Astrology News Jupiter & Uranus Station on Aug 11 2019

Wow, can't believe it has been so long since I have visited.. summers are such busy times. So here we are on our way out of the shadow of Mercury Retrograde and getting ready for a double whammy on August 11th... Jupiter stations direct, and Uranus stations retrograde on that day. Wowee gazowee.. it will be a day when the news is big, may include someone famous too, or big wild fires of some electrical issue that starts a fire, also some freedom revolution from the past may burst on the scene again. The world is a big place with so much happening, we simply do not have time to hear all the news. But let's watch and see. Let me make chart for our nation on that day and see if we have a few more hints that may show us how it activates in the USA. Oh, and remember when I told you about the ingress chart for this period, that it was a locomotive driven by Jupiter, well when Jupiter goes direct that engine will take off. It has just been going up a steep hill till now, but it is about to hit the top as it stations and then the real ride begins. You can already see some of it loading up.. so many legal actions in the news...issues of tariffs.., challenges with missiles in North Korea..immigration hitting a new level.. and American death toll by military weapons..all these issues have a connection to Jupiter in Sagittarius because it rules all legal actions as well as international actions. Get ready to see the news take a faster turn from Sunday forward.