...

I believe as we move into the next generation, ebooks will be the way all kids read.

Yes, that is between 10 and 20 years from now, but as the phone becomes the portable computer and it begins to be the ebook reader - I see all of these tools merging in the future. Children will no longer carry big back packs to school, they will carry their computer/phone/reader (their CPR)

Today many children in North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, India, and China are using kindles for their books. That is going to increase exponentially each year because it is far cheaper to buy textbooks for kindle and so much easier to access them. There is no question that this is the way of the future.

Do you realize that there is a debate going on in the schools today to drop cursive writing because there is no longer a need to write!

Okay, for those as old as I am, this may feel awful, but so does the thought that future generations will find paper books in antiquarian bookstores only.

The world is spinning forward and in the next 50 years, we will be tapping into the grid of information without the blocks of time. It is a step beyond the internet, far beyond it.

The internet has laid out the grid in plain terms for everyone to see. Now we need to jump into the understanding that we are part of it. Not just through a computer but through our very being - our frequency, our consciousness, quite literally who we are. I am not referring to your body or personality, but who you are.

Every living thing is part of the grid! Trees, bees, man, dog, dolphin, eagle, earth, water droplet, sand, mountain, Saturn, Sun, all of us are divine energy. We all have consciousness, some more active than others. But all of us participate in the integrated web of creation.

Listen to this program where I speak with Dr. Bryan Oulette on the grid. It should help you see the bigger picture.
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