Empowering Numerology ~ The Number Seven & August 2013 Frequencies

Once we have understood the frequency of Six with all its choices, we are ready for the dynamic frequency of seven, the number of change.

Seven takes man beyond his egocentric self and helps him see himself as part of the solar system and universe. Before the frequency of seven entered man’s consciousness, he was completely self-absorbed. He lived in a state that may have fluctuated with intuitive glimpses of Spirit and the Divine but as he came to the frequency of six, all that was considered possible suddenly expanded and through the many choices that became available, the frequency of seven beckoned him to take a chance, leap, and risk everything for the fast thrill of a whole new world.

Seven is the number of the original stellar bodies that man studied right up until the 19th century…the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These seven luminaries and planets moved through the night sky and when they made certain geometric patterns, astronomers and astrologers noted major changes on earth, in nations and people.

The seventh celestial body is Saturn, which takes approximately twenty-eight years to orbit the Sun. Saturn is known as the disciplinarian, judge, authority figure, structure builder and government. At the moment when an individual takes their first breath, Saturn along with all the other planets and luminaries leaves a geometric pattern on the individual’s DNA. As the individual grows through life, Saturn in the sky will activate this birth pattern approximately every seven years creating major changes. These changes may be breakups because the foundation was not built properly, or may be a consolidation or graduation due to a job well done.

The old saying about the, ‘Seven year itch’, which activates breakups in relationships, is due to the movement of Saturn on a couple’s wedding chart (the moment a couple says, “I do,” a wedding chart is born.)

Seven’s shape is the most dramatic of any number. Like a great cliff from which one might leap, this number motivates. I call people who carry seven’s frequency, Risk Taker, Motivator, Change Maker and Gambler. It is no surprise that gambler’s call seven a lucky number.

But even as this frequency activates change, and those whose lives are tied to it would be unhappy in a monotonous life style; so too, change can be their Achilles heel.

When circumstances beyond the seven person’s control, remove someone or something from their lives, sevens find it emotionally painful and may take a long time to let go, forgive and be grateful. They will fall into a state of self-pity and can wallow there for seven years. The very best way to get them up and active again is to tempt them with a new adventure.

Seven is an optimistic number and a fast moving energy. Those who carry this energy drive faster than the rest of us and take far more chances in life. 

To achieve mastery with seven, we must discover joy in change, let go of emotional attachments that are beyond our control and take risks not by racing off the cliff, but by setting a foundation before we leap, thus we leave the cliff in a comfortable glider thrilling to the freedom of flight and filling ourselves with fresh air and broad new ideas. 

August 2013 & It’s Frequencies

August is: A (1) + u (3) + g (7) + u (3) + s (1) + t (2) = 17 = 8
2013: 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6
Total: 8 + 6 = 14 = 5 

The word August not only reduces to the number eight, but it is also the eighth month.

Eight’s frequency signals a need for balance, it is the number of the artist and the creative. Just as the number swirls beautifully, curving back into itself, so too does its frequency activate beautiful compositions in music, art, poetry, and all creative works. Being a number of balance it is also the number of justice, or karmic balance, so though it appears non-threatening, when it is active if the individual has not lived by the laws of karma, it will call for a karmic rebalancing. The great scales of justice are a symbol for the number eight.

Thus this month is a time to review all areas of your life and re-balance as necessary; not with a harsh attitude but rather with a song, a dance, and in rhythm to your heart. It is a time when creative energy flows and people find they must separate from certain experiences, choices, habits, things or people in order to come into harmony with themselves again.

When we add 2013’s six frequency to this month’s eight and create the additional frequency of five, we have a mix that requires us to consciously learn to choose balance or suffer the repercussions of karmic trials. So I highly recommend you welcome eight, six and five into your home and heart this month. Let them teach you to sing, paint, and dance into balance. Take time to review what you learn from them each week and this will give you a new outlook and a more balanced creative flow. If you have any unresolved legal issues, it is best to tackle them consciously this month and bring all parts of your life into balance.  

Michele Avanti has been teaching metaphysics since 1972. She is a metaphysical minister, an ISAR certified astrologer, an accredited Fixed Star Analyst, an EFT, emotional freedom technique professional and an energy mover. Michele mentors clients through individual consultations. Call 541-863-6631 or email her at AstrologyAndMore@gmail.com for an appointment. For more information, visit Michele’s blog at AstrologyAndMore.blogspot.com