The Solistice - Predictions for 2008

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But I will give you a little hint here and of course we will include the whole column on my website astrologyandmore.com

What to expect in the first quarter of 2008.

The focus is on emotional talk, people are challenged by the government's past policies. There is a struggle with housing, mortgages banking, and insurance companies.

Areas that have been over-built will be hurt hardest.

Expect secrets to surface during the mercury retrograde especially as it stations retrograde from January 27th to February 5th.

Economy is down, feelings of depression and yet idealism permeate the nation.

Oil prices will continue to inflate.

Some national disaster is likely during this period as well. May be due to freezing weather or explosion or both. We definitely have weather issues during this period that are excessive.

In case you missed it the planet is in a severe tilt and this will bring harsh weather conditions - hot, cold, hurricane, tornado, typhoon, flood, drought, volcanic activity, etc beyond anything we have seen in the past.

Astrologically speaking many planets are going out of bounds and this is part of the equation.

Investments in the U.S. economy are not doing well in this period. But foreign investments are hot. Investing in foreign building, foreign governments, foreign expansion and foreign technology.

Major stress point for investments, military, employment, health care and small animals is evident between February 16 to 18th. This time may bring a turning point for Gold. Precious metals will rise.

This is a critical period for the president and he may come through with flying colors as he responds to a natural disaster with greater aplomb then he did with Katrina.

A time of Karmic evolution, harsh weather, internal struggles with war and image, while the economic foothold is slipping from infrastructure and jobs to over-confidence in our international allies.

As a nation, a people and our image abroad, we will be challenged by foreign governments, the United Nations or other international society, accountants, engineers and generals.

A legal action may be taken in the house during this period to make changes with military, health care, and employment, but the money will not be available to implement this good action.