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What is my purpose in life?
What happens after death?
Is this a spiritual gift or karmic connection?
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What happens when a pet dies?

I have been trained since birth by Spiritual Masters. They have trained me in the Spiritual Laws and I have helped thousands of people find answers to their questions by shifting their perspective. When you learn to see the world through the lens of soul, you will detach and find peace.

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Here is a question I recently received about psychic abilities & the tarot.

Q: Is Tarot reading successful due to the studied format or thru the psychic ability?

A: It is usually a combination of these two things. Everyone is psychic as soul is who we are, not something we own. But because we are in physical vehicles (the human body in our case) we are focused here in the physical plane of consciousness. We of course shift our focus throughout the day and in our sleep. But most humans focus in the three lower planes of consciousness, these being the astral or emotional state, mental or mind state and the higher part of the mental which is known as the causal plane or timeline. 

When we have psychic moments, our consciousness shifts to one of these levels and thus we can have what is known as a psychic moment. When we shift to the causal we may see the future. When we shift in the astral, we scan energy patterns and learn all kinds of information about someone or perhaps find ourselves connecting with individuals who are no longer in the physical form. We all have these "psychic" moments. 

But when we take time to learn the tarot, which are cards that actually synthesize pages of an ancient book of wisdom, we learn how to trust and open and thus our psychic nature is enhanced. 

It all comes down to trust and trust is something we earn as we experience. So a good teacher will help you learn and as you learn, what you discover is not just the meaning of cards, but of the basis of the creation of this plane of consciousness and all the levels that are part of it. As you learn these things and work with the cards, you learn to open to knowledge that may seem to come from nowhere. Instead of from the subconscious, you learn access the super conscious and to trust it. This is the key to all psychic development. To trust what you hear and follow a path to see its logic or truth in the physical. The more you see the truth in what you are being told, the more you learn to trust it. 

The gift of the tarot, is that it has a basis that you can fall back on to check yourself, and to make sure you are understanding what you are receiving. For example, someone calls you and asks, will my husband get the job he just applied for? You may feel a strong yes or no, or you may hear a phone ring and feel a sense of exhilaration, or you may feel sadness.. or hear a voice saying yes.. or so many other instantaneous experiences may come through when the person asks the question or even just before they ask it. But you say nothing, instead you ask Spirit to give you the information through the tarot. There in the card or cards you pull you see the story that confirms exactly what you received before you opened the deck. 

Having this type of experience, builds confidence in your abilities and confirms them. Eventually you will be tested to discern the difference between your mind spewing info and your higher self. For most students this can take two years but when you use the tarot properly, you can learn it very quickly.  

Michele Avanti CAP is a metaphysician, an ISAR certified astrology professional, accredited fixed star astrologer, award winning author and professional artist. She has taught metaphysics since 1972 and astrology since 1993. Her work in the field of art began at a young age selling her first painting while still in high school. Michele holds two BFA degrees in fine art and photographic illustration. She works with clients all over the world as a metaphysical and astrological consultant as well as a ghost writer, book designer and commissioned artist.

Michele has been honored by her peers in many ways including, three awards for best juvenile fiction and visionary fiction for her book, GreeHee The Journey Of Five. She is also past president of the Las Vegas Stargazers, co-founder and vice-president of The Astrology Club of Reno and past president of Northern California Publishers & Authors.

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