Radio Shows

I now do a radio show every week at 7pm PT with Deb Blyth. We started the I Am The Light Radio Network, here is the link to some the main page and some of the shows we have already done. I hope you enjoy them, and if you have topics you would like to hear us cover, please let us know by visiting our new facebook page:

Here are links to some of the shows, I, Michele Avanti CAP, have done in the past

July 6, 2011, Gaia's Vibrational Ascension, Crop Circles & Michele's new book Secrets Of Wisdom, with Allie Cheslick on Wings of Love.

June 29, 2011: Gaia, The Grid Expands, Vibrational Frequency Increases, Crop Circles, talking with Allie Cheslick on Wings of Love

June 2011, Frequencies & The Grid - What to Expect As We Move Into The Galactic Center - Eye Of The Seer with Bryan Oulette 

June 2011, Archetypes - new book coming out Secrets Of Wisdom - Talking on Annette Martin's Psychic World

June 2011, Archetypes, Angels & Astrology on Anchored In Astrology with Deb Clement

Eye of The Seer - Astrology Predictions for 2011

Frequencies on Eye of The Seer

With Rena Reese

Eye of The Seer - Astrology - The Moon

On Knights Of Awakening

Archetypes & Relationships on Eye of The Seer


Astrology on the air with Dr. Rita Louise

On Wings Of Love with Allie Cheslick

Loss of A Loved One

Fundamentals Of Astrology - Your Moon Sign

Art of Manifestation

Secrets Of Wisdom on air with Dr.Rita Louise