Cancer & Women

This section of my blog is devoted to women, cancer, fibroids, food and chemical relationships, the human condition, the spiritual activation and how to get the best health out of the vehicle (body) that you have. I have spoken with clients concerning these issues for years and have been meaning to give you the low down on what I have learned in the nearly six decades I have been on this planet.

Too often I take for granted that, "Everyone knows," But the truth is, we need to share so that everyone knows. So after writing a note to someone I love about these issues, I felt I needed to put them in a public place, so you can find answers. So you can re-think what is in your house, what you buy, where you eat, how you live and how you create a healthy vehicle.

The human organism is one of the most amazing inventions of creation. It has everything you could want in a physical vehicle. It is constantly working toward homeostasis or balance in order to keep itself ready to perform any task the soul driver requires. Whether taking a test, running a race or giving birth to another vehicle.

We are soul drivers using human organisms to manifest creation on the physical level. Yes, that is what we are.

The human organism requires a few things, but over the many years that we have played the game of human life, we have added a lot of things to this list that we now believe are necessary for life in the human form. Our beliefs do rule our bodies, thus they will be necessary if you believe.

The human organism needs oxygen, water, and simple enzyme active foods.

Cooked, complex foods, are an addition we choose. The kinds of foods and how much of this or that are also manipulated by beliefs and scientific constructs.

The human vehicle will always respond to its controller, the mind. The mind gives the directive and the cells follow it. This by the way, is not the conscious mind, but rather the subconscious mind.

So despite how these great human organisms were originally designed to work, we have encumbered them through a variety of mental, emotional, tribal, cultural, societal, national and international agreements, which include cooked foods, sugary liquids and environmental hazards of every kind. We fill them with a variety of molecular structures that they do not need, and bombard them with waves, sounds, fumes and cover-ups, that these amazing vehicles must find a way to evacuate and re-balance.

At this point in the history of the human organism, we have come to a new impasse. We have agreed to test them to the limit. We are currently pouring a variety of tainted and genetically modified foods and foreign chemicals into the organism to test its ability to stretch and re-balance. In this process many are experiencing disease including many women being diagnosed with cancer and fibroids.

So here are some the offenders that should be examined. Though if your body says this is good for me, then you may ignore what is written here.

How does your body tell you if something is good for you? 

Kinesiology is the way you can test. To do this, you must first bring yourself to a clear, balanced state. Take a few deep breaths, ask your body to release any negativity or bias and open yourself to welcome truth for the health of your own cellular universe. You will feel relaxed at this point. Then take the object, food, or a piece of paper upon which you have written the name of the item, and hold it gently to your heart. Within an instant, our body will respond. It may move forward or back. It may be a very slight or very large movement. Back means stay away, forward means go for it. It is simple.

I am sure there are many you tube videos on using Kinesiology.  So google it if you feel a need to see someone doing it.

There are many things in the American diet that contribute to cancer in women. Foods that most people think are completely safe. I try to educate my clients and others about these because it is not easy to get straight answers from our government and our government aligns itself with companies who promote these products.

Here are some of the really important things that all women need to remove from their homes and thus their lives to avoid cancer and fibroids.

This Noodle Soup has: Soybeans and Hydrolyzed Soy (MSG)

Soybean Free Mayonnaise
First offender: Soybeans in any form, except fermented and if you feel it is good for you, then make sure it is organic, because GMO soybeans are not healthy for anyone.

Where are they? 

In almost every mayonnaise, salad dressing, dip, and oil based condiments. You will be lucky to locate a protein bar that does not include soy protein in one form or another. Nearly every frozen breaded product, as well as most pastry products, pies, pie crusts, cookies, crackers, and many breads including artisan breads. If the label says hydrolyzed (this one is a really bad choice because it includes MSG, which does a number on brain neurons) or isolated protein solids, that is soy.

Good luck finding a protein bar without one of these or without soy. There are a few, but only a few at this writing. Now to the part that hurts the most, nearly every single bar of chocolate contains lecithin made from soybeans. Oh, and in case you missed it, because I did not mention it, there is obviously soy in soy milk. No it is not good for you, and you will be surprised if you look at the level of sodium in soy, it is incredibly high. Compare the sodium levels in protein powders and you will find that hemp is the best choice overall.
Two Soy Free Bars, the better choice is the organic one on top
because Blueberries are on the highly sprayed pesticide list.
It's always a good idea to know what is on this list.

Second greatest offender: Growth Hormones in meats and dairy products. 
You have to buy food carefully to make sure you are not getting these, They are in butter, milk, cream cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, as well as nearly every hamburger, taco, and pizza in this nation.

Meat must be hormone free. That means you need to search for it, or buy organic. Look at the labels, if the meat does not have a statement on the label indicating it is antibiotic and hormone free, don't buy it. 
All the dairy products you purchase should say this on the label as well. That means eating out at fast food places is simply not an option. 

