Fall Equinox Astrology Chart, Outlook for Sept 21 - Dec 21, 2021

 Astrology Chart ~ Fall Equinox 2021

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2021 Autumnal Equinox - The Sun enters the Cardinal Sign of Libra
Above you see the chart for the United States for the last quadrant of the first trasformational year in this new Air Cycle. 
This chart shows progress with some lovely openings in a grand trine (see the big blue triangle) and a mystic rectangle (see the big blue rectangle.) These are exciting signatures of what we will experience during the next three months until the Winter Solstice on December 21st. 

So let's dive in and see what it is all about for the USA.  

The first thing we note is Pluto in the first house, ruler of the 10th & 11th houses in a square (not applying by seven minutes) to Mercury in the 9th, ruler of the 6th and 9th. This tells us that we are challenged to transform our health, our employment, our military, the way we serve, as well as the way we import or export goods, the way we handle our legal processes, our public relations, media, social media, marketing and advertising. We are challenged to transform our court systems, judges, corporations and international organizations and companies. Basically we are working to transform the way we are seen in the world and we are loudly speaking about it. 

Saturn is also in the 1st house and rules it and the 2nd house in this chart, telling us we will work hard on our national income, our values and the way we are seen in the world. Our hard work will move us forward in our goals to socialize, invest in our children, our marketplace, our crafts and our security. The doorway of opportunity opens with these issues, as the grand trine includes the Sun and Mars in the 9th house rulers of the 8th, the Mc, and the 11th. This indicates we will see more success in higher education which is likely to include international students, and all forms of social media, marketing, advertising and travel. We will have the energy to do these things and the president is actively promoting all of it to the public. This falls clearly into investing in our infrastructure from roads and bridges to wifi and schooling while upping cyber security. All of these issues are key in this three month time frame and all will be noticeable. Additionally it appears that we are finding new stability with our old allies and our place in the world is returning. 

Jupiter in the 2nd house ruler of the 3rd and 11th, in trine to Mercury in the 9th ruler of the 6th and 9th, indicates we have the opportunity to expand income, and health. We are freeing more people from confinement, which may be in hospitals as well as home isolation due to health issues. Our views or values are expanding as regards to health and our knowledge is expanding from international sources as well as through all forms of media. There is no shortage of information and it is more honest in this period. . But Neptune, also in this 2nd house hitting a midpoint between the Moon and Jupiter continues to frustrate us with questions about this disease, emotional pain, emotional anger, a desire to move faster, and stress about it that lags on. This position creates confusion and frustration. So if you were hoping the disease is gone, it does not appear to have left in this chart, or at least the questions, lies and concerns, as well as the emotional anger over it, is still part of our world during the next three months. 

The Moon in the 3rd house, ruler of the 7th house, opposes Mercury in the 9th and ruler of the 6th and 9th houses. This is a mental, media and communication balancing act between people in our nation and internationally, about the disease, service and military. A lot of hot emotional aggressive talk on these topics creates a struggle with no clear winners. Emotional pain and anger over hospitalizations and possibly prisons, expands and exposes more challenges that have been hidden. 

Uranus in the 4th co-ruler of the 2nd opposes Venus in the 10th, ruler of the 4th and 5th; indicates the emotional struggle with homeless people, a lack of housing security, migration and changes in careers due to working from home, and changes in the way we socialize or how we work and also help our children socialize or learn. There is nothing settled with physical property or emotions in this chart. It is a nation at war with the things we love and the judgements that have more control. We are in emotional turmoil and have lost any sense of security. Socializing is a struggle, kids at home are a struggle and things just keep changing with nothing settled.

The fact that Uranus is conjunct Menkar in this chart tells us that we are all feeling this sense of uneasiness, for some it will make it hard to sleep on nights when the Moon is between 12 and 14 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius or Leo. We feel a deep sense of humanities needs and the consciousness of the planet seeps into our night dreams. 

Lastly, there seems to be a note hidden in this chart based on the day and hour, which is a day of Mercury and the hour is ruled by the Moon. Here the statement reads, the emotions of the nation's people can only be resolved if we talk to each other. Not aggressively but with kindness recognizing we are family.  

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