Summer Solstice Astrology Outlook June 20 - Sept 20. 2021

The Summer Solstice signals the ingress of the Sun into the cardinal sign of Cancer. The Cardinal signs are on the axis (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and IC) of the natural chart. This is where power pours into the world, and it identifies upcoming events for a nation, state, town, etc. based on location. Here is the 2021 Summer Solstice chart for the United States. 

This looks like a wonderful breakthrough chart after all we have endured for the last year and a half

At the Ascendant we have Saturn above and Jupiter rising, they are activating the Ascendant which sits at a midpoint between them. Both Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter in Pisces are in rulership giving each power to activate the people of our nation. Jupiter in Pisces activates ideals, hopes and dreams, and inspires optimism in the people. While Saturn in Aquarius creates structured conversations, brings back old ways of cooperating, a healing of structures and a cooperating attitude between government agencies, judges and the justice department. These two planets working together with the American people are activating the original revolutionary ideas,

Jupiter is Stationing Direct on this day and is Trine the Sun. A very powerful statement, showing the American people are optimistic about the president, that he is publicly teaching the people and those we call enemies, as well as promoting American ideals internationally. Americans are traveling and international doors are opening for us.

Groups are traveling internationally, foreign students are back in school and American students are also studying abroad.

Mars in Leo in the 6th house, trines the 2nd house cusp, which it rules and makes a grand trine to the Midheaven and South Node indicating opportunity for employment for military or service people, that employment overall will increase, that health overall will increase, that there may jobs internationally for people who have been in the military especially those with medical backgrounds, that we may be sending people and supplies abroad to help heal the virus with a focus on teaching and healing.

Mars, ruler of the house of income and what we value, is deposited in the 6th house of the military, service, health and employment, and it is squared by the Moon which is the ruler of the 6th house while being deposited in the 8th house of shared resources, bankers, mortgages, credit and taxes. Thus this square indicates we may be challenged by the money aspect, where will the money come from to employ these people who will serve to help others. The Moon also speaks to housing and medical supplies and the money necessary for these things.

Then we must note Venus in Cancer deposited in the 6th house, ruler of the 3rd house of communication, and neighbors, as well as ruler of the 8th house of loans, taxes, mortgages, etc, in trine to Neptune in Pisces in the first. This indicates a love of illusion continues, ideals, creativity in monetary resources, creativity in ways to heal others or serve. New ways to share resources may be developed during this three month period. Some new creative mortgage, lending system, may take sweat labor in exchange for housing down a new road.

Saturn in the 12th ruling the 12th and the Ascendant is in a Grand Trine with Mercury ruler of the 4th house of our physical property - our homes, and the ruler of the 5th house, our children, our investments, our social environment, and the part of fortune in the 8th house. This indicates there will money from the government for housing through special programs for women with children as well as for other special investments in areas where people connect or socialize; these may be community centers or after school programs or perhaps day care centers for children. It appears to say this money had already been set aside for this purpose.

The fact that there are still seven planets below the horizon and only three above it, indicates we are still focused on our own country. .

Overall I believe this is an improvement over the last six ingress charts. We are moving to right the wrongs of the past, to heal, to employ and activate a strong income for the country.

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