Intention Creates Your World - Love Joy Money Opportunity

I woke up this morning with a directive to share with you. Take your intention to a new level. It is time to realize that every thought you have that activates your emotions creates into the physical reality. This of course is alchemy. The mixing of fire (electrical activation of the mind through thought and inspiration) and water (the emotional excitement or fear) manifests gold - only when what your mix is of a positive nature. The negative fear based stuff makes coal - the 666 carbon based substance that takes centuries of pressure to purify into the diamond. Haven't we all had enough of those pressures? Let's change that now.

In our divine essence, we are all diamonds, but with all that we have done over the millenniums, diverting and forgetting who we are, we have come to a place of chaos. Just as our planet appears to be filled with chaos and our oceans with waste, we each have forgotten who we are and the process that created all of this - both our original essence and the chaos we stand in. It is time to clean up.

Yes we can recycle and clean the environment - that is important on a daily basis. But what is most important is cleaning our own thought process. When we do this every day, we not only discover peace but we create it throughout the world.
I created this painting just for this note. I call it:
"Human Balancing The Divine"

So let me share a little on how to do this easily and effectively.
Each morning when you wake, instead of going through a list of to-dos, begin your day with gratitude for your breath. Realize you are breathing and feel its impact in your body as the oxygen excites your blood and your body comes alive. Feel the energy as it moves through your body and be grateful for being alive on this beautiful planet. Now ask the beings, angels, guides, ancestors, elementals and all the helpers around you to keep you consciously grateful throughout the day. Give them a physical means to remind you to shift to gratitude. Maybe ask them to show you a symbol, a feather, a license plate, a bird, a color. Or if you are more auditory, then perhaps a sound, a song, a word or anything that you will recognize. If you are kinestetic, then ask for a feeling, a twinge in your hand, a pinch on your arm, a breeze through your hair. Consciously intend to manifest only what you want today. Joy, laughter, peace, abundance, love, wonder, etc. Say out loud: "I, Michele (insert your name here) am consciously manifesting my world now. I am filling it with ... (add all things you want to fill it with here.. if money is an issue, use words like abundance, resources or opportunities instead of money or cash because words like money have too many negative connotations.) Next get out of bed and stretch your arms out from your sides and consciously open all the chakras in your hands, your head, your feet, your spinal column. That will include feeling and imagining or actually seeing light flow through and shoot out of: every finger, the palms of your hands, every toe, the bottoms of your feet, every bump of your spine in your back and neck and the top of your head. Feel the energy flow from the top of your head through all these parts of your body. Feel it flow out flooding your world with energy and light. Now feel it come up from the heart center of Mother Earth - Gaia and let it flow again through all these points. Finally put one hand over your heart and point your other hand to the heavens; and begin to breath through your heart. As you breath in feel love fill your heart expanding it, and as you breath out feel the love energy flow out of your heart into the world. Now you are ready for the day. You should feel light and loved because you have just loved yourself, allowed the beings around you who adore you to love you, and connected with your Earth Mother who has created every cell in your body, to love you. During the day pay attention to how your emotions wrap around your thoughts and as you do, make sure your thoughts are ones you want to manifest. They should be productive for you, not filled with fear or anger or challenge. If you do this for just one day you will start to notice how you are thinking and how you are creating your world. You can change it and make it what you want. Stop thinking about the details of how things will happen, leave that to Spirit - that is how we have miracles. Yes we do have miracles and we can have them every single day. We are the creators of our own worlds - so create the world you want. I challenge everyone who reads this, to do this simple technique for 21 days. Mark your calendar, if you miss a day, continue at that moment and fulfill this challenge. I guarantee it will change your life into the miraculous one you only thought happened in fairy tales. Sending hugs to you.. you are always in my heart.. xxxooo Michele Avanti CAP, is an internationally Certified ISAR Astrology Professional, an award-winning author & artist and a metaphysical consultant. She has been teaching and consulting in metaphysics since 1972. Click the consultations tab above to learn more about what Michele offers.