EFT Tapping Sheet

Here is my EFT Tapping Points Chart to follow along when listening to any of my EFT tapping podcasts. I have also included the information for you to create your own tapping sessions. This is from my EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique Workshop.  Copyright, 2011 Michele Avanti, CAP, EFT 

We start with a set up statement at either the SS or KC points, by saying: 
“Even though I have this ‘…..(issue)’, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

SS = Sore Spot, or Set-up point. The set up is approximately where your right fingertips lie above your heart when you’re pledging allegiance to the flag.
KC = Karate Chop point located below the pinky along the outside of the palm of each hand.

Tapping Points

Tap on each of the shown meridian points below, 5-7 times while saying a reminder phrase pertaining to your issue, such “this anger at my brother”, “this pain in my left knee”   

Note: The order of the tapping points is not important. If you miss a point, just go back and pick it up. You may tap with either hand or both (preferred). Furthermore, some of the points shown below (top of the head, wrist and liver) are not used by some practitioners nor included in the basic EFT manual. However, I feel it’s important to show these significant meridian points. 

EB = Eye Brow. This point is at the beginning of the eyebrow, just above and to one side of the nose.
SE = Side of the Eye. The point is the bone right at the corner of the eyes.
UE = Under the Eye. This point is on the bone under the eyes, about 1 inch below your pupil.
UN = Under the Nose the small area between the bottom of your nose and top of your upper lip.
CH = Chin is the “divot” above of your chin and below your lower lip.
CB = Collarbone point is a very important one and in acupuncture is referred to as K (kidney) Place your fingers on your collarbone (about an inch on either side of where a man would knot his tie). Then roll your finger down so the top of your fingers are touching the bottom of the collarbone
UA = Under the Arm. Find this point on the side of the body, even with the nipple (for men) or in the middle of the bra strap for women. It’s about 4 inches below the armpit.
LP = Liver Point is an often overlooked, but important meridian point. It lies just over the liver on the right side of the body.  This point is 2-3 inches under a man’s nipple, or under a woman’s breast, and slightly to the outside
WR = Wrist point is on the inside of both wrists, where a nurse would take your pulse. This meridian is a great one for stress and anxiety.  Just tap your wrists together as shown.
TH = Top of the Head point is on the top of the head, with fingers side by side down the center of the skull.

Quick Reference for Simple Issues

1st Round - Assign a number to how you feel (1-10) Find Sore Spot and rub while doing the Set-up phrase “Even though I have this…(issue), I deeply love and accept myself.”   Then, tap 5-7 times on all points: EB, SE, UE, UN, CH, CB, UA, LP, WR, CRH while using the reminder statement.  .

2nd Round – Change the set up phrase to; “Even though I still have some this…(issue), I deeply love & accept myself anyway.” Do 2-3 more rounds of the Tapping Points – with reminder statement of  “remaining _____ (insert your issue)”. Check again to see how you feel. Repeat this process until the intensity is down to a 3 or less.

3rd Round and 4th Rounds if necessary - When issue is 3 or less. Use the Set up phrase of; “Even though I still have some of this _______(your issue)” I choose to let it go (or eliminate it) and I deeply accept who I am.”  Repeat tapping Points again use a reminder statement of “remaining _________ (your issue).” Do the second round saying “I choose to let this go” at each point. On the third round alternate “remaining issue” with I choose to eliminate it completely.”

If issue is not down to 0, please turn use the 9 Point Gamut Tap below  
9 Point Gamut Tap  When your issue is a 1 or less but not 0. The Gamut finishes the issue and balances the brain.
GP = Gamut Point - Back of hand between the bones of the pinky & ring finger 
Continuously tap on the GP while performing each of the following actions:
Close Your Eyes
Open Your Eyes
Look down hard to the Right
Look down hard to the Left
Roll your Eyes in a full Circle clockwise
Roll your Eyes in a full Circle counter-clockwise
Hum two bars of Happy Birthday
Count to 5 out loud
Hum two bars of Happy Birthday

Consider these questions to help discover your subconscious blocks:

  1. If you were to live your life over, what person or event would you prefer to skip?
  1. What makes you angry?  Why?

  2. What caused you to cry, the last time you did?

  3. What are you most ashamed of?

  4. What do you feel guilty about?

  5. What makes you feel terribly sad, or depressed?

  6. What would you add to your life to make it ‘perfect?’

  7. What 3 fears would you like to dissolve?

  8. What do you wish you had never done?

  9. What do you most regret?

Some issues are deep and you may feel a need to work with an EFT Professional. Michele Avanti is available for private sessions by phone. EFT sessions can take between 60 and 90 minutes.
Visit Michele's Consultation Page to learn more about fees and to set up an appointment. 

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