Vegetarians Don't Vote For Sarah Palin

I received a comment this morning that called for a great bumpersticker:

Vegetarians don't vote for Sarah Palin

My response:

I am so with you!

Palin's record shows she has a barbaric state of consciousness.

How someone can call themself Christian when they torture and kill innocents - and revel in it - denotes a level of consciousness that Christ attempted to raise people from.

Christ was a nice person and a master of love. He would never agree to torture another human, no less one of God's divine innocent creatures.

We are at a turning point in our history. If the U.S population elects Palin, they have made two clear statements.

One - Racisim is alive and well in this country.
Two - They have no idea who Christ was, and have just bound church and state - the very thing this nation was born to untie.

Sarah Palin's agenda is wrapped up in her religious beliefs. She is no friend to Divine Beings because she does not recognize them. This is a lack of consciousness and thus may take lifetimes to develop. To choose such a person to lead a nation is indicative of the people resonating to this level of consciousness.

We as a nation are far more polarized in consciousness than in parties. It is this that must be addressed.

Many years ago, I lived in the South. I had not been there very long before I had a conversation with a highly educated government official. To this day that short conversation still chills me.

I stood on a street corner speaking amicably to a man I thought must be intelligent and conscious (this of course is a frequent mistake everyone makes - thinking whomever they are with has a similar level of consciousness or awareness.)

Being new there, I said to him, "I have a question." He nodded for me to continue. I pointed down the street to my left, to a church. I said, "There is a Baptist church on this block. Then I turned to my right and pointed to another building, saying, "And there is a Baptist Church down there. Why is it that only black people go to that one, and only white people go to this one?"

The man leaned in, and said in a whisper: "Well you know, they have no soul."

I stared at this man. I could not find words to say. I was completely outside of understanding. His Christianity had no connection whatsoever to Christ.

I realized in that moment the low level of consciousness regarding life forms that this man carried. And that that must be the same for many in the South.

Now as we witness this election with Sarah Palin, perhaps, and I cringe saying this, perhaps this is the same level of consciousness carried by most of the people in this country.

I cannot reach through to that level. I knew in that moment so many years ago, that nothing I could say could help anyone at that level see the divinity in all life.

It is breaking through this wall of ancient consciousness that we as a nation are up against in this election.

Anyone who has reached a state of consciousness that identifies the Creator's creations as divine - cannot access the lower levels of consciousness that are still barbaric.

So we must be grateful that we can see, and that we have compassion for life.

We must ask Spirit to pour light on those who do not. Ask each day, that their awareness of creation will grow, and their hearts will open.

We need to pour love into the world. And I know this is so very difficult when we are angry, or trembling with fear of what might be. But that is the job of the conscious ones. To lift others through love.

And for all those who call themselves 'Christian' I wish each to reflect on what Christ would do. Emulate this master of love. Doing so, raises consciousness.

It is through blessing all life that love, and consciousness grow. And in time hearts will open to compassion instead of power, dominance and hate.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michele,

Thanks for your wise insights. I have to say I agree with you completely. I have been looking forward to writing to you on this, but there is so much that I want to say and so much emotion inside of me, that I knew it would take quite a lot of time and energy. There is just so much to say.... The bottom line is that I feel quite upset over the whole thing.

There are so many issues with Sarah Palin being in this situation. I'm sure she is a fine person - I'm not attacking her on a personal level (although I do have a very hard time with her shooting wolves and some of her other personal choices) - my main issue is that she is not a fit choice and is not qualified to be one of our country's highest-level leaders. She can lead the PTA and maybe her small-town and state offices, but that's about it.

- She is SO not qualified and she does not have the personality, charisma, personal power that a woman needs to have in that position. That anybody needs to have, actually. But if you're a woman and dealing with foreign heads of state that don't have much respect for women in the first place, you'd better command some heavy respect. She does not. She looks more like a Betty Crocker type to me.

- McCain is an older man. He's had a history with cancer. The Presidency is a difficult position that is extremely stressful. It is highly likely that he will have some health issues (or worse) during his presidency, should he make it that far. I really don't think Betty Crocker can cut it as President - or Vice President for that matter. They obviously know this as they're not allowing her any interviews or to speak anything that's not been scripted for her.

- This "maverick" (aka reckless) choice that McCain's made has put our country into greater danger than any other threat facing us today. She does not exude leadership and does not command respect.

- What about her kids? Who's breastfeeding that 4 month old special needs baby? If anybody needs the benefits of breastmilk, that child does. And what about the others? They all need their mother and father. I would think her daughter's pregnancy would wake them up to the fact that they need to pay closer attention to their kids and give them more of their time and attention. Why the heck did she have all those kids if she wasn't going to follow through with her committment to them as a parent to be present and raise them? I just have this mental picture of her going into a high level foreign affairs meeting and accidentally pulling a diaper out of her purse instead of her notebook. It happens - I'm here to tell you as a mother and business owner who knows how hard it is to balance work and family. Sometimes you have to pick, but you know, children are only little once, and you get only one chance with them. To me and most mothers I know, the choice is clear.

