What A Wonderful Christmas

Are we in recession?

Is there a depression in your world?

Despite these things, if you had food, family and friends, you should have had a great Christmas.

We did.

Even though family is far, far away, the wonders of technology brings us close. This year with the new google video chat, we visited with family all over the world. How wonder - full is that?

This Season warms my heart. It reminds us of all we should be grateful for.

Though we have no children, or grandchildren to share it with, we do have our pack, so here are a few pictures of our two youngest dogs - both Labradoodles - enjoying their presents.

Cosette rips open her present

Cosette opens another present, while Joe reads, and Pumpkin looks out the window

I think even the Grinch would have to smile seeing these precious beings enjoying this totally foreign ritual we do each year.

Bubba checks out Cosette's present

We are so fortunate to have many forms of life on this planet. Each contributes - as the Native Americans call it - medicine.

Each carries their own medicine, and we humans are fortunate to interface with them, and gain from it.

There is an old saying in the "Red Way", that when a creature crosses your path, you are being blessed with their medicine. So you may want to consider this as you travel through life.

The dog of course contributes love, loyalty, awareness, and protection.

Birds will bring all manner of messages, some warnings, some love. Consider the crow, and the blue bird, and you will figure this out.

Wolves will precede a learning experience, because they are the teachers.

Foxes warn you their is a trickster around you.

Bears tell you to slow down, consider your decision. Sleep on it before taking action.

What a delight to engage with nature, to remember we are part of this magnificent cycle of creation, from the stars to the seas, from the mountains to the rivers. All life breaths the same air, and shares Gaia.

I wish for you the wonder of the cycles, from youth to crone, may you become aware of the medicine around you.

May the wisdom of Creation expand your love of life.

And, may you find peace in the warmth of introspective winter.

Blessings to you and all life forms in your world.

Bubba rips open a present

Bubba with his new toy. Happiness is a soft, squeaky, furry, toy.


Anonymous said...

They're really cute. This one reminds me to list gifts too for my pets.

Michele Avanti said...

Thanks for the note, you should send pictures of your buddies. Mine are totally wonderful. Best of New Year's to you, Michele