Solar Eclipse Aug 11, 2018, 18 degrees Leo, 19 year cycle

Been very very busy and so I have missed everyone for a while. But despite the fact that I am packing for trip tomorrow, I wanted to make certain everyone has a heads up about Saturday's solar eclipse.. this is a biggie and it can be a life changer for you.. it is one that happens once every 19 years, and it will amplify - help manifest anything you create as your intention at this time.. so tonight and tomorrow.. please state clearly your intention for the next 3.5 years. Abundance, true love, career advancement, a child, a home, etc... make it clear and let your emotions fill it up. If you know your chart, the eclipse is 18 degrees Leo, so if you know what house it lands in in your chart, that will also indicate how it will best amplify, expand or add to your life. (occurs at 2:56 am PT / 5:56 am ET)

Here is a quick run of the houses, so you get the idea and if you need to see your chart (since I will be out of town) go to the link below and you can make your chart and see where this eclipse will land.
1st house - all about how your appear, your looks, your ability to attract based on your looks, how people see you.
2nd house - your income, how you spend your money and what you really value.. what's important enough for you to spend money on.
3rd house - your communication skills, how you think, who you talk with in a personal way, your neighbors and your siblings.
4th house - your home, where you live, your relationship to your mom, your emotions, how you sleep at night, your dream-state.
5th house - everything you love from people to things, your children, your investments, your social life, your hobbies - this is the house where you fall in love - with anything.
6th house: your health, your workplace, how you serve the world, and how you eat.
7th house - your one on one relationships, those people you hold close including best friends, business or marriage partners.
8th house - sharing of resources with others, this house includes all the ways we share our resources from money to our bodies, it is the house of reproduction, taxes, inheritances, mortgages, loans & credit cards, etc.
9th house - higher education, legal matters, international travel, internet, publishing, media, spirituality, religion, imports & exports.
10th house - Career - this can be the career you do every day as well as the way you see your purpose in life.
11th house - the house of wishes & dreams.. what do you desire for not just yourself but for the world at large, it is also the home of international organizations.
12th house - areas of imprisonment, how do you imprison yourself, how do you sabotage yourself.. these are often issues that lie more in the subconscious than in the conscious and this house links them up to past lives.
Link for your chart: https://www.astro.com/cgi/ade.cgi

How to identify the houses.

Please enlarge the chart that I have posted and you will see the numbers of the houses on it. They read counter clockwise with the first house starting below the horizon line on the left. Each piece of that pie is called a house in astrology.

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