- And they're praising her for "keeping the baby" even though they knew in advance that he was Down's? If they were so pro-life, why would the question even be on the table? Same goes for her daughter choosing to keep her baby. Both women made a CHOICE, didn't they. They weren't forced, like Pro-Life would do.

- Do they really think that putting a woman on the ticket would sway the women voters to vote for her just because she's a woman? Puleez. Women are not that stupid. (At least I didn't think they were.... Some of them are certainly surprising me, I'm sad to say...)

- Do they really think that these contrived meetings that has been set up for her with some of the foreign heads of state who happened to be in NY for the recent meetings - that these concocted meetings now give her adequate foreign affairs experience? All I saw/heard was her talking to Hamid Karzai (sp?) from Afghanistan talking about their kids. That's where she lives - that's what she's got and the type of response/respect that she will get. Hellooooo.... Betty Crocker!! But in the hypocritical Republican view, this deems her 100% experienced and ready to go. Unbelievable...

- It makes me angry that they're resorting to political tactics like wanting to cancel the debate because of the budget crisis. Like McCain is going to rush back to Washington and save the day all by himself. Give me a break. It's a tactic to get him out of the debate, to reschedule it for the time-slot of the VP debate, and reschedule that for a "time to be determined". Heard that on CNN this morning. You know it will never get scheduled, or if it does, they'll likely find another excuse to prevent Sarah from being seen side by side with a qualified, strong candidate. Seeing the two together will no doubt highlight their vast differences... And it's also a tactic to get the political spotlight squarely on him and off of Barack - to throw a speedbump into their growing momentum. He realizes that as the Palin honeymoon is waning and the polls are now in Barack's favor, he's got to do something to throw it off balance again. Tactics. And manipulation. That's all they've got. I'm so grateful that Barack is intelligent and knows how to handle these things with grace and showing his wisdom and leadership skills.

It's unfortunate that Sarah Palin is a pawn in McCain's political scheme's and tactics. Unfortunately, it's her kids that are going to pay the price for that.

As an intuitive, I see that if McCain/Palin win, the energy looks so very dark. Like very dark ages to me while they're in power (I just see dark clouds, smoke, smog, industrial pollution, garbage floating in the water and lots of depression everywhere - yuck), and we'll certainly lose even more respect and power in the world than we have already. With Barack, he is a New Age leader. There is light around him. This is why so many can't connect to him - they're not there yet spiritually speaking on their own personal paths to be able to connect with him and his energy. (Which is ok in the big picture - everybody grows and evolves at their own rates, which is right & perfect for them. No judgements.) McCain is "old school" and a place where these people feel more at home. Energetic matches and mismatches, so to speak. We gravitate towards that which is a better energetic match for us. Higher vibrational people are gravitating towards Barack, and lower vibrational folks to McCain.

It's been an interesting and surprising indicator of where we as a country are (collectively speaking) in regards to our spiritual progress and evolution. There has been so much spiritual awakening in the last several years, but apparently not as much as I had thought. It's been so incredibly surprising to me that people haven't been able to see through this and are going along with Mc/P. Angels tapping me on the shoulder....What I was just shown quite clearly is that we ARE far enough along for one of these special leaders to have gotten as far as Barack has and to be in a position of power like he is, and that is definite growth on our part (again collectively speaking). Things are changing and shifting - we just still have some stragglers is all. With Barack, I see that it might be uncomfortable for these old schoolers at first, but the new energy that Barack will be bringing will help assure them and bring them along and provide a healthier role model to show them that it's "safe".

I just wish I knew how to wake these people up, but the truth is, people want to see what they want to see, and will fight for it, no matter what. That's basic human nature - people will fight for being right. Even if the truth is so very blatant and clear - they'll argue against it to prove the fact that they're right. I can only pray that truth wins out in the end. And in the big picture, it is all perfect. It's quite a wild ride right now though, isn't it!

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to get some of this out to someone who "gets it" and wants to hear it! LOL! I got something interesting recently that I'll forward to you - pictures from a rally against Palin in her home state, Alaska. I'll forward it under separate email. The level of opposition towards her is quite surprising coming from her home state.

Thanks Michele!

Anonymous said...

And one more note, I have never trusted Pit Bulls, whether they're wearing lipstick or not.

Michele Avanti said...

I am so with you on this!
Pitbulls with special order Austrian rifles are to be approached with extreme caution.

Pam - you can read about McCain's astrological pictures for this Sunday in my September 18th blog.