Should I be solvent by 2009?

You state the astrologers in Florida are saying you should be solvent by 2009 and want to know if I agree....

Yes I do agree with other astrologers.

I have been saying since 1996 that between 2010 and 2015 the economy will transform completely. I am not sure it will exist as we know it at all. We may go back to trading which means that paper money may become obsolete or worthless.

I am uncertain how it will come about - if we would take a more prudent road economically as a nation, it might simply be the move to a card system that the central banking cartels would just love and the people would fall into without a whimper. That is how technology is moving and deny as most will, it is what the consciousness predicts for the future. I could picture it further but to do so is so horrid I will leave it there.

However because the road our government had embarked upon over the last 50 years and escalated into since the Clinton presidency, it looks like the crumbling infrastructure along with the increased levels of natural disasters (due to the interminable tilt of the axis beyond anything imagined for millions of years) will determine the fate of this nation.

With neither the human resources due to National Guardsmen deployed to foreign soil, and the lack of funds due to billions devoted to democratic posturing, a pseudonym for international invasions, there is not enough of either to rebuild a nation positioned for disaster.

Finally we have outsourced so many American jobs that the picture of homelessness looms. The spiritual beings I work with told me in the spring of 2007 that in a few years everyone would personally know someone who is homeless! To say tears came to my eyes is an understatement. This hit me like an bomb to the heart. Why, because back in the sixties they told me that in the near future everyone would personally know someone with cancer, and of course that has been true for years.

So solvency is important. But I believe more important is forming groups of neighbors or small communities that have a variety of skills because we will need this to survive the disasters that will change this nation and the world.

As we enter the new world past 2012, we who choose to stay, will light it with integrity, something sorely missing from the physical hierarchy around the planet. The rebirth of human awareness of who we are is part of the ascension of the planet into the ninth world of the Mayan.

So much to talk about, add your questions and comments and I will respond.

For any who happen upon this page, I am Michele Avanti CAP, EFT-3. I have been teaching metaphysics since 1972 and am a born psychic. I am also an International Society For Astrological Research Certified Astrology Professional, teaching, consulting and lecturing on astrology, both natal and mundane for nearly two decades. To see more about me visit www.AstrologyandMore.com
Anyway got to go right now, so much to do, but yes become solvent by 2009 and also consider what you have, where you are and what you really need, these factors will be thrust upon many in an instant, better to have thought that through long before it happens.

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