Graduating Class of 2008 - The Indigo Ray

On May 17th, I was in Southern California for a few days. I had the joy of watching an outstanding group of young people from all over the world graduate at Claremont McKenner College of Liberal Arts along with my intelligent nephew Matt.

The air was still and hot, and the entire West Coast toasted under the sweltering sun at triple figure digits. I watched as young people filled with ideals took their diplomas and readied to meet the world. Each one had completed a thesis, and it's title appeared under their names. The range of interests spanned issues from international economics to child custody, and computer gaming. This spectacular group came from numerous states from Massachusetts to Hawaii, and countries from Africa to Japan and Italy.

I marveled at the energy and the vast number of cum lauda honors achieved by nearly one third of this graduating class.

These souls have come to step up consciousness as we expand, and transform our world over the next seven years. I felt grateful to see the glow of their energy and enthusiasm, even as the weather whispered of climate changes far out of control.

The major earthquake in China still in the news, Iraq war unresolved, treasonous issues fringing the headlines, gas prices on their way to the planned $5 mark, and America's economy on the brink of disaster with the West leading the nation in foreclosures.

So what can these enthusiastic graduates look forward to?

The great paradox of soul incarnate is despite all the mundane societal, cultural, national and international issues, each one creates their own world. Each soul is linked to the force, as Yoda might put it. The very gridwork of creation is within your potential to adjust, change, imbue with your own imprint.

Understanding this, you can see the potential for waves of uplifting, expansive change through the aggregate intelligence of this graduating class. Here is the hope for change.

The souls graduating colleges throughout our nation this year are only one of the waves of new ray souls. They are the early indigo, many more are still in high school, while the rainbow and crystal children are in still younger grades. Each wave brings a new integrity, a new ideal and a new light to brighten the way as the paradigm shifts rebalancing the earth.