If America women realized just how important this is, they would boycott all the hamburger and taco joints for one month, and a revolution would take place in the food business. Instead of washing meat with ammonia and chlorine (yes that is how they resolved the Taco Bell salmonella crisis some years back) we should force the slaughter houses to clean up the feed lots and make sure the cattle graze in clean pastures for their last few weeks of life.
There are some quality yogurts in the market like this Brown Cow, that pledge to be Hormone Free

Third major offender is BPA,
Most people don't even know what it is, no less where it is. But we have been feeding it to babies for years. It's a chemical that comes out of plastic bottles and goes into the liquid..yes only recently have they started making baby bottles bpa free. But nearly every water bottle in America transports BPA into that nice clean water we buy. If it's not in glass or states it's BPA free, don't drink out of it.

Fourth worst offender is really three different ingredients that are often seen together in products. They are Propylene Glycol (PG), Polyethylene glycol (PEG), and Parabens. 
These are found in nearly every product in your bathroom or dressing room; from deodorant and mouthwash, to shampoo and makeup. People are putting these awful chemicals into their bodies by ingesting them or through the largest organ of the body, their skin.

Take a break right now and go to your bathroom, look at your shampoos, your mouthwash, your toothpaste, your deodorant and all your expensive makeup, unless you have already been alerted to these, I guarantee you will find them everywhere.

Look for labels that say: "Propylene Glycol & Paraben Free"

Dr. Hulda Clark wrote a book titled: The Cure For All Cancers. She worked with thousands of people, and noted the dangers of these chemicals.

According to OSHA , there are at least 880 variations of compounds of chemicals that are harmful to the human nervous system and are used in personal care products, cosmetics, and perfumes.

I am sure there are many other chemicals that we are exposed to, that are cancer causing or cancer related, but these are tops on the list and if we take action just to remove these, we are really making change and making a statement to industry.

The more women who do this, the more we will find ourselves boycotting dangerous products. This is the basis of revolution and through it, companies discover they must change.

Chlorine has always been identified as a poison, yet everyday across America, people are ingesting it, inhaling its fumes, or using it on their skin. 

Commercial potato chip manufacturers remove the potato skins in a chlorine bath,

All ground beef and chicken used in fast food has been washed with ammonia or chlorine to kill the salmonella bacteria, which is a direct result of slaughter houses forcing cattle to stand in feces hoof to hoof waiting to die.

All white flour products from bread and cookies to pastries and pies, which are made from 'bleached' flour contain chlorine, and almost every paper product in this country from napkins and baby wipes to toilet paper has been bleached.

There is one more item most people never consider, shower or bath water. Unless you have a water purification system for your entire home, or filters at every faucet, you are bathing in chlorinated water. The water used is usually hot, so your pores are open and it is soaked up by the largest organ of your body, your skin. An easy fix is to buy a shower filter, and when you take a bath fill your tub through it.

I expect if you are reading this, you know better than to drink tap water, which though certainly healthier than water in most countries, still contains chlorine, as well as fluoride, and other chemicals your body will have to re-balance.

Back in the 50s, chlorine was the only major offender, but today it sits in the background to much worse stuff, so it becomes a compounding offender.

I hope this is revealing and helpful to you. I know you will go out to eat and will not get the healthiest foods, but if at least you do get the best of everything at home, you will be ahead of the game.

Remember to bless and be grateful when you eat.

The best thing you can do when you are eating out (also anytime you eat) is to pray over your food, and ordain it to be healthy for all the cells in all your bodies. Then you have the ability to change the frequencies and rebalance the energy content of the food you ingest. Frequency is everything. It is what we are made of and what all things are made of, but since we don't see it, and we have a social agreement that what we see is real, we often forget who we really are. We forget we are the soul drivers of a human organism and we believe we are this body.

Remember you are only driving this body. If you feed it as well as you feed your car, you will find it drives a whole lot better.

You would not put coca cola in your gas tank, why do you put it in your human vehicle, which was designed to run on water!

I hope this note will help you think more clearly about what the human body is, and to take a new look at what you put in it and how you use it.

Other issues not covered here include environmental cancer activators, such as microwaves (including eating food that comes out of one), and extreme low frequency waves (ELFs).

These constantly bombard us from computers, cell phones, home electrical systems, the dashboard of your car, and microwave broadcasting towers.

In addition, there are a variety of chemicals that we may inhale as a result of the places we live or work. These can be in the paint, the carpet, the glue that holds flooring in place, even the air freshener or furniture polish.

Take your time and start becoming aware of your surroundings. Bless every where you go and at the same time, consider how your human organism reacts or responds to the environment around you.

If you notice you become lethargic in certain places, or get headaches or start sneezing or sniffling, then your human vehicle may be experiencing an environmental discomfort. Pay attention to these things and work towards greater harmony with your environment. Sometimes a simple thing like a flower essence or rescue remedy will solve the issue.

I have not written this to create fear, but to create a practical approach to health through the perspective of the soul driver honoring the needs of the human organism. Please remember, this human organism is your exclusive vehicle, which makes it possible for you to do everything in the physical world.

Since writing this article, I have been asked to add names of products that are good for us. There are lots more today than ever before, some excellent companies include: Hain, Nature's Gate, Umpqua Dairy, Trader Joe's dairy products, Avalon Organics, Kashi,, Muir Glen, Jason Organics, Amy's, Nancy's Yogurts, (I'll add more over time)
Please if you have favorites, do comment below. different parts of the world will have different companies.