Fourth Of July 2020

In the midst of so much frustration, disease and unrest, I pray you will find solace in knowing we are on the precipice of enormous change. The things that we have witnessed and have allowed to remain hidden are now surfacing at every turn. 

We are entering a time of deeper understanding of what it means to be human, to share a planet, and to be brother and sister to everyone and every bit of creation.

Let us celebrate the unveiling of truth. Honor all who have died for freedom.  Including all our veterans and their animal friends, as well as all those who have died in the fight for rights of every kind. The right to have freedom & justice for all means ALL. 

In this nation thousands have died for so many kinds of freedoms. Let us honor all of them, for they have made the breakthroughs to bring us; the right to vote, the right to speak, the right to assemble peacefully and voice our grievances, the right to be equal in body, creed, color, and lifestyle.

I wish you a happy, safe and healthy Fourth..let us take this day to reflect, to honor and celebrate.