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Birthday Archetypes  
New Release Sept. 18, 2013

Nine archetypes hold the key to many personality quirks, talents and challenges. With only a date of birth, the reader gains a deeper understanding of themselves and all the people they know.

Three-time award-winning author, Michele Avanti delivers a simple, yet ancient way to understand the reasons behind why you or anyone you know, responds or reacts to life the way they do.

Knowing anyone’s birthday will deliver the secrets to their archetypes and thus their foundational state of consciousness. It is this originating directive, comparable to a genetic imprint in consciousness, which each soul uses to filter their experiences in this physical world.

The simple technique outlined in this little book, can explain why some people are peace-makers and others aggressively charge forward or take control.

By identifying each birthday archetype, Michele shows us the consciousness underpinning of why some people get trapped in self-pity, emotional overwhelm, self-martyrdom, obsession or self-neglect. Why some folks need time alone and others take risks that may terrify their family. It’s all in the numbers!

But Michele does not leave us here, she takes us into the awareness of the lesson each soul is learning and how to work through them. Once you know this information, you can begin your own journey of peace, and self-love, while honoring others with the choices they make.

Though a book cannot give you the full experience of walking in another’s moccasins, this book certainly will help you put on their shoes!

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ISBN  ~  9780977959013     
Pages ~ 70   ♥  Softcover   ♥   Size ~ 5"x 7"
Age ~ Teen - Adult  
Self-Help, Spirituality,  Metaphysics, Numerology
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2007 NCPA Best Juvenile Fiction Award Winner
2007 COVR Visionary Fiction Finalist Winner

GreeHee has never flown beyond his mountain. He's never seen a fairy or a wizard before, and never known a giant.
All GreeHee knows is a lonely life living with his cruel father who calls him a sniveling runt and who often abandons him for months at a time. He never knew his mother and has never had a friend. He spends his days practicing the dragon-art, hoping someday to make his father proud.
 But all that is about to change when a little fairy stumbles into his world activating an ancient prophecy and he begins a journey unlike anything he could have imagined. Now he will not only make friends and experience astonishing magic at every turn, but a glorious destiny awaits him...if GreeHee can survive the traps and withstand the evil.
"I wrote this book to give you a place to visit and escape from the pressures of daily life. In Tamoor you can reawaken wonder, refresh your energy and realize that a divine hand weaves all your imperfections into a magnificent tapestry.

Each of us needs to learn the lesson that GreeHee learns here - to love yourself and in so doing - to follow your heart." 

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