Galactic Center, 2012 ~ Frequency Alignment

During the next few months, the escalation of frequencies will cause some major events worldwide. It is important that we each remain focused, grounded and fearless. What we will see as we look around, may shake the roots of our foundation. This is a good thing. Because in those roots are many lies we have held as truths. They are the lies of separation, weakness, sin, unworthiness, disease, aging, and innumerable issues of lack of divinity in all life.

There are many people who say there will be disasters and who promulgate fear in every form from disease and famine to violence of every kind. Will you choose this?

It is important to realize that everything that comes into our space is our choice.

Photo of The Galactic Center
We are in a very special time, one that had never been before on this planet, or in this galaxy. As we align with the Galactic Center and the frequencies escalate beyond anything we have experienced in the human organism throughout all our incarnations, we will have many choices.

As the Mayan's say, it is the end of time. But that statement can be interpreted many ways. What is happening is that many of the doorways of time, the other realities we have created through our group consciousnesses, are coming together in a dissident song. The frequencies of which we align, will pull us into that doorway, that time track, that reality.

Yes, I realize this sounds like a sci-fi story-line. But all sci-fi and fantasy generates from other worlds and they do exist because we are creators. Some may feel that is too much to handle. That is simply because of all the conditioning we have had, that we must kneel and pray, if there is to be an intercession for us with God. This has separated us for our own Divinity.

The truth is we have always had a direct line to God. We have never left the Source of Creation. Each soul has simply poured some of its life force into the human organism that we now think is us.

It is time for each human organism to, in gratitude and love, ask ones Divine or Higher Self to come into a greater alignment with the body. Then each person will become more aware of all creation, and of their power to create. This is what is happening as we move to the new frequencies.

Each of us are unwinding the coil of creation that is who we truly are. So, who will choose to move into this space of power, limitlessness, love and compassion?

And who will prefer to keep walking in the shoes we have worn for the past four thousand years?

The blocks to understanding your own Divinity 
are hidden in your subconscious.
They are bound to all the lies we have been sold. They are padded with rocks to cause us pain because we have been told we are born with sin and are unworthy of God. We must be cleansed, we must beg for love and for forgiveness for just being in a physical vehicle. We have been told we must follow someone who is greater than us. These are the rocks we have walked on for thousands of years. So many rocks that it could take two pages for me to name them all. But if you look you will see them. Their sum total  states: we are bound to this chaotic, painful place and only death will free us from the burden of the body and the difficulties of this planet.

But all this is lies.

The planet is a Divine Being, like us. All life forms are Divine, like us.

We are here to Co-create with Gaia (earth), each other and all life; to create a world that can be a paradise. We are the stewards of this planet and we have done a terrible job. The planet must renew as it enters these changes, It must slough off parts and transform so that all her vibrations are in alignment.

Think about this. Think of all the vibrations of hate, dissension, disgust, and disease that man continues to spew into the vibratory field of Gaia.

Apply the axiom, "As Above, So Below", to this picture.

When you have someone spewing negativity at you, how do you feel? What do you want to do? Will you respond with love or react with hate? Will you be kind or throw it all back at the person who sends it to you?

So too, Gaia must respond or react. Those who call themselves, Light Bearers are here to pour love into Gaia as she makes her transformation. They are here to help in any way they can, from doing simple acts of kindness every day, to pouring love into her heart center.

If you get bogged down by how all the changes might affect you, you are wasting energy, which is wiser to focus on love.

Truly, there is nothing to worry about, if you practice love. It is the expansion of love that will help each person adjust to the new frequencies.

We must let go of the old religious conditioning that tells us we are not loved, not worthy, separate from the Divine, powerless except through another greater being, children who must follow someone.

We are none of these things!

We are divine, co-creators with the Source. We have never been separated from Source, we have been conditioned to believe we are less than.

Secondly we must realize we are not alone in our creation, but in addition to what we create in our worlds, we are co-creators with the planet, the solar system and the galaxy.

This planet we call Gaia is a living being who has graciously allowed us to live on her. We have been taught or conditioned by a variety of religious pathways that the only divinity is soul, that the human body is a burden and that other life forms including the planet and all nature on it, is to be used by us, is not divine and is simply a resource.

All of this is not true. every single molecule is divine!

All life is Divine from the leaf to the frog,
from the cloud to the grain of sand
Though many of these life forms run at a much slower vibration than we run, they are no less divine. We must come into full alignment with this and then we can easily align with the frequencies that upscale 13 notes.

The changes that are happening, are there to open doorways.

Individuals who have been asleep, can choose now to wake and enjoin their own power. Others will refuse and continue under the control of those who resonate with power and greed. No one reading this  is like that. All of us will move into the new frequencies.

This next six months will be a tumultuous time of choosing, so there will be hardship, which at one level can activate understanding and awakening.

We here in the United States will have to come to terms with the New Apostolic Reformation fundamentalist thinking (they assert that to make way for the return of Jesus, they must convert or clear all sinners (non-believers) from the planet) because Rick Perry appears to have the winning chart for the next election.

His presidency will be much like electric shock treatment for all those who still sleep in this nation and believe they are covered by the freedoms of their constitution. They are not. That has been whittled down through legislation, executive orders and the control of the supreme court who has been courted by greed driven companies.

But it can be resurrected and we can have the nation of our dreams.

In Europe there are equal problems, with the rampant misuse of money by governments and the issue of bankruptcy pulling on the European Union. Many violent, aggressive and polarized movements are and will emerge. The need for answers is within but most people continue to look outside themselves, thus blaming all around them for the challenges they face. Examples of change include recent violence in England and the rise of Neo-Nazis in Germany.

At the same time around the world social networking has activated a cry for freedom as never heard before. There will be more uprisings and revolutions and in the end, we will shift the focus of the vibration to love. It will happen, hold that vision. No matter what you see, hear or feel, hold that vision.

With love and gratitude call in the
power of your Higher Self. Let that love
flow through the top of your heart, to
your heart and to Gaia's heart. Let it
vibrate in a continuing circle filling you
with love, joy, peace and gratitude.
Stay focused on your heart, connect it to earth's center and breath with Gaia. Expand your love outward, across the nation, then around the world, and out through the solar system and galaxy. Do this each day. Fill your heart with love and compassion and you will align with the new frequencies.

It is happening and we are part of it.

What we believe, we will conceive, achieve and receive.

Remember this and all will be well.

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