Uranus, Pluto, Scheat, & Gaia

Are the planets signaling that there is a storm gathering?

Do we see the earmarks of more revolution unlike anything man has seen in thousands of years.


Not since the time when men discovered that their semen caused pregnancy in women, have we had such a revolution on the rise.

At that time men realized that they could control women, and the once thought of miraculous experience of birth became for them, a method of control and power. So ended the Matriarchy of peace and began the Patriarchy we see today. It gave rise to the slavery of women, and the use of woman to procreate children of war.

Saturday (July 9, 2011) Uranus went Retrograde at 4 degrees Aries activating a square with Pluto as it continued Retrograde at just under 6 degrees of Capricorn. A 7.0 earthquake signaled the event in the same area that activated when Uranus entered Aries last March, off the shore of Honshu, Japan.

Uranus is the planet of revolution, freedom, sudden unexpected events, new ways of thinking, invention and genius. Four is the number of the planet, the four directions. So as it stationed, it signaled a revolution for the earth, to all corners nothing will hide as it will reveal new patterns of thought.

While Pluto is in Capricorn between both five and six degrees, it suggests we must transform the old ways, the structures that we have known for centuries, we must make hard choices. Many will worry finding it hard to let go, they'll struggle with the details of old beliefs.

As these two planets come closer together, and are activated by Mars and the Moon in a full T-square around August 9 & 10th, many issues will come to a head.

Old lies, the crumbling infrastructure, armies, wars, surgical malpractice, banking cartels, and government malfeasance will be in the headlines. The bell is tolling for the many power complexes that have held the current belief system in place. At this point more people will see truth in a new way, the chain of lies becomes more transparent and the choice of freedom will be claimed by the masses causing the systems to continue to crumble.

Gaia's grid is expanding every day, like the heart of a patient who has been through open heart surgery, getting stronger, rejuvenating her to breath free of so many disturbing controls that have developed through the belief systems of humanity, the very beings that were designed to be her crown chakra.

Rainforest destruction, this is what is left behind.
Humanity's belief systems have held Gaia hostage, destroying her forests, killing her life forms, poisoning her water, air, soil and plants, tying her up with every form of air wave, and shooting her with underground nuclear blasts.

Additionally she is poisoned by the thought forms and emotional waves of hatred, anger, and irreverent response to her divinity and the divine gifts she gives through the seeds in her soil.

As Gaia's Grid expands, Lightworkers will feel support from her and from others across the grid. They will gather courage they did not know they possessed, like the surprise one who cannot swim, has as they dive into the pool to save a drowning child.

We are not alone. We are not under original sin. We have never been abandoned. We have all the power of creation and all the information that is Source. What you have believed has been lies set to snare and control you. It is time to face your worst fear, your own limitless power, and your union with all life.

We are on the threshold of a new beginning signaled by the planets aligned with the fixed star Scheat, which has not been at the Aries point for 26,000 years.

Scheat stimulates the intellect in new ways.

Directly aligned with Uranus it creates a revolutionary mind, that will throw off the blinders suddenly seeing clearly.

Scheat conjoined with Uranus in Aries, creates sudden realization.

There is no standing still to think about it. Together this luminary and planet will move people as armies, in new ways. It is like striking the mind of humanity with lightening, a shock to the system that opens the way for enlightenment.

Unfortunately the dark side of Scheat is mass drowning, which we saw with the first hit back in March as the tsunami swept thousands of people under the waves. We may see something like this again as Uranus stations at zero Aries, Dec. 10, 2011.

How you witness, what you witness is the key to your freedom.

Hail all things for the breakthrough they are. Lament naught, for what appears lost is the threads of an old blanket that has not kept you from the cold for centuries.

As I have said earlier in my blog and will continue to remind you, center yourself in gratitude and love and you will have the life jacket to float through this transformation.

Also if you have practiced grounding yourself in Gaia (earth) in the past, it is best to change that now. As Gaia is transforming she is not stable in the way she has been and you will not get the response you are used to. Shoot the energy up instead of down. Focus it on the grid and Goddess, and you will find the support you need.

The grid is already stronger than expected.

At this writing it is a deep purple and magenta expanding along all the ley lines and extending about eighty miles on either side of them. The Spin Points are activating and there is no doubt that Gaia will achieve her next level of frequency, thirteen notes higher than she has ever been. 

Stay in love with all life. See the divinity in every being from dust and rock to man and insect, and you will be shown all you need to take your next step in consciousness.

Here is something wonderful to focus on,
Use this animated mandala to help focus
love, light and joy!

With love, always,


Buggy said...

Thank you and Spirit for this information and for the pep talks to stay centered in love and light.

I am interested to read more from you about shooting the energy up to the Grid and the Goddess, instead of asking to be grounded to Gaia.

Michele Avanti said...

Thank you Buggy, I will post something just for you right now.