Worlds Apart - Lessons in Differences.

First I will say HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2009, year of balancing, relationships, karma, the old and the new, and radical revelation.

Also the Chinese Year of the Ox. A year where perseverance will lead to success. A year to roll up our sleeves, dig into the earth, and recognize the value of being a part of the cycle of life.

I have been working on the astrological forecast for 2009, and should have it up in the next few days.

But for now, I want to share an amazing experience I have had.

In the last 48 hours, I have worked diligently to expand our InkjetReset business. I have connected with people on mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia, and Germany.

And I went through the motions of getting orders together for both DVD collections, and software from Asia. Though, I am obviously a good writer, and I ask many questions, only one person gave me a completely honest answer. That answer ended the experience, closing all the deals I had nearly completed.

What did that email contain? I will quote a piece of it for you, and it will open your mind to the vast differences between cultures, and governments. I have added the words in blue to help you understand what is being stated.

All the software we sell, is Not registered, Michele. it is copied. The ISBN is just a sign, except this, the contents are completely the same. ... you can not get original ones from China at ... any price even if you have money, you can not get an original. ...Everywhere in China, it is the same, and everyday we sell a lot of it. Our customers are all over the world. Credit is more important than money, otherwise, you do not know that is copy. I just do not want to cheat you and it is up to you buy or not.

This wonderful, honest person gave me insight, and protected me from a business transaction that could have had alarming consequences.

So why am I sharing it with you?

For two reasons.

First to give you a heads up if you are considering purchasing software, dvds, or cds from China. Save your energy.

Second, and most important.

What you believe you will achieve.

What you send out, shall return to you a hundred fold.

Water seeks its own level.

I believe all the people who come into my world are wonderful. I believe everyone, and everything in my universe, is here to teach me mastery.

Each day of my life, I send love into the world, no matter what I see, what I hear, or what I read, and I have witnessed, time and again, how it returns to shower, embrace, and protect me.

For it is the law of creation, that what you send forth will return to you many times over.

And consciousness is a magnetic energy. Thus whatever we carry in our state of consciousness, we will attract in life. In all things, our energetic thoughts shifting in our state of consciousness pulls unto itself the same level.

Once more I witness the wonder of creation at work in my life.

Look around, what is happening in yours?

Blessings to you for a wonderful New Year... may it be filled with all you carry in your heart, mind and soul.


Anonymous said...

Great article, it is good to know that they are people out there who care about people more than money.

You have a great New Year too!

cactus petunia said...

Bravo, Michele! Well said. Hugs all around to you and Joe and all the 4 footed friends!