Michele has clients around the world. Sessions are done by phone. If you live in the USA, Michele can call you, otherwise you will call her.

Michele will contact you within 48 hours of receipt of funds. At that time, she will set up a time for your personal consultation. Please note, Michele has many clients and it can take between two and three weeks for her to fit you into her schedule. Of course every now and again, Spirit does work miracles and cancellations may make a time available more quickly. Know that all is perfect, even to the minute that a session begins!

Contact Michele Directly:
Call: 541-900-1084 between 11am - 6pm Pacific Time, Monday - Friday

Astrology Consultation

Michele will prepare your natal, progressed and transit charts. In addition, she may also prepare your solar return, relocation, astrocartography, and synastry charts, if your needs call for it. Here is a sampling of information you may receive during an astrological planetary systems session.
  • The love, financial, career and emotional challenges in your birth chart and how best to work with them. 
  • Significant dates within the next 12 - 36 months and how to use them to your best advantage. 
  • The strengths and challenges of a relationship in love, parenting, business or friendship. 
  • The potential effects of moving. 
  • The best times for opening a business, getting married, selling a house, etc. 
  • When and where to find love. 
  • Your best career choices. 
  • The potential for health problems and how to avoid their severity as well as information on when a problem may end. 
  • Dates and other information which can help you avoid or at least diminish the risk of accidents. 
Information needed for an astrological session includes: Your date of birth, city, county, state, country of birth, and time of birth, Include this information for all people you want Michele to look out.

Please realize that an hour session is best to focus on one person or the relationship between two people, though Michele will do her best to answer any specific questions you may have regarding children or partners. Most clients begin by having Michele examine their charts, and later build on this with the charts of partners and children.

Please include your phone number and email address when making payment, Michele will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your consultation.

Fee per hour is $188, this includes all charts and an MP3 recording of the session. Michele also offer a full hour and half for relationship consultations where she will examine and explain the benefits and challenges between two different people's chart. These may for partners, business or intimate, as well as for family members, like mother and child, or for friends.

Astrology Sessions

Metaphysical Consultation

Michele was born a psychic medium, and has done over 16,000 consultations since she was asked to do this professionally by her Spiritual guides nearly two decades ago.

During a session, Michele is a vehicle for your spiritual guides, your Higher Self, and the Spiritual Masters that work with you. Through her, these beings will give you the information necessary for your next step in consciousness. This information may include:
  • Present or old experiences, which you are unaware of or in denial about.
  • Future experiences to help you more clearly focus your life.
  • Past experiences which may include those from past lives that are blocking or sabotaging you.
  • Information from a loved one who has died.
During a session, Michele acts as a conduit for the information that your guides and higher self have been working to convey to you. As you work with Michele, your own intuition will become stronger.

Michele talks quickly and if you don't interrupt often, she can give you a tremendous amount of information in half an hour. She will lay out twelve doorways for your guides to come through. Each covers an area of your life and they will speak about what they see as most important in each zone. It can be something from the past, present or future. It may be exactly what has been troubling you.

By the time, Michele has completed the twelve doorways, many clients have received answers to the key questions that they have been pondering.

If done with limited interruptions, Michele will usually complete the twelve doorways in twenty minutes, leaving you still ten minutes to ask questions that may have come up or ones that perhaps the Spiritual guides did not consider imperative.

Sessions with Michele can be scheduled for one hour, 45 minutes or half hour. Sessions are recorded on mp3 if you choose. Just let her know when she confirms your session. You are also welcome to record the session on your own phone.

Fees: $144 - hour, $111 - 45 minutes,  $88 - half hour.

Metaphysical Sessions

Spiritual Support / Coaching

In life we may find that our background, environment and /or the people currently around us, do not fully support or understand our needs or desire to achieve peace and harmony. Though we may plan to follow techniques or practices that would enhance peace, harmony and wisdom, we feel challenged to fulfill the commitments we make to ourselves. We also may have questions that arise as we expand and would like to have someone who has walked this path to help us. It is for these reasons that I am now opening a new path I call Spiritual Support / Coaching for a few individuals.

Spiritual Support / Coaching is a time set aside to converse about issues you are experiencing. I will listen to your experiences and offer my wisdom and techniques to help you move through life's maze. By having a spiritual support system, in time you will find a secure footing in both the physical and spiritual worlds.

If you are interested, please contact me. Support / Coaching is by subscription, because it is an ongoing process. The individual must make a serious commitment because attainment of deep understanding takes time.  The shortest time I will offer is three months, meeting once each week for either a half hour or a full hour. That is a total of twelve sessions. Time and day of the week will be arranged after I know you are committed to this process.

Here are four options:
The first section is for payments made each week.
In the drop down menu, you will see a choice,
The first choice is for 12 weeks of 1/2 hour support sessions paid weekly.
The second choice is for 12 weeks of 1hour support sessions paid weekly.

Weekly Payment Options

This second section is if you prefer to pay monthly.

Monthly Payment Options