Sarah Palin, John McCain - Views, Concerns, Astrology

Sarah Palin has become such a hot topic that I have received numerous bits of information and various emails.

An excellent viewpoint I was directed to from another publisher is a commentary from Christian writer Lindsey Kay titled "A Christian Woman questions a Christian Woman"

I found the piece filled with many thoughts I was unable to put into words, so I offer the link here for you to view. I think you too, will find it a logical, elucidating commentary.


Now astrologically speaking, I want to mention some concerns I have about September 28th and John McCain. I will attempt to make much of my astrological jargon clear for those of you who are not studying astrology. But please note, that many of my readers are also students of astrology and therefore will benefit from the astrological facts. Here is the chart:

What I see is of major concern. I do not know if other astrologers have begun talking about it yet or not, since I never have time to look at their blogs, and I live in the sticks, so I seldom see my dear astrological friends.

It is September 28th, fast approaching - could be a major health event for John McCain.

The Saturn/Uranus opposition activates his chart. Uranus is 6 minutes short of being partile (partile is an astrological term that means exact) to his Saturn in his sixth / the house of health. While Saturn is applying a 1 degree 7 minute conjunction to Neptune, and a 5 minute near partile square to his Jupiter, both co-rulers of his house of health and workplace. Additionally Saturn is 52 minutes applying an opposition to his progressed Saturn. Transiting Saturn and natal Neptune are in the 12th house (house of karma, past life experiences, imprisonment, self-sabotage), Jupiter is deposited in and ruler of the third (house of communication, contracts, travel close to home and siblings), while Saturn rules the fourth (home, emotions, mother) and fifth (love, investments, creativity, children) houses.

These combinations give many possibilities including: a loss of balance / a sudden fall on ice or water,which may cause breaking of bones in feet or knees and may damage his ability to communicate in some way (knocked unconscious perhaps).

It could also be connected to something he says, where he says too much revealing a flood of lies regarding his health, or workplace, or military experience, or connection to the military veterans, which causes a challenge from the past and may make him fall in public opinion.

It may also be the result of communication to the media from his first wife, a lover, or eldest children, which suddenly reveals something about his past with them, or his past health, or some critical issue that will cause a fall in the polls.

Whatever it turns out to be, it does not look good for McCain.

I must do a lot more reviewing of the candidates charts before I can come to any conclusions as to the election's outcome. Sometimes, we cannot even conclude who will win because sometimes the charts are too close to call.

For those of you who know little about astrology, an astrologer will review and synthesize many charts in a variety of combinations, before coming to any conclusions, when there are several people / groups / or beings competing for a prize.

Before Sarah Palin and Joe Biden entered this race, it was clear to me that the chart that would win was Barack Obama's.

But now we have two more charts in the mix and Palin's chart clearly activates the US chart in ways that McCain's never could.

Activation of the Moon in the United States Chart is key to winning the votes of the American people, and Sarah Palin's chart conjoins her Sun, Mars and Saturn to the US Moon (July 4, 1776 @2:21 p.m.)

As I continue to synthesize the United States charts with those of the four candidates, as well as the mundane Ingress charts for election time, I will post my findings here. So stay tuned.

Best always,

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